What is Zapier?

Zapier is a tool that allows your customers to connect apps they use every day to automate tasks and save time. With Zapier's library of over 1,000+ connected apps, your customers can connect your tool to their other business apps to create their own automated workflows.

How it works

A Zap is quick and easy to set up - you don't need to be a developer or know how to code. Users can select Triggers and Actions to decide the exact task they would like to automate. For example, here's a quick way to subscribe new Facebook Lead Ad leads to a MailChimp list:

In this case, Facebook Lead Ads would be the Zap's Trigger and MailChimp would be the Zap's Action.

Zapier is the easiest way for your customers to quickly automate tasks, freeing up their time work on more important items.

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What value does Zapier bring to my company?

New software tools are created daily These new tools indicate the growth of niche tools, uniquely designed to tackle one specific aspect of their work. For example, here's a quick look at the growth of sales and marketing software over the past few years:

Marketing Tech Landscape
Click to see a larger version. Source: chiefmartec.com.

With the current trajectory, your user base will continue to find new and innovative tools to adopt and will expect your tool to work with them. This is a challenge for your product team, who are busy enough developing your tool, not to mention the requests for integrations with the latest and greatest tools.

Zapier makes your tool future-proof: one simple integration now allows your tool to connect with the most popular apps. Your product team can rest easy knowing that future must-have integrations will be covered as well.

Your Zapier integration allows you to:

  • Close more customers - say "yes" to the long-tail of customers that need "X integration" before they can buy. Your potential users (and current ones) often conduct web searches such as "Does X tool integrate with X?". We give your integration a series of dedicated landing pages, so your integration shows up in search results.
  • Retain more customers - customers that are using your API become sticky, and churn less.
  • Be discovered by Zapier's 2 million+ customers - get found in Zapier's app directory, emails, and inside other software tools with our embedding technology.

But you don't have to take our word for it:

"We've found that users who connect Airtable with Zapier are our most valuable users- they're more likely to upgrade to a paid plan and are using Airtable in more interesting and complex ways than the average user." - Zoelle Egner, Airtable

"Shout out to Zapier that brought us consistently high numbers of quality visitors and an astonishing conversion rate, if you build apps – make sure to partner up with them" - Dunja Lazic, Toggl

"I'd estimate around 40% of our customers use Zapier in some way or another. So Zapier is an integral part of our business / integration strategy :)" - Jeremy Clarke, WebMerge

"And we had quite a few signups from being featured in the Zapier newsletter, and many of them were much higher value leads than we typically get (in that they converted to predominately higher $$) " - Jordan Baker, Focuster


How does Zapier promote my app's integration?

Zapier's promotion of your app is an ongoing process. Zapier's partner marketing team wants to collaborate with you and help spread the word about your Zapier integration. As you launch your Zapier integration, you'll be eligible for a variety of benefits through the Zapier Partner Program.

Zapier Partner Program

I am launching a new Zapier integration. How can Zapier help me market it?

Once your app moves into the Beta phase, we automatically create your own landing page on the Zapbook, and host your collection of Zap Templates, which are pre-made Zaps featuring your tool.

We begin actively promoting partners when they launch through a number of channels:

  • Our updates blog, which features both new apps and apps with significant updates.
  • Our updates newsletter, which is sent out every week to users who have subscribed to the blog or use your app.
  • Our Twitter feed, where we share updates, blog posts, and Zapier-related content that partners create
  • Our monthly roundup post, covering all of the new and updated apps of the previous month
  • Our all-user email is sent out to every Zapier customer every month, showcasing new blog posts, our monthly roundup, and other updates.
  • New apps are also featured on every paying Zapier user's invoice emails

Launch is just the beginning of our promotion. Our co-marketing team will keep in touch with you to explore continuous opportunities for collaboration, which you can read about below.

I have an existing Zapier integration. How can Zapier help me market it?

Once you launch your Zapier integration, Zapier will continue to market it. Zapier's partner marketing team wants to help spread the word about your Zapier integration.

We work with partners on a variety of marketing activities, including blog posts, webinars, email campaigns, and case studies that tell the stories of a mutual user.

Additionally, whenever you make a significant update to your app's Zapier integration, we'll post about it on our product updates blog and feature you in a weekly and monthly email newsletters.

