Zapier Release Notes: 15 New Apps, Folders for Your Zaps, and 3 Ways to Say Thanks

Alison Groves
Alison Groves / Published December 1, 2015

Zaps for Saying Thanks

Thank You Notes

Small shows of appreciation can mean the world to your customers. But even a simple "thanks" can be easy to push aside during a hectic month. So to help you keep gratitude on your schedule this holiday season, we've asked Zapier customers how they use automation to keep thank-yous flowing all year round.

Dispatch a Handwritten Thank You Card

"The comments we had from students who received a physical thank-you card in the post were very heart warming."

Handwritten cards are a disappearing artform. But when one comes in the mail, it's a lot more meaningful than an emoji-packed "Happy Holidays" group-text. The effort that goes into personal notes makes them more endearing than ever before.

But let's be honest: When you sit down to write the cards yourself, your list is longer than Santa's snowy white beard. Pass the eggnog—I already feel a hand cramp coming on.

If you want to avoid the slog this year, Zapier's Thankster integration means you'll never need to put pen to paper. They specialize in taking your message, and transforming it into a personalized greeting card, complete with an authentic handwriting font.

Online marketing consultant Troy Dean relies on a Zap to connect Thankster to Infusionsoft, and automate the process of going the extra mile to thank people.

"We used Thankster and Zapier to send thank-you cards to students who signed up to our WordPress consulting course," he says. "The comments we had from students who received a physical thank-you card in the post were very heartwarming. We had comments and feedback from students all over the world."

Whether you're thanking your best clients or a group of new patrons, a handwritten card will add a little joy to their afternoon. If you don't use Infusionsoft, try one of these popular Zaps, or explore other Thankster combinations.

Mail Off a Printed Postcard or Letter

"At a push of a button the postcard is created and sent to the recipient automatically."

If you'd prefer to scratch out each message individually, Zapier's Lob integration has you covered with printed postcards and letters. Lob helps you create and send customized mail based on actions that your customers take.

For example, Evans Ojwang of Seatown Investments uses Zapier to connect Lob to his CRM, Podio, so he can stay in touch with his customers all over the globe. "This allows me to just enter certain fields in Podio and then at a push of a button the postcard is created and sent to the recipient automatically," he says.

You might use Lob to send coupons to first-time customers, or thank-you cards to return buyers. Whatever your use case, there's a Zap to make your day a little easier.

Send a Personal Thank You Email

Sending a follow up thank you is no longer a second task.

Think of last time you filled out a form or signed up for an email newsletter, and the creator of that form or newsletter personally reached out to you. It's likely been a while, huh?

Oftentimes, business transactions involve email receipts and auto-responders that are missing a personal touch. With Zapier though, this is possible and easy to set up in just minutes.

Identify the action that deserves a "thanks"—maybe it's a bill payment, survey submission or customer service interaction. Next, hook up your email app, such as Gmail or Office 365, to send out the email from your personal inbox. For a record of what's been sent, check either your sent folder or Zapier's Task History.

Introducing Folders for Your Zaps

Folders for Zaps

At Zapier, our goal is to help you automate the nitty gritty stuff, and save you time in the process. And until now, searching your Zaps was eating into that saved time. Finding a specific one meant scrolling, clicking, backtracking, repeating; it wasn't ideal.

Long-time users asked for a better way to organize Zaps. So we just launched folders. That means you can arrange your Zaps by name, app, project—heck, you could even color-code 'em if you want. Folders make it simple to clean up your Dashboard and find the Zaps you're looking for.

If you've ever used a computer—or a filing cabinet—you're probably familiar with how folders work. You can create new ones by clicking on the "+" button on the left-hand side of your Dashboard.

add a folder

To file a Zap away in one of your folders, hit the dropdown arrow next to that Zap and choose "move."

move a Zap

And if you want to rename or delete a folder, hover over it and click on the gear. Don't worry, if you delete a folder, your Zaps will be automatically transferred to the "Home" folder. They'd never abandon you.

rename folder

We also added some other goodies, like more powerful search so you can sniff out Zaps that are doing their best chameleon impression, plus labels for Instant Zaps and an improved profile menu.

Learn more about those changes and more on the Updates Blog, or visit your Dashboard to build your first folder.

Zapier Gift Guide

Zapier Gift Guide

Zapier customers do amazing work. Teachers, lawyers, doctors, non-profit directors, marketers—the list goes on. But when we spoke with our users this month, we noticed another cool trend: makers, creators and owners of online boutiques are using Zapier to automate ecommerce.

In the spirit of the holidays, we're showcasing some of these customers in our inaugural "Zapier Gift Guide." From inventive coffee brewers to new cookbooks to organic chocolate, there's something for anyone on your gift list this season.

See the Zapier Gift Guide!

New Zapier Apps, Triggers and Actions

In November, we welcomed 15 new apps to Zapier, including tools for email marketing, task management, and home maintenance. We also launched a new email newsletter focused on app reviews, so you can find the perfect business app in your inbox.


Effective marketers know that you need to meet your customers where they are. Autopilot can help: It helps you automate communications with customers throughout their entire lifecycle journey, via forms, personalized email, SMS, and in-app messages.

See our Autopilot integration for available Triggers and Actions.


Think you have a good handle on everything your customers need? No need to guess: You can easily gather actionable feedback with Delighted, and send single-question surveys to help you stay on top of your every customer's needs and concerns. Soon you'll have a database of what your users love, what they don't, and how your company can improve.

