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Updates for Constant Contact: Use Zaps to Find and Update Existing Contacts

Keep your Constant Contact list up-to-date with the most recent customer info from your other business tools. Now you can rely on Zapier to automatically find existing contacts in Constant Contact, then update those contacts with new info. Groom your contact list—without any manual work.

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Dropbox Updates: Use Zaps to Find Existing Files and Folders

Eliminate the manual work around file management and sharing. Thanks to recent updates to Zapier's Dropbox integration, you can now set up Zaps to automatically find existing folders and files in Dropbox. From there, your Zaps can auto-update the files or attach them to an email.

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New App: Dominate Local SEO with Nearby Now

Your customers are talking, why not use that chatter to earn new business?

Nearby Now is a powerful marketing platform that drives hyperlocal results for your website. The app enables you to secure more customer reviews and create SEO-boosting checkins to your business. Once you receive these reviews, automation can...

New App: Recover Abandoning Customers With Picreel

Your landing pages are designed to convert, but when visitors bounce you'd give anything for a second chance.

Picreel is powerful conversion rate optimization software that swoops in to recover abandoning visitors and turn them into customers. Exit-intent technology keeps an eye on your visitors' mouse movements, serving up...

New App: Manage Projects and Track Time Effortlessly With Streamtime

Time management tools are meant to cut down on admin work, not create more.

Streamtime is a task management tool for workers. Track your time whether your team is big, small or even just you. Streamtime's built to help you escape the pain of ‘admin work’ while still staying...

Slack Update: Kick off Zaps When Certain Words Are Mentioned

Don't let important items get lost in the chatter. Set up Zaps that watch every Slack channel for certain words or usernames. Then get SMS notifications or round-ups at the end of the day of all your mentions. Work peacefully without worrying that you're missing important messages in...

November Release Notes: 10 New Apps and 14 App Updates

updates to zapier

We added 10 new apps to Zapier over November to ensure you have more automation options that ever. Using these, you can:

  • Create and customize beautiful presentations on the fly
  • Manage your tasks with smart scheduling and workflows
  • Capture and control software licensee info
  • Uncover company details and info from...

New for Acuity Scheduling: Trigger Zaps When Appointments Are Rescheduled

When plans change, make sure your data does, too. Now you can use Zaps to automatically update your CRM, marketing, or spreadsheet tools whenever Acuity Scheduling appointments are rescheduled. Then you can rest assured that all your apps are up-to-date and everyone is on the same page.

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New App: Curate and Share Top Articles with The New York Times

World events don't follow a time-table, and staying on top of what's new, now can be an overwhelming undertaking.

The New York Times is world-renowned for ensuring readers are not just informed, but well-informed and sets the bar for high-quality journalism and rich storytelling.

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SpeechTrans Update: Use Zaps to Run Sentiment Analyses of Customer Feedback, Plus More

When you run a sentiment analysis on your customer communication, you're better equipped to address the root of the feedback. That's because sentiment analysis doesn't just tell you what customers are saying, it uncovers how they feel about your company. Thanks to recent updates to Zapier's...