4. Launch - Out of Beta#

Congratulations! You've successfully created an integration with Zapier and been approved for public beta. Now, it’s time to officially launch your App! The following is the blueprint for a highly effective, coordinated launch with Zapier. These are the best strategies developed from our experience launching 1,000+ integrations, including those with our most successful partners like MailChimp, Asana, Facebook, Eventbrite, and Typeform.

How Will Zapier Promote the Partnership?#

  1. We'll write a dedicated Launch Post to announce the partnership on our updates blog
  2. Feature the partnership in our weekly newsletter
  3. Promote the partnership in our monthly email and blog post
  4. Announce the partnership through social campaigns
  5. Host and maintain your App Directory page, Zap templates, and help docs on our site

"Just wanted to send a huge thank you for all of your help on our Zapier launch! It was exceptionally positive for us, and we got tons of signups right away and plenty freemium to paid in the first few hours. The majority were even annual! We also landed a few very substantial global clients who continue to add expansion seats every day. Over those few days, our conversion from unique visitors to signups were 45%!! With a whopping 90% of all visitors watching our demo video to the end.” - Bernie Aho, TimeHero

How Should You Promote the Partnership?#

  1. Announce the partnership on our pre-scheduled co-marketing launch day so your users know they can now connect your app to any of their 1,000+ favorite apps via Zapier.
  2. Embed Zapier in your app so users can easily discover how to connect any of their favorite apps post-launch.

How to Announce the Partnership#

The goal for launch is to make sure your users know that they can now connect your app to 1,000+ other integrations via Zapier. The best channels vary by Partner but, we’ve seen the most success with blog posts, in-app announcements, email announcements, newsletters, social campaigns, on-boarding emails and more. Here are some ideas and examples to get you started:

Embed Zapier in Your App#

The best way to ensure users are able to discover how to connect your app to 1,000+ other apps is to surface your integration where your users are looking for it. Using Zapier’s embedding technology, you can present your most popular Zap templates to your users in your app’s UI, help docs, FAQs, blog posts, and more. The Zapier embedding technology gives you the ability to:

  • Show users examples of your most popular or recommended use-cases
  • Get users to the "aha!" moment faster through visually understanding how Zapier works with your app
  • Keep users in context by popping open a new window that allows them to set up their Zap template rather than navigating them away from your app

There are two ways to add embed your Zap templates on your site:

  1. Use our Embed Widget to drop a simple snippet anywhere on your site / app
  2. Use our Partner API to present your Zap templates to users styled in the way that works best for your app’s experience.

Get Started Quickly with our Embed Widget

Use our Embed Widget Generator to generate your own Embed Widget that features your app. This small snippet of Javascript allows you to quickly and easily embed your Zap templates on your site and in your product.

Here is an example of what it looks like for MailChimp:

Looking for a more customized partner experience with Zapier? - Try using our Partner API which gives you total control over the look and feel of the Zapier experience inside your app. Read more about the API here.

Are You Ready to Launch? Check our Zapier Launch Checklist:#

  1. Create and submit 10 Zap templates for your public App Directory page
  2. Submit Help Docs for your Zapier hosted help page
  3. Prepare announcement materials for launch
    • Blog post
    • Newsletter or email announcement
    • In-app announcement
    • Social campaign
  4. Ensure your users can find Zapier on your site
    • Create directory listing for Zapier on marketing site and in-app
    • Embed Zap templates in the logged-in UI of your app
    • Add Zapier help docs to your support and FAQ pages

Do you have everything ready? Send an email to the Zapier Partnerships team at Partners@Zapier.com with links/screenshots/previews and let's set a launch date!

Helpful Resources#

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