4. How to Launch#

We may invite your company to officially launch your Zapier integration and join the Zapier Integration Partner Program. Once you launch, you will automatically join the free Zapier Integration Partner Program and can access the program's many co-marketing benefits including:

Here are the steps to take to officially launch and join the program:

1. Reach 50 Users to Receive an Invite from the Zapier Team#

While your integration is in the Early Access stage, we'll monitor how it's performing. When your integration reaches 50 users, our team will get in touch to invite you to start the official launch process. You must receive an invite from our team before you can start the rest of this process.

2. Pass a Final Review and Get a Beta Tag#

Estimated time to complete: 2 weeks

Who to involve: Your development team

Once you've been invited by the Zapier team, we will conduct a comprehensive review of your integration and provide feedback. Our team will check that you have followed our development guide, test each Trigger/Action/Search of your integration, as well as provide UX feedback. You'll need to make the requested changes via our deploy process (clone, make changes, deploy and replace).

Once you've passed the review, a "Beta" tag will appear above your product's logo on Zapier during this time. During this time, we will continue to keep an eye on usage and support feedback to check that customers are having a good experience with your integration.

3. Create 10 Zap Templates#

Estimated time to complete: 1-2 hours

Who to involve: Your product or marketing team

Zap Templates are readymade integrations or Zaps with the apps and core fields pre-selected. In a few clicks, they help people discover a use case, connect apps, and turn on the Zap. Zap Templates are the fastest way for your users to automate workflows. Think of 10 use cases for your integration, and get started creating 10 Zap Templates for your users.

4. Help Our Team Create Help Docs on Zapier.com#

Estimated time to complete: 5 minutes

Who to involve: Your product or marketing team

The Zapier team provides frontline support for your integration and, in order to provide the best experience for your users, we also host help documentation about your integration on our site. Help our support team create accurate documentation by filling out this form.

5. Once You've Completed Your Zap Templates, Surface Them In Your Product and On Your Site#

Estimated time to complete: 5-10 minutes for an engineering or technical resource

Who to involve: Your product and development team

The best way to ensure users are able to discover how to connect your app to 1,300+ other apps is to surface your integration where your users are looking for it. Using Zapier’s embedding technology, you can present your most popular Zap Templates to your users in your app’s UI, help docs, FAQs, blog posts, and more

There are two ways to add embed your Zap Templates on your site:

Option 1 The Embed Widget: Embed quickly by copying and pasting a simple line of code

Use our Embed Widget Generator to generate your own Embed Widget that features your app. This small snippet of Javascript allows you to quickly and easily embed your Zap templates on your site and in your product.

Here is an example of what it looks like for MailChimp:

Option 2 The Partner API: Embed in a customized way to fit the style of your product

Our Partner API which gives you total control over the look and feel of the Zapier experience inside your app.

Here is an example of how our partner Unbounce implemented the Partner API inside their product:

6. Create Help Documentation for The Integration on Your Site#

Estimated time to complete: 1 day

Who to involve: Your support or marketing team

Make sure your users of your Zapier integration can get their questions answered easily. Create help documentation on your site like our partner Autopilot did:

We've put together this template to help you get your page up quickly.

7. Create a Marketing Campaign for The Integration's Launch#

Estimated time to complete: 1-2 weeks

Who to involve: Your marketing team

Work with your marketing team to create a launch campaign to let your users know that they can now connect your product to 1,300+ web apps. Marketing campaigns help you get more users on your integration right away, so you can rise the ranks of the Zapier Partner Program more quickly.

Here's some inspiration from some of our most successful partners:

  • Write a blog post about the integration like Evernote did
  • Send an email to your users to announce the integration like Wunderlist did
  • Send an in-app announcement like Feedly did
  • Promote the integration on social media like Hootsuite did
  • Feature your Zapier integration in your product's onboarding sequence like Base CRM does
  • Add your Zapier integration to your website's integration directory like Zoho Connect

Make sure to check out Zapier's brand guidelines as you're planning!

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