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Is there any one thing more frustrating or time wasting than bad meetings?

Poorly planned or unnecessary meetings waste the valuable time of your most important resource—your team members. Bad meetings slow processes down, create confusion, and breed a lack of confidence in the organizer. But that doesn't mean you need to spend all of your time planning the perfect meetings.

Instead, let technology can help. With a few simple automations, you can put much of the admin work behind scheduling meetings on autopilot so you can host great meetings without any additional time. Focus on the things that matter, and let technology handle the rest.

Automatically Create Meetings from Events in Your Other Tools

Why take the time to create event details, share calendar invites and ping your team when you don’t have to?

With easy automations, you can generate new meetings from actions in your other planning and organizational tools. You’ll never find yourself thinking you scheduled a meeting only to realized you’re the only one with an invite.

Get Reminder Before Your Meeting Begins

Ever walked into a room of tired coworkers giving you the death stare over a cup of coffee? If so, you were probably the last one to the meeting. No one likes wasting time or being late, so get a reminder before your meetings to make sure you’re on time.

Add Automation to your Favorite Scheduling Apps

Meetings include lots of data—contacts, deadlines, event details, and more. Make sure that data isn't lost once the meeting is over with these Zaps. They can copy your events from meeting tools over to your calendar, store contacts in your CRM, and more.

Share and Collaborate on New Notes

The takeaway points and action items from a meeting are the most important outcome of most meetings. Don't forget to share these with your team. Automate that process so you never have to think about it again.

Send Meeting Minutes to the Right People

Taking minutes is an important part of the business process, but it can feel like a time waster. Don't let it waste your time.

After taking notes during your meeting, Zapier can email these to you and the team (and your supervisor) to keep everyone on the same page.

Backup and Copy Your Notes

Looking back on meeting notes tracks the progress of how a team progresses and works together. Make sure you don’t lose this important and irreplicable information by backing up your notes. Do so automatically and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of added security without extra work.

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