How to use templates to quickly make new notes in Evernote

By Matthew Guay - Last updated March 31, 2020 -

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Some notes don’t need much formatting. Often they're just a collection of things for later, like ideas you want to remember or shopping lists. Other notes need more finessing, like recipes, meeting notes, and project plans. Those can take more time to set up—time you could better spend doing your more important work.

Putting together a set format and reusing it every time can speed up your note-taking process. Here’s how to take notes faster in Evernote with templates.

How to use Evernote’s built-in templates

When you’re ready to make a new note—perhaps to log meeting details, list a new recipe, or plan out your next vacation—Evernote’s templates are a quick way to build your note without adding custom formatting each time.

To use an Evernote template, open Evernote, make a new note, then click the Template button.

Evernote new note

That will open Evernote’s Template Gallery, where you can click between a tab for pre-made templates and a tab for all the templates you’ve added to your Evernote account. Browse through the pre-made templates and click on any you'd like to preview fully. Once you've found one you like, click Use Template to add it to your note.

An Evernote template, which can be added to your account by clicking the Use Template button

Evernote will then add everything from that template to your note—including text, formatting, images, tables, and more. You can now delete anything you don’t want to keep and write your new note in the template.

New Evernote template note

How to create new Evernote templates

If you have a paid Evernote account, you can also turn any of your notes into a template. Open the note you'd like to reuse, click the note menu, then select Save as template.

You'll then be asked to name your template. Once you've saved, your template will now show up on the "My Templates" tab in the template gallery.

Automatically make new Evernote notes

Often when you need a templatized note, it’s for something routine—meeting notes, project plans, expense filing, and so on. You can set up a Zap—Zapier's word for automated workflows—to make those notes for you exactly when you need them automatically.

For example, say you want to make a new meeting template note every time you have a call on your schedule so you can easily capture notes and action items. This pre-made workflow can watch Google Calendar for new events. When one is added to your calendar, it can make an Evernote note for you, pre-filled in with details from the Calendar invite.

If you use Evernote to keep track of all of your tasks coming in from multiple project management tools or to-do apps, you can use one of these pre-made workflows to automatically create a new note for your tasks so you don't need to manually add a new one.

You can also create new template notes on the fly with the Zapier Chrome extension. Add the template text you want in new notes to the following pre-made Zap. Then, whenever you need to make a new note, just click the Zap's button in the extension and the new note will be created in Evernote automatically. This is a great way to capture ideas, impromptu meeting notes, and more.

Originally published in September 2018.


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