Automating Time Management

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Like your email inbox, your calendar may not be super friendly to you. It's tough to keep up to date. It's always overrun with meetings other people assigned you. Making room for important items isn't always the first thing on your mind.

This set of Zaps help you take back control of your time so that you can do the things you want to do, when you want to do them.

Creating Google Calendar events from Evernote

Evernote is a great tool for helping your organize your life. It only makes sense that you'd like to organize your schedule from Evernote as well. The good news is you can easily create Google Calendar events straight from Evernote.

Just make sure to give your Evernote notes a title that Google Calendar can understand like "Lunch with Jill tomorrow at noon" or "Proposal meeting with Jack at 10am Thursday."

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Add Task Due Dates to Google Calendar

Most task management software or project management software gives you a list view of your todo items. But if you're like many humans you much prefer a visual timeline of the tasks on your plate as it relates to your calendar.

This Asana Google Calendar Zap will easily let you save your Asana tasks to your Google Calendar based on their due dates so that you'll always know what is coming up.

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Schedule Events Using a Web Form

Sometimes you'd like to make it really easy for people to schedule events on your calendar. Maybe it's for piano lessons or maybe it's for product demos.

Using Wufoo and Google Calendar you can easily create a registration form that lets visitors to your Wufoo form schedule an event that gets Zapped to your Google Calendar.

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Consolidating Calendars

It seems like every web app and every project you work on these days has a different calendar. This makes it tough to track events happening across your life as a whole.

Luckily Zaps like this Salesforce event to Google Calendar Zap make it easy to consolidate all your events in one place, whether that's Google Calendar, Salesforce or some other application.

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