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After you set up your Zap trigger, the next step is to add an action to your Zap. An action is a job your Zap performs when your trigger event occurs.


If you want to receive a Slack notification every time you receive a new email in your Gmail inbox, the Zap action is to send a direct message in Slack.

1. Choose your app and event

The action app is the app that will perform your task.

  • Click the Do this… step, or click the plus + icon to add a step to your Zap.
  • Search for or select the app you want to use in your action.
  • Click the Choose Action Event dropdown menu and select the action that you want your Zap to perform.

2. Connect your account

  • If you already have an account connected to Zapier for the action app, select it from the account menu.
  • If not, click Add new account and follow the instructions to connect your app to Zapier.
  • If the connection is working, click Continue.

3. Customize your options

Next, customize the data that you want to send over to your action app.

In this step, you'll see dropdown menus and/or form fields to fill in. Some are required, while others are optional. Different fields accept different types of data—for example, dates, text or numbers—and there are three different fields types that may appear:

Dropdown menus: click the down arrow to select from a list of options.

An example of a dropdown field.

Text fields: enter your own values or insert variables from previous steps. To insert a variable, click the menu icon on the right and select items from the list. Every time your Zap runs, new data will be inserted for these variables.

An example of a text field with a variable.

List fields: collections of text fields that let you send multiple values over. To send more than one item, click the plus + icon.

An example of a list field

After filling in all required fields and any optional fields, click Continue to move to the final step.

4. Test your action step

The final step is to see if your action works as expected. The first screen will show you the data input for your action—that's the data that's being sent to your action app.

The data sent to your action app.

To run the action step, click Send Test.

The next screen will show you whether or not Zapier has been able to successfully perform the action step for you.

The data that your action app will output.

Click Continue.

Once you’ve set up your Zap action, you can add another action or finish setting up the Zap.

Heads Up

If you're on a paid plan or on your free 14-day trial, you can add multiple actions to a Zap. If you're on a Free plan, your Zap can only have one action.

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