Our editorial team also creates new content regularly for our blog, and we mention our partners regularly. Keep in mind that our blog aims to provide value and solid educational material for productivity-minded users, so we don't post purely promotional content.

We also regularly review apps - if we haven't yet, feel free to request a review or update to a review here
Finally, we round up and create content for our Learning Center around specific topics or industries, and will feature applicable partners throughout this material.

If you want to collaborate with our partner marketing team, please reach out!

How can I promote my app's Zapier integration?

Include a search bar in your app directory, and when users search for something that doesn't find a match, be sure to point them to Zapier (chances are, we support what they're looking for!) Instead of showing an empty search result, Help Scout points users to Zapier.

When a new Typeform is built but hasn't seen much activity, an email shares tips and tricks gathered from the experience of thousands of forms. One helpful suggestion? Connect form data to your other apps via Zapier. Typeform promotes Zapier integrations because research shows users who connect their forms to Zapier churn less than those who don't.

Keep integrations top of mind by featuring new additions, staff picks, or helpful recommendations. Slack recommended the Zapier integration at the top of their app directory.

Zapier's partner marketing team also help build up knowledge about your Zapier integration giving your the materials you need to include Zapier in your help documentation, integrations directories, marketplaces, and onboarding emails.

Zapier Marketing Ideas

These are just a few of many ways we can work together. You can get started by contacting us.

Zapier expands your toolset dramatically, but your users need to learn about it over time, and with specific examples so that the possibilities sink in and don't become overwhelming.

Our most successful partners take a two-pronged approach at spreading the word--active, continuous promotion complemented by solid evergreen content for users to discover passively on their own.

Consider continuous engagement with your users through content like blog posts and emails that cover key use-cases and applications of your Zapier integration--sourcing testimonials and real life use-cases from your customers works very well here. Instead of trying to cover every possibility at once, spread out your education so users have time to digest it.

Alongside this active announcement, creating detailed help documentation and introducing Zapier through your onboarding ensures that users can find the answers they need and discover this functionality for themselves, empowering them for even more advanced usage of your product.

Finally, nothing beats suggesting the use-cases you know get customers excited right within your user interface, when they're thinking of what they'll do with the information coming into or leaving your app. Embedding Zap templates within key sections of your tool is easy, and ensures you can suggest key workflows when users are most engaged.

In what ways can my customers use Zapier? Here are some practical examples.

With so many options, it can be hard for app creators and users alike to visualize how Zapier works. Below you'll find collections of some of the most popular use-case for different kinds of apps and processes. These will provide insights on how Zapier can be applied to the workflows and problems your users need to solve.

Feel free to take inspiration from these when creating your own Zap templates, or use examples like these in the content you create for your users to teach them what Zapier can do:

Want to be successful on Zapier? Do this!

Whether you're about to launch on Zapier or have already done so, it's always a good idea to make sure you've done everything you can to ensure the success and discovery of your integration.

From our experience with 1,000+ apps, the most successful partners on Zapier have addressed the following bullet points:

Integration Launch Announcement Material

  • Blog post
  • Email announcement
  • In-app announcement
  • Press release
  • Co-marketing with other Zapier apps around common usecases

Creation of Evergreen Zapier Content on Your Site App

  • Zap templates embedded inside your app's UI
  • Zapier integration featured in your onboarding sequence
  • Zapier placement in your partner/integrations page or directory
  • Zapier help docs

Continuous Promotion

  • Webinars
  • Usecase videos
  • Blog posts around specific use cases and user stories
  • Keep building and embedding Zap templates

Can Zapier give me data about how my customers use the integration?

Zapier is a bit like legos - you never know what is going to get built! We have the privilege of seeing the cool stuff your customers are doing with Zapier, and we'd love to share the wealth.

Zapier User Data

Log into your developer portal to get specific details about the performance of your app, the most popular triggers and actions, and up-to-date usage statistics. You'll likely need to work with your developer to get credentials to log in.

Our monthly exposure reporting allows you to see more about how Zapier is introducing your app to other users inside of other tools as well with. Get specifics on the top use cases and Zaps that your customers are using to know where your customers are getting the most value.

Reaching out to us is also a great way to get more detail on how we can work together.

Have more questions? Here are some helpful resources

  • Zapier Launch Program: Describes our launch program, and includes valuable resources and examples of the Zapier content other partners have prepared.