How do you Insert a Google Sheets Spreadsheet into a Google Docs Document?

By Matthew Guay

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Unfortunately, you can't insert a Google Sheets spreadsheet directly into a Google Docs document. There are a couple of other options though:

Copy Your Google Sheets Table into Google Docs

copy data from Google Sheets
Lay out your table in Google Sheets then copy it

Spreadsheets are a great way to lay out your data and crunch numbers, far easier to use than the default table tools in Google Docs. So, when you want to add a detailed table to Google Docs, just create it in Google Sheets first. Then, select the data you want to add to your document, and copy it.

Paste Google Sheets table into Google Docs
Paste your table into Google Docs then tweak its formatting

Now open your Google Docs document, and paste in the table. You'll get the final values from your spreadsheets, along with much of their formatting. Images and formulas won't copy over, though you will get the results from the formula (for instance, =sum(A1:A3) won't copy to Google Docs, but its value of 13 will).

Your pasted values are now a standard Google Docs table. You can add any text formatting, add or remove columns and rows, and add the cell borders you want.

Do note: Your table won't update automatically if you change something in Google Sheets, so you'll need to remember to copy any changes and add them to your Google Docs document, too.

Insert a Chart into Google Docs from Google Sheets

Insert chart from Google Sheets
You can embed a chart into Google Docs directly from Google Sheets

Another option is to insert a chart from Google Sheets, a new feature from summer 2016. First, make the chart from your data in your Google Sheets spreadsheet. Then, in Google Docs, select Insert -> Chart -> From Sheets… to add that chart to your Google Docs document.

Select chart from Google Sheets
Choose your spreadsheet...

You can then select the spreadsheet that contains your chart (with the most recently updated file at the top—which is likely the one you'll want).

Google Sheets chart in Google Docs
You can resize the chart in Google Docs, or update it from Google Sheets

Finally, select the chart you want from your spreadsheet. That'll insert an image of the chart into your Google Docs document, which you can resize or move around as needed. If you want to tweak the chart, open the original Google Sheets spreadsheet and make the changes there, then in Google Docs select your chart and click Update.

And that's how you can get your Google Sheets data into Google Docs—even without being able to actually embed your spreadsheet into your document.

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Published April 7, 2017

Written by Zapier writer Matthew Guay


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