What is Zapier?#

What does Zapier do?#

Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect apps you use every day to automate tasks and save time. You can connect any of our 1,500+ integrated apps together to make your own automations. What's more it's quick and easy to set up - you don't need to be a developer, anyone can make a Zap!

It's just you and your favorite web apps getting stuff done. Check out our video for a little more information here

How does it work?#

With Zapier your integrations are set up via Zaps which perform your automation for you. These automations are achieved by mixing a Trigger with Actions that are available on your favorite apps.

For example, you could make a Zap that would automatically save responses from a Typeform form to a new row on a Google Sheet for you.

You're not limited to one action. During your free trial and on any paid plan you can add as many actions as you like. So you could automatically save responses from your Typeform entry to your Google Sheet and then automatically send an email to the respondent!

When you are setting your Zap up, you can pick what data you want to send from one app to the other, so it's really flexible.

For a high level overview of how to set up a Zap, please check out our tutorial here.

What's next?#

Once your Zap is set up, we do the hard work for you. We'll regularly check your Trigger app for new data (or sometimes they send new data on to us) and then we will automatically run your action or actions! No more manually moving data.

With Zapier, you no longer have to waste your time doing repetitive tasks. Zapier is there, doing those tasks in the background for you so you can do more important work.

As you discover more tasks you want to automate, no sweat, just set up a Zap for each one.

Ready to try it out? Check out more of what's possible including some Zap templates in our Zapbook. If you still have questions, email us at contact@zapier.com; we're happy to help.