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Wade Foster

Wade Foster is a Co-founder and CEO at Zapier. He likes to write about process, productivity, startups and how to do awesome work.

Wade Foster

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Company news

Makerpad is joining Zapier!

I'm thrilled to share today that Makerpad, the leading content and education platform for learning to build software without code, is joining Zapier. 

By Wade Foster

1 min read

Hero image of a woman on a computer at her dining room table, with a young child next to her, drawing

Remote work tips

How to support your employees who are working remotely with kids at home

Life is different now, particularly for working parents who were suddenly given a second full-time job when daycare and schools shut down and are still faced with uncertainty as summer comes to an end.

By Wade Foster

2 min read

Hero image of a person on a video call

Remote work tips

Why remote work shouldn't mean micromanaging—and what to do instead

In March, a viral leaked email from a Wall Street Journal manager instructed newly remote workers to keep managers informed if they're "taking a break, conducting an interview, in a meeting, or will otherwise be unavailable for a while.

By Wade Foster

3 min read

Remote work tips

How to hire a remote team

Since our beginnings in October 2011, Zapier has grown from three founders cramped in a small apartment to a team of over 300 folks around the world. Along the way, we've picked up a few tricks (and things to avoid) to make building a remote team easier.

By Wade Foster

12 min read

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