Zapier: from MVP to Version 1.0.

Wade Foster
Wade Foster / April 2, 2012

When we released the current version of Zapier the goal was to get a functional product out that users could start using. By that measure our MVP (minimal viable product) has been a success.

We never intended for the MVP to be the final product. So months ago we started work on a version of Zapier that would greatly improve on the current experience. The video above demonstrates some of the cool new features and benefits of the new Zapier.

Zapier has been totally redesigned for speed, usability, and functionality. It's faster, easier to use, and looks better than ever.

Some improvements you'll enjoy:

  • Speed: The new Zap creator fits on one page and let's you build Zaps 5 times as fast.
  • Names for Zaps: Zaps used to be hard to identify. Now you can name Zaps so you can find just the one you're looking for.
  • Stay up to date: A new dashboard makes it easier than ever to see quickly what Zaps are active or inactive + a whole new feed shows you what's been automated for you lately.
  • Easy Access: All of your Zaps are shared between the old and new UI so if you need to switch to the old UI for some reason you can.
  • All New Services: New Basecamp, Trello, RSS, Campaign Monitor and a few more new to Zapier services are now available for integration.

Check out a preview of the new Zapier above and then go check out all the powerful new features available in your Zapier private launch account.

As always, if you run into any problems feel free to use the support site or ask us a question via live chat.

As a comparison here's a video of the old interface. You can see that creating an integration or Zap with the new interface is much quicker and less painful. The creation in the new video takes less than a minute while in the old it takes almost 2.5 minutes. Much quicker.

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