Boss Mom Saves 5+ Hours Each Week Automating Projects, Enrollment, and More

Joey Blanco
Joey Blanco / Published June 8, 2018

Wouldn't running a business be a lot simpler if one app did it all? If there were one app for managing email, ads, projects, surveys, courses, and whatever else you do in your day-to-day work, you'd save all sorts of time and money. Instead, there's an overwhelming number of apps to choose from for each one of those business functions—and not all of them play nicely together.

As Dana Malstaff worked to create and build Boss Mom from a book to a podcast to a community, she wanted one app to rule them all, one app to make running a business and a family simple and efficient. Her focus was on her burgeoning business, community, and family, not on apps.

Dana Malstaff, Boss Mom extraordinaire.

"I kept changing systems to try to find one tool that could do everything for me," she explains. "When I discovered Zapier, I stopped trying to find a one-stop shop and instead have invested in the right tools.

App automator Zapier may not be the silver bullet of apps, but it might as well be: Zapier connects all the apps Boss Mom uses so Dana can create custom workflows, like connecting a scheduling app with a project management app, without any custom coding.

About Boss Mom

In 2013, Dana started her journey to Boss Mom by becoming a mother. She also wanted to run her own business, however, and found herself battling the guilt that can come along with wanting to be both a mother and an entrepreneur. In 2015, she embraced her inner boss mom and released her first book, Boss Mom: The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Business & Nurturing Your Family Like a Pro.

The Boss Mom team, being bosses.

The business has grown since, and it now includes a community on Facebook, a podcast, a second book, course content called Boss Mom Academy, four staff members in 2016, and another seven in 2017. With that growth came the need to find an efficient way to handle projects, the academy, and other aspects of the business.

How Boss Mom Saves 5 Hours Per Week

"Zapier saves me a good 5+ hours each week with amazing automation. I couldn't live without it."Dana Malstaff, founder, Boss Mom

Everyone wants their work to be more efficient and take less time. Dana's no different. With the understanding that efficient work saves time, and time saved equals money saved, Dana knew the key to ditching manual work, like adding each new client to an academy course, was somewhere out there.

Now that Dana and her team have the right tools, they can integrate them in a way that saves everyone hours and hours of work every week.

"That helps Boss Mom make more money and create a better user experience," Dana says.

Boss Mom's Tools

Icon: App: Used For:
Trello Trello Project management
Acuity Scheduling Acuity Scheduling Appointment scheduling
Ontraport Ontraport Contact & purchase management
Thinkific Thinkific Courses & lessons
Typeform Typeform Survey results

The Workflows

Boss Mom releases a podcast every few days. In May 2018, the team published nine new episodes. At any given time, the team juggles schedules, interviews, and edits. To manage their podcast workflows, they use project management app Trello. With Trello and Acuity Scheduling, Boss Mom's preferred appointment app, the team built a workflow to handle their podcast interviews.

When someone schedules a time to chat through Acuity Scheduling, a Zap—our word for automated workflows in Zapier—triggers. The Zap creates a card in Trello with the interviewee's details, including name, bio, and relevant links.

With this Zap, Boss Mom has everything they need to automatically move the interviewee through the process of signing up to be on the podcast.

Boss Mom Academy provides resources, community, and content for entrepreneurial moms who want to grow their business and become their own version of a boss mom. The academy lives in Thinkific, a platform where you can host online courses. Customers gain access to these courses when they purchase them on the Boss Mom website. That purchase is made through a landing page form through Ontraport, a marketing automation app, which triggers another Zap to add the customer to a matching course in Thinkific.

Instead of tracking purchases and manually adding customers, Dana and the team let automation do the work.

Feedback and surveys from customers help a business grow and evolve, which is why Boss Mom embraces them. To consolidate the responses in one spot, and to help keep them sorted, a Zap sends Typeform responses to a specific Trello board that houses their survey results.

From there, Boss Mom can move them to different boards depending on rating.

These Zaps are only a few of the automated workflows giving Boss Mom more time in their day. Dana uses those extra hours to connect with her community and build content that matters to them.

By automating much of their work, the Boss Mom team gains back time for the things that matter most: community, content, and a great user experience.

Want to channel your inner Boss Mom and save time and money? Give Zapier a try for free.

All images courtesy of Boss Mom.

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