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Whether you're managing social media for your business or are trying to build a personal brand, managing all every social media platforms can be a huge undertaking. You might be building a Facebook Page, trying to improve your LinkedIn profile, or watching for company mentions on Twitter and Reddit. You may just want to share new content without having to remember to post each new item.

Either way, Zapier's automations can manage and monitor your social media workflow so you can spend time time engaging in conversation with your customers. Here's how you do it:

Share New Content

One of the best ways to build a solid community on any social network is to share content that your followers will find interesting. Here are some ways to post more content automatically and help grow your following:

Promote Upcoming Events

There’s almost no better way to get people excited about your product than with a real-world event or meetup. Or, without having to get everyone together in the same location, you can have a webinar and host online training sessions and discussions about your product. Either way, you’ll want to make sure as many people know about your meeting as possible.

That’s where Zapier comes into your meeting plans. Just create a new event in your calendar, or a meeting app like Meetup or GoToWebinar, and Zapier will take care of the rest by sharing your events on your social networks. You can even have Zapier delay the post to make sure it’s seen by the most people possible.

Cross Post and Syndicate Content

You've written a great post. Now it's time to ensure your audience sees it regardless of what platform they're using. It's tedious to share content across platforms, but with Zapier, you can automatically cross-post content between all of your social media accounts.

Monitor Your Brand Online

Tracking your online brand mentions can be a tedious process working with multiple tools, sifting through pages and pages of links to find legitimate brand mentions. Tools like Mention, along with Zapier's social media integrations, can help monitor social networks for you automatically.

Want to monitor your brand across all major social platforms? Try Zapier's Brand Mention Monitoring solution to get started in less than 15 minutes!

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