A Special Thanks To Those Who Share: The Best Blog Posts, Articles and Resources on Remote Work

By Wade Foster

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We wouldn't have been as successful as we have been at remote working without other people and companies sharing what they've learned along the way. Here are the best posts, books, and other resources about remote working that have inspired and challenged me to think differently.

We'd like to say Thank you! to all these people and companies for sharing their experiences and providing a map to help us navigate the challenges of remote working. I hope you'll find these resources helpful as well.


Automattic is most notably the team behind WordPress.com. With over 300 employees, all of which work remotely, they are one of the best modern examples of what a successful remote team looks like.

Our favorite posts:


Similar to Automattic, GitHub has helped write the book on what modern remote work looks like. GitHub has almost 300 teammates that work all over the world.

Our favorite posts:

Basecamp (formerly 37Signals)

Basecamp literally wrote the book on remote work. The best selling book Remote is one of the best resources to pick up if you are wanting to build a remote team. Their older book Rework also includes a number of helpful tips about remote working and productivity in a distributed workplace, many of which were originally shared in part on their blog, Signal v. Noise.


Treehouse teaches people how to code, and they are also a remote team of about 100 people. Not only are they remote, but they also do other things that people might think are strange like working a 4 day work week.

Our favorite posts:


Buffer is about 1 year older than us. It's been great to watch their founders, Joel and Leo, grow Buffer, and we get to learn from them since we are so similar in age.

Our favorite posts:

Help Scout

Help Scout is almost exactly the same age as us. As a result we've often struggled with the same things at the same time. It's been great to bounce ideas off each other as we've grown.

Our favorite posts:


The Groove blog is one of the best for early stage companies. Alex is also one of the most thoughtful bloggers around, so it's no surprise that their writing on remote teams is helpful too.

Our favorite posts:


Fog Creek is famous for having great private offices for developers in NYC. So when they started allowing remote work it was a bit of a surprise. Like most of what they do, their guide to remote work is pretty great though.

Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is founded by two of the most well known engineers, Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood. Both our known for their great writing on engineering productivity. So it's no surprise that Stack Exchange has great posts on remote work.

Our favorite posts:

Wide Teams

Wide Teams hasn't been updated in a while but it's still a great resource. There are over 100 podcast episodes with people who have spent varying amounts of time with remote teams. It's worth checking out.


WooThemes has grown as an international remote team. And one of their founders, Adii Pienaar, is a fantastic writer and shared some great articles on remote work.

Our favorite posts:

Scott Hanselman

As great as remote working can be, sometimes it can really suck. Scott Hanselman has worked remotely for 5 years for Microsoft and shares how to make it suck a little less.

Steven Sinofsky

Steven Sinofsky is a board partner at Andreessen Horowitz, but prior to that he spent many years at Microsoft. This post is one of the better posts at breaking down exactly what makes remote work so darn hard.


Remote work isn't for everyone. The team at StatusPages gave it a try and they hated it. Here's why.


The iDoneThis blog is one of the best blogs out there on management. This post digs into remote team communicate and how to make it work.


HubSpot publishes roughly 15 posts a day across their blog. With so much content, they rely on a fleet of guest contributors, freelancers and other remote writers. Here's how they pull it off.


Staying on top of current trends in remote working isn't something you have to do by yourself. Remotive is a great newsletter that will bring all the best content on remote work to you.

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Written by Wade Foster

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