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Customer support is a critical part of any business. After all, as long as you have customers, you'll have problems to fix and questions to answer. The problem is an old one—the Internet Age has just expanded the options for your customers to reach you, and your options to reach out to your customers in return.

It's easy for customer support to chew up your company's resources with unwieldy processes and friction points. The good news is, it doesn't have to be this way. Try some of the following Zaps to make customer support easier for both your team and your customers.

Form to Support

Accept support questions and contact requests through easy to use tools like Typeform or Wufoo without sacrificing functionality, so customers can get in touch from anywhere on your site where you can embed a form. Then use Zapier to create tickets from form submissions, so both you and your customers can have the best customer experience possible.

Support on Social Media

Your customers will reach out on social media by default when they need help. Zapier can make sure you never miss a ticket, by copying those mentions and tags and sending them in an email to your help desk app just like other tickets. You can then reply back from your social media apps, and track the interactions in your help desk.

Add Customers to Email Newsletter

Nurture customer relationships by adding support interactions as new subscribers in MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and other email marketing tools. Zapier can automatically add these new subscriptions, so you can focus on building better relationships with your customers.

Make Tasks

Quickly organize and manage your customer support workflow by instantly creating tasks from tickets with one of these popular Zaps.


Never miss an important ticket again. Integrate support notifications directly into Slack, so your team can always stay up-to-date with your support queue.

Move Tickets Around

Customer requests can come from anywhere: Comments, chat records, survey responses, you name it. Raise your level of customer support by tracking all these interactions as tickets, without making your support team chase down obscure interactions. Try these Zaps to funnel customer interactions from multiple apps into your support desk app of choice.

Log Stats

Save important ticket data and track trends over time by piping support data into a spreadsheet or a dashboard tool.

Translate Tickets

Get tickets in a language your team can't read? Zapier can translate those tickets for you, so you can reply back quickly to your customers around the globe.

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