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Add Attachments with New Salesforce Action

Create Attachment Action

We've made it simpler than ever to upload a file attachment to a Salesforce object with the new Create Attachment action.

Match up files from file services like Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive, and select a parent account to attach the file to. You can also use the advanced ...

Send and Receive Emails from Any App with Postmark's Zapier Integration


When you need to send thousands of emails a day from your app or service, you'll need a reliable transactional email service that ensures your messages are delivered promptly. You'll also need one that's easy to integrate with your app, so you can spend your time making ...

Two New Actions and Overall Integration Improvements

The integration is now deeper than ever after they rolled out this week two new actions—New Opportunities and New Tasks—and beefed up four current triggers and actions. They've published a thorough recap of the upgrades on their blog, but here's a quick look ...

Automatically Post "Dones" to iDoneThis from Google Calendar, Trello, Todoist and Hundreds of Apps

What did you get done today? This daily question can start being answered habitually with the help of iDoneThis, a simple app that keeps your team in the loop on what you're working on.

With iDoneThis, you enter "dones" either in a daily email you receive or by opening ...

Take Control of Your Forms with FormKeep and Send Submissions to Hundreds of Apps with Zapier


For those who don't write CSS and HTML, drop-in forms are an easy solution. But for developers and designers, embedded forms are more hassle than they're worth. If you want control over how your form looks and acts, you'll want to take care of the frontend yourself ...

Create Eventbrite Zaps on

The next time you're using Eventbrite to power registration for a meetup, webinar or fundraiser, be sure to visit the new "Export Attendees" feature where you can quickly set up a Zapier integration—without leaving the app! There you'll find 10 popular Zaps, each with a "Use this ...

Automate Marketing with Jumplead and Zapier


There's people visiting your site everyday, but it's nearly impossible to interact with every single one of them. That is, without a marketing automation tool like Jumplead. Jumplead can watch your site for new visitors, turn them into leads, and then market your products to them automatically.

Login ...

Manage Leads from All Your Apps With You Don't Need a CRM

You Don't Need a CRM

You need a better way to keep up with your leads, and tools that'll help you close more sales—but perhaps you need something simple, rather than a full-blown CRM app with 300 features. You Don't Need a CRM is perhaps a CRM in the strict sense of ...

Automate Your Benchmark Email Marketing with Zapier

benchmark email

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach your customers. Nearly everyone checks their email daily, giving your emails a chance to reach your potential customers right alongside the rest of their daily emails. And Benchmark Email makes sure your emails will stand out with stunning designs that ...

Get Weather Related Notifications Using Zapier

Zapier Weather

Here's a fun update today. Zapier has a new built-in Weather app which can be used to give you a daily forecast or find out if it's going to rain today.

Here's how each works:

"Daily Forecast" trigger

  1. Specify a latitude and longitude to check
  2. Each morning ...