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How the Co-founder of a Dog-Friendly Business Automates Contact Management

By Joey Blanco · June 20, 2018
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Who doesn't like to share success? When your work or business does well, sharing the love with your coworkers and employees boosts morale. Plus, it gives your team something to talk about and shows them how their hard work pays off.

The most efficient way to celebrate wins? Automate them. Not the wins themselves, but the sharing. All you have to do is figure out what a win is for your business and then use the tools at your disposal to share it. Easy, right? First you need a definition for those little victories. For DogSpot, a heated and air-conditioned dog house for when you're out and about, new leads are their wins.

Sharing new leads with the company spreads a bit of joy across the team:

"There's something about this real time feedback from interested users that's so encouraging throughout the work day," says Alex Tosti, co-founder and chief design officer at DogSpot.

With Zapier's automation, the DogSpot team connects apps and celebrates new leads as they sign up.

About DogSpot

Leaving a dog (or any pet) in the car isn't a safe option—temperatures rise and fall dramatically in the confines of a car, even with cracked windows. And leasing a dog outside a shop can be dangerous, too, if the dog unties itself or if someone nefarious comes along.

But no one adopts a dog to leave them at home all the time. For some dog parents, running around town and checking errands off a list is all the more fun when you're accompanied by your four-legged friend. That's how DogSpot came to be.


Co-founders Chelsea Brownridge and Todd Schechter created a dog house away from home, where participating members use can reserve a DogSpot nearby their destinations. Complete with heat, AC, a comfy bed, a doggy cam, and bacteria-killing UV light, DogSpot has everything a pup needs to stay safe while you run inside a shop.

"I believe people and their dogs are happier when they can be together," Chelsea says. Happiness is built into the DogSpot team so it's no wonder they share wins with the entire team.

Automatically Share New Leads and Create CRM Contacts

For DogSpot, Zapier helps them share wins and create contacts in their customer relationship manager (CRM), which cuts hours of manual work from their week. With Zaps—our word for automated workflows that bridge different apps—both of these tasks automatically happen.

There are certain things, like contact management, that are easy but not time efficient—Zapier makes those processes really fast.

Alex Tosti, co-founder & Chief Design Officer at DogSpot

By pairing lead generating forms on their website with a CRM and a chat tool, the DogSpot team created simple but powerful workflows that shaved hours off each week.

DogSpot's Tools



Used For:



Forms & lead generator



Customer relationship manager



Team chat

The Workflows

Before DogSpot's Zaps can share new leads, the leads have to be collected. For this, the team uses Squarespace's forms.


Once the lead submits the form, two Zaps trigger. First, Zapier sends the responses from the Squarespace form to HubSpot, where the DogSpot team manages all their leads. After Zapier creates a contact in HubSpot, DogSpot can market to its leads through emails and texts.

The second Zap pulls out pertinent information from the form—like name and city—and sends a message in Slack to the whole team.

"It’s good for the whole company—not just marketing—to see how actively we receive inbound traffic," Alex explains.

Give these Zaps a try, and check out a few of the most popular Squarespace Zaps, too:

Create or update HubSpot contacts from new Squarespace form submissions

Create or update HubSpot contacts from new Squarespace form submissions
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  • HubSpot logo
Squarespace + HubSpot

These simple Zaps save the DogSpot team at least three hours each week. But more than that, Zapier helps them keep morale high and spread good vibes throughout the entire company.

Want to share good news as it happens? Give Zapier a try for free.

What's your story? Tell us how you use Zapier to do more. You can also read even more customer stories and find new ways to improve your workflow and productivity.

All images courtesy of DogSpot.

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