3. How to Enter Beta#

After you've finished development of your Zapier integration, you need to take the following steps to enter your integration into the Beta stage:

1. Ensure your app follows the Zapier App Development Guide#

The App Development Guide is written with the user in mind, ensuring a consistent experience across Zapier. We've launched hundreds of apps on Zapier and the App Development Guide is a list of best practices we've learned launching those apps. Your app should not have more than 5 of each (trigger, action, or search) when first going Public; we suggest started with your most popular 2-3 use cases.

Later in the activation process, we'll verify the App Development Guide is followed.

2. Have at least 10 unique Zapier users currently using your app, and 1 live Zap for each of the visible Triggers, Actions, and Searches#

Clone your app and place it into Invite-Only mode. Doing so provides you a link to share this instance of your Zapier integration with prospective users.

To see progress towards your goal of 10 active users and Trigger and Action use, reference the Usage tab in the Developer Builder in the Zapier account associated with the Invite-Only app.


The intention of this step is to ensure any show-stopping bugs are worked out and verify existing user demand. Towards this end, your users should be non-QA emails and external or outside of your company.

If you have a lot of Triggers and Actions (you shouldn't following per app development guide) you may need more than 10 users because all the Triggers and Actions won't have been tested.

Read our App Review Tips to help you better prepare your integration before submitting it for review.

3. Submit your app for Public activation#

Public Activation

Once you have 10 users with live Zaps and have resolved the issues surfaced by our Automatic App Development Guide Checker (found at the bottom of your app's dashboard), submit your Invite-Only app for Public activation. Expect to hear from us after a few business days to assist with the following steps.

See also: Promoting an App Version (to Go Public) on the CLI

4. Wait for our feedback email#

After you submit for Public activation, we verify your Invite-Only app has at least 10 users and 1 live Zap for each Trigger and Action. We'll send feedback your way from our partners@zapier.com inbox.

5. Make necessary changes identified#

With the feedback email in your hands, make the requested changes via our deploy process (clone, make changes, deploy and replace).

When you're done, reply to our email. If everything looks good, we'll pass your app to our UX team for a second round of feedback, this time focusing less on the technical aspects and more on the user experience of your integration.

6. Enter the Beta stage#

Now, a "Beta" tag will appear above your app logo on Zapier during this time. During this time we will keep an eye on usage to check that customers are having a good experience with setting up and running Zaps. We keep a close watch on support feedback during this time, too.

Now that you're in the Beta stage, you're ready to work on launching your integration officially.

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