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We're making even more improvements to Zapier plans

By Wade Foster · April 2, 2024
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At Zapier, our mission is to make automation work for everyone. Though we've worked hard to innovate our product, we haven't innovated enough on price.

So, earlier this year, we announced three key Zapier pricing improvements:

  1. More Zaps: Build as many Zaps as you want on all plans.

  2. More flexibility: Pay per task when you go above your plan's limit.

  3. More value: Filter, Formatter, Paths, and other apps by Zapier no longer count as tasks.

While that felt like a good start, we told you we wouldn't stop innovating. And now we're back with even more improvements.

Today, we're announcing two important changes to Zapier plans:

We're upgrading Starter plans to Professional plans at no extra cost: Why? Because we want every customer to experience the full power of Zapier. With this upgrade, you'll enjoy features like conditional Zaps with Paths, custom polling intervals, automatic Zap replays, and more task tiers. This means you can tailor your plan more closely to your actual needs.

Introducing Zapier Enterprise: We've heard that while the idea of scaling Zapier across your entire business is appealing, giving access to everyone feels scary. Instead, it's safer to give Zapier to just the trusted people. But what if empowering teams with automation wasn't a leap of faith, and instead just a few simple steps? Today is step one. Zapier Enterprise is a new plan built to help your business safely scale automation to any teammate or department. Enterprise is the Zapier you know and love, plus major updates for managing your teammates, Zaps, and data. Plus, you get dedicated technical support and more predictable pricing.

Now when you review Zapier plans, you'll notice three key dimensions: plans for individuals, teams, and larger organizations. The main difference between each plan is the level of collaboration, security, and control. That means you can easily identify which plans align with your operational needs and growth ambitions. 

Plans at a glance


This plan is for you if... you're just starting out with automation.

Connect apps and automate basic workflows.

  • Changes from previous plans: No changes.

  • Price: $0


This plan is for you if... you're an individual who wants to experience the full power of Zapier but doesn’t need additional team controls.

Create everything from simple Zaps to advanced workflows. Access any of Zapier's 6,000+ app integrations. No task charges for using many of our built-in tools like Paths, Filter, and Formatter. With new task tiers starting at 750 tasks, our Professional plan is even more accessible. This adjustment ensures you can optimize your costs, potentially paying less while enjoying the same high-quality features.

  • Changes from previous plans: Existing Starter plan customers will move to the Professional plan at no extra cost.

  • Price starting at: $19.99 USD/month


This plan is for you if... your business needs multiple people building, editing, and managing workflows.

Build, collaborate, and manage Zaps across your team or multiple teams.

  • Changes from previous plans: Now SAML single sign-on (SSO) is available as an add-on for improved security and convenience.

  • Price starting at: $69 USD/month


This plan is for you if... you're an IT leader or a large business looking for the highest level of access controls, observability, support, and security.

A new plan designed to meet the unique challenges of automation at scale. It comes with enhanced observability, refined control, and streamlined deployment processes. Plus, get our highest level of support and flexible pricing. When you're ready to scale your usage across departments or your entire business, our Enterprise plan is here to support you.

  • Changes from previous plans: A new, fully-featured plan that will replace our Company plan. Our team will contact customers on Company plans with next steps.

  • Price: Contact our team for pricing

You can find more information on each of the plans here.  

Today is another step in making Zapier more valuable to our customers. We'll keep working hard to make Zapier products incredible and available at a great price — no matter if you're new to automation or automating millions of tasks every month.

Happy Zapping!

Wade Foster

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