How to Grow, Manage and Work with Remote Teams

About This Guide

Working remotely and running a remote team seem like black magic to many. Yet at Zapier, we've been working remotely since our founding in October of 2011. This book shares everything we've learned about running a remote team—our successes and our failures.

Beginning as a series of posts on the Zapier blog, this book is an ongoing work about our experiences as a remote team, with much of the book written by Zapier CEO Wade Foster along with chapters from our team members and other remote employees. We'll update it periodically so you can learn how our thinking and processes change as we've grown from three to 100+ people and beyond, and we'll keep the older versions of each chapter archived so you can learn with us over time.

Who Is This Guide For?

Whether you currently work in or run a remote team, or you hope to work in or run a remote team in the future, this book will have nuggets of wisdom that you can apply to your current situation.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Run a Remote Team
  2. How to Build Culture in a Remote Team
  3. How to Hire a Remote Team
  4. How Successful Remote Teams Evaluate Employees: A Look inside Automattic, GitHub, and Help Scout
  5. How to End Internal Emails and Communicate Effectively in a Remote Team
  6. How to Build Strong Relationships in a Remote Team
  7. How to Run a Remote Team Meeting
  8. How to Run a Company Retreat for a Remote Team
  9. This is What a Remote Office Looks Like
  10. How to Work Faster in a Remote Team
  11. How to Find Your Optimal Work Environment and Boost Productivity
  12. How to Work in Different Timezones
  13. How to Avoid Burnout in a Remote Team
  14. A Special Thanks To Those Who Share: The Best Blog Posts, Articles and Resources on Remote Work

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Written by Wade Foster, with content from Danny Schreiber, Alison Groves, Matthew Guay, Jeremey DuVall, and Belle Cooper. Edited by Danny Schreiber and Matthew Guay.

Cover art by Stephanie Briones.


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