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There are some great hidden gems inside of Zapier. These are some of coolest Zaps people should know about, but don't.

Save Any Online Image to Dropbox, Box, Drive or SkyDrive

Say you find a cool image online. Maybe it's an image on Reddit or a screenshot of your favorite app and you want to save it for later. Right now that would mean downloading the image and then re-uploading it to your favorite file storage site.

This Gtalk to Dropbox Zap lets you easily send the url of an image online to GTalk and Zapier will instantly Zap it to a Dropbox folder of your choice.

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Tracking What you Get Done with Zapier and iDoneThis

iDoneThis is a great tool for keeping your team up-to-date on what you've actually finished. Problem is, sometimes you forget to send an email letting the team know you finished something.

With the GitHub commit to email zap you can send iDoneThis an email every time you commit to let your team know that you just wrapped something up.

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Archive Your Life to Google Calendar

If you've ever tried to remember what you were doing when, Zapier + Google Calendar can be your friend. With the Google Calendar create event actions you can create short events on your calendar for things that just happened in your life (a new sales lead, a tweet, an email sent, etc) and then use Google Calendar as a way to see what was happening in the past.

Here's a Zap to get you started: save my tweets to Google Calendar. Check out some of the similar Zaps below to figure out how to archive your life to Google Calendar.

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Hiring With Zapier and Trello

Hiring is tough business especially if you're bringing on multiple people per week. You'll be under a constant barrage of resumes, interviews, and internal review meetings, all to to find the right hire. And all too often this work gets stuck in your inbox.

A great way to pull your hiring out of your inbox is to setup up a board in Trello for the various stages of hiring. Then when a new applicant emails you, you can create a new Trello card via this Zap to put them at the start of your hiring process. Now Trello can help you visualize the hiring process from start to finish.

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Creating PDFs with Webmerge

The web and PDFs have never really gotten along. PDFs feel a bit like a relic of the paper world, but the truth is that PDFs still have a lot of relevance in the digital age.

With Zapier and WebMerge you can easily create PDFs from data generated from the web. A favorite is to create a PDF straight from an online form like Wufoo.

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Staying Up-To-Date on the Stock Market with StockTwits

The stock market can make or break you and staying up-to-date is important. StockTwits is how you can make that happen. It's a real-time, free social network where investors and traders keep informed on what is happening with the stock market.

A great way to use StockTwits to stay current is to selectively save StockTwits updates to a Google Spreadsheet for later analysis.

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Building Habits with Zapier

"Don't break the chain" - Jerry Seinfeld

As the classic Seinfeld quote alludes, the key to success is creating habits and you create habits by not breaking the chain. Each day you want to make sure that you continue improving on the habit you are trying to set.

Automation can help you keep from breaking the chain. A great example is saving your Foursquare gym check-ins to Google Calendar so you can easily see how many days in a row you've been to the gym.

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Schedule Payments With Dwolla

Paying people in a cashless world is getting easier and easier and Dwolla is one of the best services to make that happen. For instance, maybe you need to pay your freelancers a set amount each month. You could easily use the schedule to Dwolla to automatically send money to those freelancers.

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Finding a Job with LinkedIn, AngelList and Zapier

Finding a job these days is all about getting the right opportunities in front of you. You can sift through job boards all day long and never have success. But if you have the right opportunity in front of you at the right time, you'll spend a lot less time hunting for a job and have a much higher chance of landing one.

For instance, you can easily setup a LinkedIn to email zap that will email you for all relevant jobs according to the filters you set up. This way you'll know about cool jobs as soon as they are posted and can be the first to apply.

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Sentiment Analysis via Semantria

Have you ever wanted to track sentiment of your twitter feed? Your email inbox? Or how about your support inbox? Semantria is an awesome API that lets you analyze any piece of text for positive or negative sentiment.

With Zapier and Semantria you can do this without writing any code. For instance, this Zap will analyze the sentiment of tweets mentioning a certain term on Twitter. Make sure to pair your Semantria Zaps with a Semantria to GDocs zap so you can analyze the output.

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Using Zapier in a Zap

Saving the meta for last: using Zapier as part of your Zap will let you stay in the loop on all things Zapier. Check out some of these cool Zapier related use cases.

Find Out About New Zapier Services

Interested in finding out about new services? Here are a few ways to stay up-to-date with the newest Zapier services. The most popular way? An email for new Zapier services.

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Find Out About New Zapier Triggers and Actions

Want to stay in the loop for new Zapier triggers and actions across all services? Check out this Zap: Emails for new Zapier updates.

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