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How Unbounce drives long-term growth by partnering with Zapier

By Elena Alston · February 21, 2021
Unbounce and Zapier logos on an orange background.

Marketers (our customers) are notorious for using more tools to connect their stacks than an electrician. That's why we proactively encourage our customers to connect their tech stacks with Unbounce using Zapier. It makes our customers' lives easier when their tools can seamlessly interact with one another, and, in turn, it drives long-term business health and customer retention for us. — Robert Cameron, Product Manager at Unbounce 

The Unbounce story

Founded in 2009, Unbounce is an AI-powered landing page platform with drag-and-drop features that helps users drive more traffic conversions. Today, Unbounce serves more than 15,000 brands in the SaaS, eCommerce, and agency space. Their mission? To offer users the very best conversion tools.

The challenge

Unbounce customers use hundreds of different apps to manage their marketing flows, such as Google Sheets for lead tracking or customer relationship management software (CRMs) for sales follow-ups. What they didn't have was a way to automatically pass their lead information across these tools—without relying on the handiwork of hired developers. Automating these workflows would help level up their lead generation efforts and save time.

A Zapier solution

By offering an in-app integration powered by Zapier, Unbounce allowed its users to connect to thousands of apps from directly within the Unbounce platform, including Slack, Zendesk, and Autopilot. Unbounce embedded Zapier directly into their UI using Zapier's Partner API, so users could now easily automate repetitive workflows (like notifying sales teams of incoming leads). They could also easily share data among teams and drive higher-performing marketing campaigns.

  • Higher lifetime value per customer. Unbounce customers who use the Zapier integration have more than 10x the LTV of accounts that don't use Zapier.

  • Increased average revenue per user. The ARPU is roughly 15% higher for Unbounce accounts that use Zapier than those that don't.

Using the Partner API to generate higher LTV

Unbounce adopted the Partner API early in their Zapier journey, which gave them complete control over how Zapier was presented within their product. 

How Zapier is embedded in Unbounce

When analyzing customer data, Unbounce saw that Zapier drives long-term business value. Unbounce customers using the Zapier integration were better retained and less likely to churn. 

Unbounce customers who use integrations powered by Zapier have more than 10X the LTV (lifetime value) of accounts that do not have a Zapier integration.

Unbounce has since decided to double down on its partnership and brought Zapier into a more prominent area of their product UI.

Zap templates presented by Unbounce

Today, whenever they log into their account, Unbounce users can easily find Zapier under the dashboard's integrations tab. Here, they can browse through the most popularly paired apps (powered by Zapier)—such as HubSpot CRM, Salesforce, Base, Mailchimp, and Streak—and common workflows.

Featuring Zapier onsite to increase ARPU

Unbounce customers using Zapier ended up purchasing higher value subscription plans. This led to an increase in the average revenue per account for these users.

We experienced a higher ARPU, which was about 15 percent higher for Unbounce accounts using Zapier, as opposed to those who weren't.

That's why Unbounce also promotes Zapier usage throughout the customer journey on their site, including:

On product features pages:

Presenting Zapier on Unbounce product feature page

On the Unbounce blog:

Zapier featured in the Unbounce blog

In the Unbounce Knowledge Base:

Zapier presented in the Unbounce Knowledge Base

By presenting Zapier prominently onsite, Unbounce ensures that prospective customers know right from the get-go that their automation needs will be met. Unbounce also features customer stories to inspire users to use different workflows. Plus, they offer support to make it happen, including step-by-step guides to set up Zapier accounts.

A look to the future

Unbounce and Zapier will continue to collaborate on co-marketing campaigns, with the joint mission of providing users with the very best digital tools. 

Find out how you could drive similar results with Zapier. Get in touch with us at partners@zapier.com to discover more about our partner program.

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