Zapier Updates

The latest news about apps + features that will unlock your internet superpowers.

New App: Help Your Employees Share Content That Matters with Bambu

Each one of your employees brings with them a unique social network, but they won't all have time to find the content to share to advocate your business.

Now you can curate all the material you'd like to see spread and make it easy for your team members...

New App: Receive and Review Critical Information from Anyone with Submittable

The easier it is for your clients and users to provide you with the information you need, the faster you can move your business.

Submittable lets you do this with mobile and browser based forms for all your submission needs. Collect proposals for projects, contest entries, job applications, and more...

New App: Gather Real Estate Leads with StreetText

Attracting the right customers is the first step in closing a deal—but do you have the time to look for them all yourself?

Tap into Facebook's vast social network with StreetText. The platform provides you with the tools to implement effective Facebook ads, the form builder and websites...

Updates for WooCommerce: Trigger Zaps from New Subscriptions and More

You can now trigger Zaps whenever WooCommerce subscriptions are created, changed, or renewed (successfully or unsuccessfully). Zapier will send the subscription info to the other apps you use, so you don't have to manually transfer the data.

What's New with WooCommerce

New Triggers

  • Subscription Created: Trigger a Zap...

New App: Engage and Help Your Site Visitors with HappyFox Chat

Sometimes your users need help that very minute or you'll lose them.

Set up HappyFox Chat on your website, and you'll be able to live chat with all of them. Capture new leads when they're most engaged, or make sure frustration doesn't evolve into churn when...

New to Google Calendar: Find Existing Google Calendar Events and Update Them

Plans change, so your calendar events should too. Now Zapier can search for existing Google Calendar events and update them accordingly. That way, if an event is changed in another app, your calendar will automatically reflect it.

What's New with Google Calendar

New Search Actions

  • Find or Create Event...

New App: Interact with Site Visitors and Capture Their Info with GetSiteControl

How well do you know your site's visitors?

Use GetSiteControl, and all the information you want can be captured through easily embedded widgets. Whether your site needs a survey form, live chat, social sharing buttons or pop-ups, you can manage all the engagement tools you need from a single...

New App: Manage Your Field Service Business with ServiceM8

When you're out on the field for a repair or other kind of service, missing data can mean a lost job.

ServiceM8 ensures you can keep track of information wherever you are, letting you and your employees send new details into your system and view them easily. The app...

New to Wunderlist: Create Tasks with Reminders

It's easy to create a streamlined task list using Wunderlist and Zapier. The hard part is getting the tasks done. That's where reminders can help. Zapier can now create Wunderlist tasks with reminders, thanks to recent updates made to Zapier's Wunderlist integration. This automatic reminder will make...

Updates for FreshBooks: Pass Invoice Amounts and More Details to Other Apps

Keeping the books doesn't have to be time-consuming. When you pair FreshBooks with Zapier, your tedious accounting workflows are automated. Now you can do even more with FreshBooks and Zapier, such as creating invoices and then passing the new invoice along to another app.

What's New with FreshBooks...