Project Management and Time Tracking

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There's never enough time to do everything. With solid time management and a project management system that works for your team, though, you can at least get the most important things done.

But different apps work best for different folks. When looking for the best to-do list app, we found over 40 task management apps that could fit the bill, depending on how you like to organize your tasks. There are over 50 project management apps that teams use everyday to keep their projects on target. Throw in all the other apps professionals use every day to get things done, and managing your workflow could get messy.

That's where automation comes in. No matter your team members' individual app preferences, there's a way to connect the apps into a seamless workflow, with one central place to keep everyone on the same page.

With Zapier's automated workflow, you can connect thousands of apps and automatically move data between them. Use the templates below—which we call Zaps—to manage your project management and time management workflows, o you can focus on the important things and eliminate the tedious busywork of wrangling your to-do app.

Turn Your Notes or Emails into Projects or Tasks

Project-related information tends to get scattered everywhere, from notes apps to your email inbox. With the Zap templates below, however, you'll never have to worry about manually copying information from those apps your projects again.

Send Tasks to Your Project Management Tool

To-do apps are great for quickly creating and accessing individual tasks, but a project management tool gives you a better bird's eye view of all related tasks, and the progress you're making on the project. Good news: You can use both in tandem and automatically get your tasks into your project management app.

Track Your Time Spent on Projects

You've got deadlines to meet, time estimates for future projects to create, and possibly time-based invoices to bill. Time tracking is the key to all of these, but manually tracking your time is painful. Use these Zaps to automate the process.

Turn Project Information into Tasks in Your Favorite To-Do App

Perhaps your team uses a project management tool, but you prefer to keep your own tasks in a list in a to-do app. Add one of these Zaps to your account and everyone can be happy.

Put Tasks, Project Events, and Milestones onto a Universal Calendar

Many to-do apps and project management tools come with their own calendars. That can leave events and other important information scattered among your team's many apps. Consolidate those all into one shared calendar for easy reference.

Schedule Events or Create Projects Using a Form

Forms are the easiest way to collect feedback or other data from others. Use the templates below to automatically turn the form data into projects or events on your calendar.

Share Project Activity with Your Team

When projects get updated, it's helpful to make sure your teammates are aware of the progress so everyone's in the loop. These project notification templates can keep everyone informed without lifting a finger.

Automatically Archive Your Projects

Long after a project is complete, you may want to still refer back to it. Keep all the details archived in a single place for when you might need them one day.

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