Google Is Killing Their URL Shortener, Here's What You Need to Know

Justin Pot
Justin Pot / Published March 13, 2019

Google's URL shortener,, is shutting down. The change was announced one year ago, in March 2018, when Google shut down the service for new users—on March 30 of 2019 even longtime users will not be able to shorten URLs using the service. screenshot

What does this mean?

First of all don't panic: any URLs you made previously will keep working. Google has made this clear:

While most features of will eventually sunset, all existing links will continue to redirect to the intended destination.

Second, longtime users will need to find a new URL shortener. There's a lot to consider here: made it quick to shorten any URL, yes, but it also offered really great analytics features, allowing you to see how many people clicked a given URL.

If you're not sure which service to use we've got you covered: We outlined the 8 best URL shorteners last year. Check that out if you don't know where to start. Google, for their part, recommends Bitly (which is somewhat ironic given that some journalists thought would kill Bitly back in 2009.)

We also think Bitly is a solid choice. By the way: you can automate Bitly using Zapier, allowing you to integrate the URL shortener with thousands of apps. This lets you do things like automatically create shortened URLs for every post on your Wordpress site.

You could also automatically post all new Bitly links to Facebook and Twitter.

This is just the beginning; find more Bitly integrations or get to work designing your own. Or, if you don't want to sign up for another service, you can use Zapier's built-in URL shortener and generate shortened links automatically that way. Learn more about how to use URL Shortener by Zapier.

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