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How automation makes it easy for Calendly to save time while still providing a top-notch customer experience

"Collectively, Zapier saves us 10+ hours every week."

— Kate Riney, Brand Storyteller at Calendly

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More sales, faster

More sales, faster

By centralizing all their customer messages from multiple sources, Calendly can respond more quickly (and no lead falls through the cracks).

The Support team saves 4+ hours per week

More time to focus on customers

The Support team automatically routes customer feedback to the Product team by connecting Zendesk to Airtable with Zapier.

The Product team saves 4+ hours per week

More time to implement feedback

Because Zapier automatically sends customer feedback to Airtable, the Product team doesn't have to waste time chasing down tickets.

About Calendly

  • Company size: 400+
  • Industry: Calendly is scheduling software that makes it easier for businesses to wrangle (and coordinate) their busy calendars. 
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
Calendly team

Streamlined lead management (so no lead gets missed)


Calendly leads got lost in the sea of customer support tickets without getting the nurturing they needed.


When a support ticket for a new lead moves to a specific view in Zendesk, Zapier updates Salesforce and sends the Sales team a notification.


The Sales team follows up quickly while leads are hot—increasing both response and conversion rates.

Seamless customer responses across teams


Important customer feedback was siloed across different teams and tools—causing mistakes and a poor customer experience.


Calendly uses Zapier to connect Zendesk to Airtable, allowing the Support team to send customer feedback to the Product team automatically.


Customer satisfaction improved because the right people saw the right messages. Plus, Calendly saved time and improved data efficacy.

"Support now has an ongoing feedback loop with the Product team. They convey customer information from the frontlines, which improves the product and provides satisfaction to our customers."

Kate Riney

Brand Storyteller at Calendly

Calendly team

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