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How Orchard provides great customer experiences with automated lead management

"Zapier has allowed us to maintain a robust customer profile that allows us to personalize customer communication, diagnose customer experience issues, and helps us share learnings across the company."

— Corey Egan, Director of CRM at Orchard

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Cuts down on manual data entry

Cuts down on manual data entry

By automating lead data entry and updates, Orchard saves more than three hours a week.

Enriches lead data in real-time

Enriches lead data in real-time

Zapier keeps customer data up-to-date in real-time, allowing Orchard to provide a personalized customer experience at a moment's notice.

Better communication across teams

Better communication across teams

Zapier streamlines Orchard's lead funnel and seamlessly distributes customer information to different teams.

About Orchard

  • Company size: 600+
  • Industry: Orchard is a growing online real estate company helping clients sell and buy their dream homes. 
  • Location: New York, NY
Orchard customer story

Cultivate current and future customers with an automated lead funnel


Orchard was struggling to update customer profiles across all their different tools. Inaccurate lead data made it impossible to send targeted emails or pass qualified leads to the sales team in a timely manner.


Orchard automates multiple stages of their lead funnel. With Zapier, Orchard automatically: 

  • Adds leads to the right tool
  • Updates lead info in real-time
  • Sends targeted cultivation emails
  • Hands qualified leads over to the sales team


Orchard's team now spends less time entering data, and more time cultivating customer relationships. Plus, the right teams have access to accurate customer data—allowing them to provide top-notch customer service at a moment's notice.

"Since we started using Zapier, so many of our processes have become more efficient and have allowed us to have more time executing and less time compiling data and insights."

Corey Egan

Director of CRM at Orchard

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