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New to Xero: Create Payments and Trigger Zaps from Payments

Thanks to updates recently made to Zapier's Xero integration, there are now even more ways to automate your accounting workflows. Plug Xero into Zapier and connect it to 500+ other apps, so you don't have to manually transfer data. Once your accounting workflows are automated with Zaps, you...

Turn Chat Rooms into Command Centers with Cisco Spark

Cisco Spark Integrations

How many apps are your conversations split across?

Effective communication is at the core of any business process. You need somewhere to chat, discuss, and share content. It needs to be secure, and accessible by everyone you collaborate with. And, of course, it needs to be easy to use.


Spreadsheets, Simplified: Ditch Data Entry with Excel and Zapier

Excel Integrations

How much time do you spend entering new values, making updates when there's a change, or copying rows out to your other apps? Of course you need to track your crucial info—but there’s no need to waste whole workdays filling out cell after cell.

With Zapier’s...

Use Zaps to Find Invoice Ninja Invoices, Plus More Updates

Find Invoice Ninja Invoices

If you're a freelancer or entrepreneur, invoices are a vital part of your business. But that doesn't mean generating and sending invoices should take time out of your day. You have many bigger-picture items to spend your time on.

That's where Zapier's...

Spend Time on Your Customers, Not Admin, with RepairShopr

RepairShopr Integrations

Wouldn't it be great if you could focus on your customers and their repairs instead of filing and accounting?

RepairShopr was designed do to that for you, with a feature-complete platform that acts as an office assistant, accountant, marketer, and warehouse manager for your shop—all rolled into one...

Trigger Zaps When New Clients Are Added to Citrix ShareFile

Ctirix ShareFile gives you way to securely store and share your files. To integrate ShareFile seamlessly into their work days, many ShareFile users turn to Zapier. Zaps like these automatically perform repetitive tasks for ShareFile users:

Now there are even more ways to use ShareFile and Zapier together, thanks to...

Put Your Social Media Library on Autopilot with Edgar

Edgar Integrations

A full schedule of posting and tweeting can eat up your entire day, but there's no denying the value of traffic from social media. So how can you reap those benefits while still taking care of other tasks?

Meet Edgar. This social posting platform and its friendly mascot free...

9 New Ways to Automate Smartsheet: Copy and Move Rows, Create Workspaces, and More

A dynamic spreadsheet tool, Smartsheet makes team collaboration around projects easy. Plugging Smartsheet into Zapier simplifies your team's workflows even more. Automate the repetitive tasks in your Smartsheet workflows with Zaps like these:

Now you can do even more with Smartsheet and Zapier, thanks to updates recently made to...

Push ProdPad Ideas and User Stories to 500+ Apps via Zapier

If you manage your product using ProdPad, you probably enjoy thinking of a variety of ideas, building, testing, then repeating the same process. Pairing ProdPad with Zapier means that you can integrate ProdPad with 500+ other apps, giving you more options for quickly distributing and testing your product ideas, ultimately...

Use Zaps to Create Campaigns in SharpSpring

Zaps Can Now Create SharpSpring Campaigns

Managing marketing emails can be difficult, not to mention tracking the analytics of the emails and the contacts we send them to. SharpSpring helps marketers do all that with one platform.

By pairing SharpSpring and Zapier, marketers can get even more done with no...