Different field types in Zaps

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Date/time fields

A date/time field is a field where you can only input a date and time, and is represented by an icon of a calendar and a clock.


If you don't provide a timezone, Zapier will assume the timezone you have configured in your Zapier profile, which you can change in your account settings. Nevertheless, there are some specific integrations where providing a timezone might not work as expected. If you think this is affecting your Zap, contact Zapier support for help with a closer look, as each app will have different rules.

What formats are supported

Sometimes, these can get a bit complicated, but Zapier does its best to interpret any date or time you provide. For example, all of the below are supported:

  • tomorrow at noon
  • next friday at 7pm
  • 2/13/2014 8pm EST
  • 2014-02-26T16:56 (standard ISO format)
  • 1393462573 (a unix timestamp)

Learn how to adjust date/time values in Zaps.

Number (Integer) fields

Integer fields are designed to gather integer number values. They’re often used in Zapier along with a dropdown field to select ID numbers for users, projects, and other internal data from apps, but can also be used to gather numbers.


True/False (Boolean) fields - Data in the form of True or False

We do our best to turn normal words into their proper true or false representations. For example, "yes" is "true", as is "1" or any string at all! "No" is "false", as is "0" or "f" among others.

Yes no options

File fields - Data in the form of an actual file object or URL

When we reference files on Zapier, we mean the actual file object, and not a text field describing the file. For example, a file would be a photo itself, a field describing that file might be the Name, or the URL for that photo. If you put a string of text in a file field, we'll convert it to a .txt file for you. If you give us a URL, we'll inspect the URL and try to load in the data there and name it properly. And, if the item is a file from the trigger side, we'll bring it along.

Gmail file attachment

Note: inserting multiple file fields into a single file field is unsupported.

Quick reference:

  • File: passes file to action app
  • URL: passes data from URL in the form of a single file to action app
  • Text: creates a .txt file containing the field contents and uploads to action app

Decimal (floats) fields - Data in the form of decimals

Decimals are pretty common and contrary to popular belief, they are not currency specific! They are very similar to numbers/integers except we'll allow a decimal here or add it if it is missing.

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