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It starts with Slack's simple, playful design, with a bright (and customizable) color scheme, large icons, and customizable emoji (yup, you can upload your own emoji and use emoji to add a reaction—similar to a Facebook *Like*—to any post). A random quirky (and customizable) quote appears as its loading. Its design is basic, yet customizable with the colors you want.

All that leads you to Slack's core feature: team chat. You can peek at and join any public channel—or chat group—or could make your own channel. You can reply in a new message, or start a thread that links everything together in one conversation. Your standard random talk will likely go in #general, the default channel, while each team, interest group, and more will likely make their own channels. But since everything's public, you can feel free to see what other teams are up to, and can search through the entire archives of your whole company's conversations.

That is, unless they're private. Slack includes private channels and direct messages, ways to talk privately to groups or individuals respectively. Perhaps you need to plan a surprise birthday party, or just want to see if your coworker is feeling better today—direct messages are perfect for these, and messages here will only show up in your own searches. And if you're wondering what time it is for a teammate before getting in touch, just tap on their name for contact info, current time, and more—a great tool for remote teams.

There's also Slackbot, your friendly robotic sidekick in Slack. It'll ask you a few questions to help setup your account, then can be your personal notifications tool. You can use Slackbot with Zapier or other integrations to send you messages whenever anything happens—a new contact fills out your form, a new sale is made, when you're mentioned on your team blog, and much more.

So, you have a simple way to talk in groups or in private, something dozens of other tools—from email (with cc) to IM—have given for years. But its Slack's integrations that make it indispensable. Drag in a file, and odds are you can preview it in Slack. Or, share a Google Doc, YouTube video, Tweet and much more, and Slack will show a preview right along with your chats. You can even bring in apps, typing /giphy to find a relevant gif or /zoom to start a Zoom video chat. Or, you can star a message, and Zapier can send it to hundreds of other apps to help you start work right from chats.

It's not one thing that makes Slack so great. It's all the things it does, in one place, in an interface that makes it fun and easy to stay in touch. It's a team chat app that'll help you do more, together.

Learn how to build your own Slack Chat Bots to get more done right from chat.

Originally published December 23, 2015; updated April 25, 2018 with new screenshots, pricing, and features

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Connect to 1,500+ Apps

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Google +1Google, Spreadsheets

77 Integrations


Email +1Email, Google

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Project Management

198 Integrations

Slack Pricing

  • Free for unlimited users with up to 10 integrations and an archive of up to 10k messages

  • $8/user/month Standard plan for unlimited integrations and message archive

  • $15/user/month Plus plan for Single Sign-on, compliance exports, and 99.99% uptime guarantee SLA

  • Custom Enterprise Grid pricing available for unlimited workspaces, organization-wide search, single security management, and 4-hour support response time

Annual billing from $6.67/$12.50 per user per month, respectively

Slack Features

  • Chat with your whole team in public and private channels

  • Organize conversations in threads

  • Talk one-on-one with direct messages

  • Use Slackbot to get automated notifications

  • Share files, embed online media, connect to web apps, and more with Slack bots

  • Customize notifications and pause them when you're away

  • iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and web apps available

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