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Despite how deceptively simple they might appear, forms and surveys are powerful business tools. With them you can collect the data you need to make intelligent decisions about your team, customers, and company.

Forms and surveys are even more valuable when you automate them, so you can do things like instantly send form data to a spreadsheet and share with your team, or send personalized follow-up messages thanking individuals for filling out your form.

All you need to do is connect your favorite form or survey app to Zapier and your other favorite apps. Here are a few popular Zap workflow templates to get started.

Organize Form Data in a Spreadsheet

Most online form tools offer a way to see entered data as soon as someone submits the form, but if you want to sort or filter all of that information, create graphs, and crunch the numbers, nothing beats a spreadsheet.

Keep Your Team Informed of New Submissions

Once the data starts rolling in, you'll probably want to act on it. It's easy to keep everyone on your team in the loop when you connect the form or survey to your favorite communication tools.

Connect Forms to Your CRM

Want to save some time and manual effort? Instead of copying and pasting form data into your customer relationship management tool, send new leads who filled out your form straight to your CRM.

Send Personalized Follow-Up Emails

It's a good idea to take the time to thank people who have filled out all of your fields. But a generic auto-thank you won't do. You guessed it–you can automate this process and still give that personal touch in your response. Zapier will take the legwork out of pulling in their information into an email or your email marketing app.

This is just scratching the surface of the workflows you can create when you connect a form or survey tool with your favorite apps. Check out the form tools that integrate with Zapier and get started creating your own Zaps.

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