Rochi Zalani

Rochi is a freelance writer for B2B SaaS companies in marketing, productivity, HR, and eCommerce. When she's not writing, you can find her engrossed in a fiction book or contemplating a Mary Oliver poem. Learn more at rochizalani.com

Rochi Zalani

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Productivity tips

5 note-taking methods for more effective notes

Here, I'll use my research and experience to introduce you to the note-taking methods that can change the way you take notes.

By Rochi Zalani

10 min read

Hero image of a woman on a couch, with a table in front of her, looking at the computer and smiling

Remote work tips

50+ fully remote companies that let you work from anywhere

High-speed internet and powerful apps make it possible for just about anyone with a desk job to work from home. Yet today most companies still insist that employees endure the sometimes soul-crushing commute to an office. We get it.

By Rochi Zalani

28 min read

App comparisons

Hootsuite vs. Buffer: Which social media management tool is right for you?

We tested both apps to see how they stack up.

By Rochi Zalani

11 min read

Best apps

The 6 best transcription services

Whether you want to transcribe an interview, share meeting notes, or repurpose a podcast into a blog for SEO benefits, there are transcription apps that can do it for you.

By Rochi Zalani

13 min read

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