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Coordinating projects is wrought with complexity. The pieces of the puzzle are constantly moving while people are wishing for more simplicity.

These Zaps will help remove the human error in project management and automate many of the redundant and tedious tasks.

Create Projects From a Web Form

Usually every project starts the same way: clicking "Create a Project" in your web application of choice based on some activity. And many times that's when someone completes a web form.

This Zap creates new Basecamp projects from Wufoo form entries allowing you to instantly start your project without waiting for someone to set it up.

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Push Todo Items to Your Preferred Todo List

A lot of times the best place for you to keep track of your work isn't necessarily the best place for the team as a whole. For instance, at Zapier we manage projects inside of Trello, but each individual team member will manage their todo list elsewhere.

So you could easily use a Zap like this Trello Card to Asana Task Zap to swap your todos from one app to another.

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Start Projects When You Invoice a Client

Typically when you are ready to start a new project with a client you'll send an initial invoice for the first amount of work. This can save you some time setting up your project and instead you can spend the time actually working on the project.

This Freshbooks to Basecamp zap will easily create a new Basecamp project each time you create an invoice in Freshbooks. You can use the filters if need be to stop a project from being created.

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Track Time Spent on Projects

One of the most valuable pieces of project management is understanding how long tasks take. This can be for billing purposes or it can be efficiency purposes.

With Zaps like the Pivotal Tracker Stories to Toggl help you easily start tracking time on the tasks in your project.

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Create a Project Activity Feed

One trap any project can fall into is inactivity. An easy way to fight this is to create an activity feed for all of your project activity. An easy way to do this is using a tool like Yammer, HipChat or Campfire.

For example, this Zap will create a HipChat alert for all new Trello activity so you can easily monitor your project from inside a dedicated HipChat room.

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A Universal Project Management Calendar

A staple of project management is the calendar. Seeing what needs to be done visually is helpful for planning how you'll spend your time on a day-to-day basis.

Zaps like the Asana tasks to Google Calendar can help you consolidate all your project management tasks and milestones into a single, universal calendar that everyone has access to.

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Archiving Project Data for Reference Later

Having access to past projects is good for reminding you how to setup future projects. So creating an archive of everything in your projects is a smart idea.

Using something like Evernote to archive Asana tasks is a great starting point. As are some of the similar Zaps below.

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Tracking Projects via Company Dashboards

A staple of any good project is understanding the current status of the project and nothing helps track projects better than a good looking dashboard.

Using something like Ducksboard, Leftronic, or Geckoboard makes it really simple to track things like the number of JIRA issues that have been opened over the course of a project.

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