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Join Events and Other Apps You Love Together with Eventjoy and Zapier


Event management is a big task. Not only do you need to worry about the logistics of the event itself, but there's promotion, ticket sales, and keeping tabs on all of that data. That's where Eventjoy comes in, taking care of those things for you so you can ...

Build Forms with Formsite and Send Data to Any Zapier Connected App


Using forms can be an extremely important part of your business. They're so versatile, you can get many different uses out of them. Capture leads, register people for events, give site visitors a way to contact you, any way you need to gather information. FormSite provides you with all ...

Manage and Collaborate Across Your Team with Paymo and Zapier


Keeping your entire team together and communicating well can be a struggle. There's projects to manage, time to track, hours to bill for, a lot of moving parts. Paymo aims to keep your entire team in sync by organizing all of that important data together in the same app ...

Connect RocketResponder Email Marketing Subscribers to 475+ Apps


Communicating with current and potential customers is key for any business. They are coming to you and are interested in your product or service, and sending them the right message at the right time is a wonderful way to keep them engaged. RocketResponder has a suite of tools to help ...

Newly Updated Triggers and Actions for Agile CRM

Agile CRM

For many of us, our CRM is our hub of activity. We track basic contact information, deals, milestones, even tasks. Agile CRM can help us keep all of that organized, and when connected to Zapier, you unlock the potential of getting data from all of the other apps you use ...

Oversee the Development Process and Involve All Teams with Axosoft and Zapier


When it comes to managing your software development process, there are a lot of moving parts and people involved. There's project managers, developers, SCRUM masters, QA, many pieces to keep organized and on track. No matter who's involved or what particular process you use, Axosoft can help you ...

Add Data to Your CRM, Spreadsheets and More From Cognito Forms with Zapier

cognito forms

Your website likely needs a number of forms—contact forms, order forms, job application forms, and more. Cognito Forms is an easy-to-use form builder that's a great tool for the task.—and it's free, too!

Cognito Forms includes all of the form builder features you'd expect, including ...

Manage E-Commerce Data With Megaventory and Connect to Any Zapier App


Managing your entire e-commerce process, from inventory to sales to reporting, there are a lot of moving parts along the way that need robust tools. With Megaventory you get all of that in one platform.

Now with Megaventory connected to Zapier, you can extend the reach of your e-commerce data ...

Build Your Own Custom Apps with Zengine and Connect To Zapier


Every business has specific needs, and there may be times when you need just the right piece of software to fit. There are thousands and thousands of great apps out there, but what if you need something very specific for a project or unique issue? If you aren't technical ...

Brand New Emma Triggers For Email Marketing


Email is the original social network, and research shows that it is still to this day the best way to engage your audience. Coupled with automation, email can be a powerful hub of how you communicate with your customers and run your business. Emma helps you easily build campaigns and ...