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4 email marketing templates for any business

A content writer offers templates for a welcome email, post-purchase email, content promotion email, and customer feedback email—all customizable for your business.

By Ana Gotter · September 14, 2021
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The best email marketing apps come with templates that you can use, but they're design-focused. You obviously need to fill those designs with words.

Of course, the words you use will be unique to your business, but I've found that starting with a template can help get me out of the where-do-I-start rut and ensure that I'm covering all my bases (and not forgetting something like an order number or a CTA).

Here, I'll share four adaptable and simple email marketing templates that I use to generate high-performing, action-driving emails for my clients—and I'll give you some examples of how you can bring them to life.

Welcome email template 

The welcome email thanks users for signing up as a subscriber and literally welcomes them to your email list. It should mention what users have to look forward to, and if they signed up for an incentive like a discount code, this email should include that, too. 

Here's the welcome email template:

Hey [name]! 

Thanks for joining our mailing list. Here at [brand name], we [brand unique selling point (USP)]. [What you can expect from the email list.]

[Take action] with [offer] now. 

[Expiration date for offer]

And here's an example of what this template looks like in action: 

Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for joining our fab mailing list! Here at LoveBeauty, we prioritize organic ingredients that your skin will love and the earth will love. Keep an eye out for our emails, where we share beauty tips from the pros!  

Try our lash-boosting mascara for free with your first purchase using discount code LASHBLAST.

Coupon code valid until 8/1.

Post-purchase email template  

Post-purchase email templates let users know that their order fulfillment is in progress and share some useful information in the meantime.

It's good to keep these separate from order confirmation emails to avoid overloading the customer with information—this one is more about giving them vital info that will help them get more out of your product. It can also help them know what to expect and increase their excitement, both things that can help increase customer satisfaction. 

You can adapt this one to use for a service (when there's no real "order fulfillment") by focusing on what the next steps are and how they can get the most from your service.

Here's the post-purchase email template: 

[Celebratory remark]! 

[Order in progress status]. But [waiting acknowledgment], [extended version of email subject line].

[Product use suggestions, tips for making the most of the service, or tutorial for a specific use case]

You can [take action] to learn more. 

[Optional: product cross-sell within copy or at bottom of email].

And here's an example of what this template looks like in action: 


Your order is on its way to you. We know that you're anxiously awaiting your brand new skin tint serum, but while our order-delivery fairies are working their magic, you can learn more here about how to get that dewy, glowing look you're wanting.

Remember to:

  • Always start with a clean face

  • Use a high-quality brush (like our Smooth Skin Foundation brush!) 

  • Finish it off with a soft finishing powder (check out our Soft Glow translucent setting powder)

Don't forget to reach out to our beauty specialists with any concerns here, or if you need any help picking additional products to get the glow you deserve!

Content promotion email template 

Content promotion through email is a solid content distribution strategy—and it can help with customer education—but you need to be sure you're targeting a specific pain point and offering a solution. You can't send content just to get clicks.

Here's the content promotion email template:  

[Address customer's pain point]

[Offer content as a solution]

[Explain what the user will learn within the content, and highlight its value]

[Provide the link, and encourage users to click, sign up, download, etc.]

[Optional: include links to other content]

And here's an example of what this template looks like in action: 

Tired of caked-on, too-thick foundation? Not sure why your look is more gauche than glowing? 

In most cases, people at home who are struggling to get a dewy look are making one of four common mistakes, like using the wrong brush or not starting with moisturized skin. 

In our upcoming webinar, we're going to work with celebrity makeup artist Della Dans to show you the best way to apply skin-correcting serums to highlight your natural beauty.

You'll learn:

  • Which products work for different skin tones

  • How to hide blemishes without looking cakey 

  • What tools to use to get that glowy look

  • Which products can help you take your look to the next level

Sign up for this free webinar here! 

In the meantime, if you're looking for other tips and tricks to look your best, check out our recent tutorials here.

Customer feedback email template 

We all know that reviews can be the lifeblood of businesses and are directly linked to more clicks on your business profiles, higher search visibility, and more orders. But actually getting customer feedback or client reviews requires intentional solicitation—it's often not something customers think to submit.

This template works to get reviews on products, services, or your brand overall; or to acquire feedback following something like a customer service exchange. 

Here's the customer feedback email template: 

Hey, [name]! 

[Acknowledge the customer experience / interaction / purchase that happened recently]

[Explain the value of feedback]

[Provide in-email links to provide feedback]

[Include link for customer support if needed]

And here's an example of how to use it: 

Hey Elizabeth! 

We hope you've been loving your Skin Perfection Moisturizer since you received it. 

We'd love to hear your thoughts, as we use customer feedback to make our products and your experience the best they can be. 

Share your thoughts here. 

Need help with your recent order? Hit up our customer care specialists here.

How to customize these email marketing templates 

I used a singular made-up brand in the examples above for consistency, but templates can (and should!) be customized based on branded language that your audience will love. The "who," "what," "how," "when," and "why" matter, and knowing how to appeal to users at different stages of the buyer's journey is important.

For some extra inspiration, let's take a look at a few different brands that are creating standout marketing emails similar to the templates I shared here.

ILIA's welcome email 

ILIA's welcome email aligns with my template pretty closely; it immediately welcomes users to the email list and has a fun, confident "We think you'll like it here." They make their USP apparent and then include the CTA alongside the discount code. 

Screenshot of a welcome email from ILIA

Who Gives a Crap's post-purchase email 

Since customers don't exactly need detailed care instructions for toilet paper, Who Gives a Crap's post-purchase email instead reminders users of the good they did in the world by purchasing. This is a different kind of appeal that increases their product satisfaction before they even receive the product. 

Screenshot from Who Gives a Crap's post-purchase email

AdEspresso's content promotion email 

This content promotion email from AdEspresso encourages users to sign up for their upcoming webinar. They explain exactly what the webinar will cover and how it will benefit users, and they include a nice big CTA at the bottom of the email. 

Screenshot from AdEspresso's content promotion email

Vuori's customer feedback email 

This email is organized a bit differently from the template I use, but it has all the same core information. They ask how you like the product (and show a picture for good measure!), explain the importance of feedback, and then collect feedback directly within the email itself. 

Screenshot from Vuori's customer feedback email

I love my email marketing templates because they're highly customizable—I'll never create the same email twice—but they still help me hit the important points every time. If you're working with a team, you can also use the templates to ensure that you're getting consistent results even if multiple people are working on different campaigns. 

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