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Whether you're in a meeting or doing research, taking notes helps you concentrate and gives you a reference later to remind and reinforce the context of your work. It may take less effort than writing a full transcript, but notes still take a significant amount of time to format, organize, and follow through.

There's a much more efficient way for you to do things. Zapier can help with automating your notes and the related workflow of acting on those notes by managing tasks, setting up reminders, team collaboration, sending meeting minutes, and backing up all that important work. Here's how:

Make Your Notes Actionable

Having your notes convert into a task list where you can check things off lets you stay on top of your work and ensure you don't miss following up on those important items.

Zapier can automate create tasks as you write notes in Evernote, so you'll be reminded to take action the next time you open your to-do list.

Or, you could create notes from your new tasks. That way, whenever you add something new to your to-do list, you'll have a perfect space to keep track of your thoughts and notes about it.

Get Reminded About Notes on Your Calendar

Sometimes we humans make mistakes and forget things. Following up with all the action items you just jotted down can be a repetitive task.

Create a workflow that automatically turns your notes into reminders in a calendar so you'll remember to check back on your notes. Or, have Zapier automatically start new notes every time a meeting starts.

Share and Collaborate on New Notes

Taking notes already takes enough effort on its own. Why not share the burden, and let your team help you research, adding their thoughts and ideas directly to your notes instead of compiling them together yourself? Just let Zapier share your new notes automatically with the team, and they can jump in with their own thoughts and ideas.

Take the Pain out of Creating Meeting Minutes

Taking minutes is an essential part of most business meetings, but it's a time consuming, tedious job. Let Zapier do it for you. Just type up your notes during the meeting, and once you're done, Zapier can email those to you and your team for a quick way to turn notes into detailed meetings.

Back Up and Copy Your Notes

Once you've written all your notes, it's a good idea to keep a duplicate copy of your notes as a backup. And if you're working with a team, you might need to copy notes from one notes app to another. Zapier can do that automatically so you'll always have your notes when you need them.

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