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Managing millions of tasks, Todoist is one of the best online task management app and todo list. It has Web, iPhone, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Outlook flavors (and more!).

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Todoist Features

  • Capture and manage tasks
  • Convert emails into tasks
  • Categorize tasks into projects
  • Organize and prioritize tasks
  • Collaborate on shared tasks
  • iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Web apps available

Todoist Pricing

  • Free Plan for up to 80 projects, 5 users per project
  • $29/year Premium plan for up to 200 projects, 25 users per project, task search and filters, labels, reminders, note and file uploads, and more
  • $29/year per user Business plan for 50 users per project, team management, and centralized billing

Last updated October 19, 2015. Please visit the official site for the most up-to-date information.

Todoist Review

We’ve all got a million things to do—that proposal to finalize for our client, the expense report to submit, dry cleaning to pick up, and a birthday party to plan for our friend. Years ago, the best option was to grab a Post It note and start writing a list. Today, there are hundreds of task management apps than can help us manage our to-dos better.

Todoist is one of the leading task management apps, boasting millions of users who are managing millions of tasks with their app. Adding a task to Todoist takes a couple of seconds—simply click the plus sign and enter what you need to do. With the desktop version, you can setup a hotkey to pop up a task entry window so when a task comes to mind, you don’t need to break your workflow to capture it in Todoist.

Many of us have tasks that come in via email. Say you get an email from a coworker asking you to review their presentation or from a friend asking you to RSVP to a party. Since you may not be able to do those things immediately, Todoist provides a plugin for Gmail and Outlook that converts your email into a task with a direct link back to the original email. You can add the email to your task list and come back to it when you have time, without that email getting lost in your inbox.

All those tasks you capture also need due dates, and Todoist provides flexible ways to enter those as well. You can manually enter a date such as “October 10” or select from a calendar. You can also enter things like “today,” “tomorrow,” “next friday,” or “in 1 week.” And for those tasks that happen on a recurring basis, you can schedule them for “every 2nd Monday,” “every last day of the month,” and so on.

Of course there’s more to a task management system than just capturing to-dos and due dates. With so many different things on your plate, you’ll likely want to categorize the tasks to stay organized. To do this, set up projects and subprojects in Todoist, and drag and drop your tasks into those. You can then mark tasks with different priorities using the priority flags, which will automatically sort your list from most important to least important.

The Premium plan gives you access to labels, which allows you to tag tasks across various projects. For example, you may have a bunch of emails you need to send that are all part of different projects. Tagging these tasks with “email” makes it easy to pull up and see all of them in one view. Then, you can login to your email and send away. With the Premium plan, you can also build filters to sort your tasks, search for tasks using keywords, add notes and files to tasks, and set reminders.

Once you’ve captured and organized all your tasks, you’ll want to get started on actually doing your work. Todoist’s “Today” view shows you of all the tasks that are on your plate for that day, without the distraction of everything else. This is the screen you’ll want to have pulled up every day as you work through your tasks, checking them off as you complete them. If you want to look ahead a little bit, you can switch to the “Next 7 Days” view, which shows you the tasks you have upcoming this week.

Sometimes you have the best intentions of completing a task today, but time runs out. To defer a task, just change the due date or drag the item down on the very bottom of your list and Todoist will automatically move it tomorrow.

Todoist is also great for managing projects with shared tasks. Sharing a project with a team member is as simple as entering their email address. Once a project is shared, you'll see an additional “Assign to person” field to fill out when you enter a task. Everyone can see the outstanding tasks, due dates, and who owns them from a project page. When team members go to thier “Today” or “Next 7 Days” views, however, they’ll only see tasks assigned to them.

There may be more information you need to share than just the task itself. Premium users can add comments or upload files to tasks which will be shared with their team members in real time. This is a great way to streamline communication about the status of something without needing to have extra meetings or emails—or just to make sure you have everything in one place.

Organizations that want to use Todoist as their task management system can upgrade to Todoist Business, which has all the same features as the Premium plan, but also centralizes the user management and billing process.

Todoist is available on the web and has apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. In addition to the email plugins, they also integrate with popular third party apps such as Google Drive and Dropbox for file management and Toggl for time tracking. If you’re looking for an app that can act as the central hub for all your tasks and projects, Todoist is a great option that will work across multiple devices.


Reviewed by Vicky Cassidy, Zapier. Last updated October 19, 2015.

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