See our Delighted integration for available Triggers and Actions.

Pure Chat

The difference between an overjoyed customer and a discouraged one could be just one or two minutes of your time. Pure Chat puts the tools in your hands to implement and facilitate live chat directly on your website, helping serve your customers faster and capture leads in the process.

See our Pure Chat integration for available Triggers and Actions.

Remember the Milk

Remember The Milk, one of the original online to-do apps, has come to Zapier. The app lets you add tasks quickly, organize them into lists, and use due dates, notes, priority, estimated time, and locations to stay on track. With our integration, you can automatically add tasks to you to-do list based on a trigger that you define.

See our Remember the Milk integration for available Actions.


Is there anything that makes a better first impression than a lush, green lawn? Lono lets you control your sprinkler system and water your yard from your smartphone. It offers information on soil moisture, the flexibility to water one part of the lawn more than another, and even a snooze option so your sprinklers don't soak your guests on the day of an event.

And now that it's connected to Zapier, you can automatically sprinkle the lawn based on a Google Calendar event, a weather forecast, or an SMS message.

See our Lono integration for available Actions.


When working on sales, there's a lot to deal with: gathering and tracking leads, coming up with some sort of call schedule, and following-up (a lot of following-up). Take the headaches out of that process with myphoner, and manage your leads and sales workflow from anywhere.

See our myphoner integration for available Triggers and Actions.


When you're trying to close deals, you shouldn't need to worry about managing your leads. You want your CRM to work for you, putting your lead data at your fingertips. LIME Go helps you find and win deals, from first contact all the way through to signed contract.

See our LIME Go integration for available Triggers.


With technology and globalization growing rapidly, the need for robust telephone systems changes along with it. CallHub helps manage how complex global phone services can be, from call center software, to text to speech, to SMS marketing tools.

See our CallHub integration for available Triggers and Actions.


For many of us, paper forms are a large part of our daily lives. Invoices, HR needs, work orders—we've all had to deal with forms at one point in time. GoFormz has a complete mobile forms solution that lets you capture data electronically, with mobile forms that look exactly like your current paper forms.

See our GoFormz integration for available Triggers and Actions.


Messaging can enhance any environment, from internal communication with your team, to enabling your customers to chat with you directly on your website. Teamchat puts all of the tools in your hands to add rich messaging to any app or website you might need to.

See our Teamchat integration for available Actions.

Watershed LRS

In education, there's a big difference between completing an assignment and learning from that assignment. Watershed LRS (the LRS stands for "Learning Record Store") can help you gauge whether any educational materials you have are working, or if they're going in one ear and out the other.

See our Watershed LRS integration for available Actions.


Search Engine Optimization is a hugely important aspect of any website, making sure that anyone searching for you on the web can find you. Great SEO value starts with how your website is constructed, which is where Seotoaster comes in: it gives you the tools to build an SEO friendly website with access to a full-featured content management system.

See our Seotoaster integration for available Triggers and Actions.


Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to talk with your customers. And FreshMail helps you with all things email, including autoresponders, A/B tests, and transactional emails.

See our FreshMail integration for available Actions.


If your development and IT teams are you different wavelengths, prepare to face a major meltdown. Scalr Cloud Management Platform streamlines the communication process: it offers a web interface where developers and IT users can access and manage infrastructure resources distributed across numerous public and private clouds. No more crossed-wires.

See our Scalr integration for available Triggers.

Easy Projects

Projects come with lots of moving parts: emails, spreadsheets, timelines, client communication, and, you know, the project itself. Easy Projects brings that all under one roof so teams can collaborate simply and efficiently.

See our Easy Projects integration for available Triggers and Actions.

App Updates

New Slack Triggers and Actions

For many teams, Slack has rendered email virtually extinct, as it now houses their conversations and file exchanges.

To ensure that you and your team can work together, better, we've made some major improvements to our Slack integration. These new features give you more flexibility in the form of three new Triggers and two new Actions.

New Triggers

  • New Message Posted Anywhere - For messages you want to trigger from any public channel.
  • New Message Posted to Channel - Allows you to trigger Zaps only when a message is posted to a specific channel.
  • New Channel - Work on a larger team that creates a lot of channels? This Trigger sends a notification whenever that occurs.

New Actions

  • Send Channel Message - The Action formerly known as "send message," this allows you to send a message to a specific channel.
  • Send Direct Message - If you want to get granular, this Action sends a message to a specific user, or even yourself.

Want to see the full list of Slack updates? Check out the Slack changelog.

CallRail Updates

Do you need to measure the effectiveness of an actual phone conversation? CallRail can help you start to quantify your phone calls with call tracking and analytics for online and offline marketing campaigns.

A large update for CallRail has been made to Zapier, giving you more Triggers to work with, such as Phone Call Started and Phone Call Completed. Plus, they now work instantly.

For a full list of Triggers and Actions, check out the CallRail changelog.

Learn About the Best Apps

Are you always on the lookout for a great new app—or a classic piece of software you should be using? Zapier's App Reviews Newsletter is designed for you. Each Monday, we tell you about three of the best web apps, showcasing their features to help you see what they're like.

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Go back in time! Read our October edition of the Zapier Monthly: "Ecommerce automation: 5 Ways to Increase Your Sales Speed and Streamline Your Marketing Workflow".

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