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Search for AWeber Lists Using Zaps

Communicating with leads and customers can be time-consuming. Using AWeber and Zapier together can help automate the time-intensive email marketing process. Zaps like these help you avoid spending time on updating your email lists:

Now you can do more with Zapier and AWeber, thanks to Zapier's Search Actions feature...

Engage Your Customers With SMS & Voice Events by 46elks

46elks Integrations

Conversation is the most natural type of communication. It takes time and personal attention, which many businesses don't have, resulting in cold emails and impersonal forms.

46elks believes that engaging with your customers should feel as natural as chatting with them. With their platform, SMS messages and phone calls...

New Ways to Automate Your Practice with Clio Zaps: Find Matters and Contacts

Automating your law practice with Clio and Zapier is easy. You can eliminate repetitive data entry from your work days and give yourself more time for big-picture items with Clio Zaps like these:

Zapier's Clio integration was recently updated, so you can automate even more of your practice.


Search Capabilities Now Available for Bitbucket Zaps

Find an Existing Bitbucket Issue

Teams that use Bitbucket to privately collaborate on code also plug Bitbucket into Zapier to automatically connect Bitbucket to other tools.

Zapier's Bitbucket integration was recently updated, so that you can automate even more of your work day with Bitbucket Zaps. Thanks to Zapier...

Trigger Zaps When Google Calendar Events Are Updated

Updated Google Calendar Event Trigger

If you use Gmail, chances are that you track your schedule using Google Calendar, too. Thanks to updates recently made to Zapier's Google Calendar integration, you now have new ways to automate Google Calendar. Here's what's new:

New Google Calendar Trigger Available...

Process Orders and Shipments Automatically with ShipStation

ShipStation Integrations

Scaling your physical processes as quickly as the rest of your business can be a challenge. Between receiving and consolidating orders to printing labels and sales, merchants need all the help they can get.

ShipStation is the only app you need to handle every order from your e-commerce storefronts, process...

Put Your Digital Catalog on Autopilot with Pinterest and Zapier

From hobbies and personal projects to work and volunteer activities, Pinterest lets you collect and display images reflecting every aspect of your life and business. Those visuals engage with others in a way that words can't: Product catalogs come to life on your boards, turning followers into potential partners...

Focus on Your Important Week Plan Tasks by Organizing Them Into Roles

Find Week Plan roles

Week Plan's unique take on task management allows for an explicit way to balance the variety of roles you play in others' lives, such as the role of a manager, colleague, parent, roommate, or sibling. Zapier's Week Plan integration is now updated so you...

Kick off Shopify Zaps When Carts Are Abandoned, Plus More Updates

Trigger Zaps when Shopify carts are abandoned

Running an online store takes a lot of coordination. Email marketing, payment processing, CRM, inventory & fulfillment, customer support, and more. That's why so many online store owners use Shopify and Zapier together: they spend less time on manual tasks, such as...

11 Updates for Insightly Zaps: Find Contacts and Organizations, Create Leads, and More

Whenever new Insightly organizations are created, search for a certain Insightly user and assign a task to the user

If you use Insightly to manage your contacts and leads (and all the tasks that go with them), you'll be excited to know that you can use Zapier to connect...