Infusionsoft Automation: 20+ Ways to Maximize Your Marketing and CRM Software

Carlin Sack
Carlin Sack / Published March 29, 2016

Your days are filled with communication: a call to your internet service provider, a way-too-long email chain with your accountant, and a voicemail message waiting from a supplier. And then there are your customers—the people at the center of your business who are the most important to communicate with.

We all suffer from communication overload. But there are tools out there that can help us automate important touch points. For many small businesses, that software is Infusionsoft, an online tool that combines your CRM with marketing automation, e-commerce and billing. Infusionsoft is the customer command center where you can record sales, track leads, and automate emails, helping you streamline communication and make more sales.

Infusionsoft gets even more powerful when you pair it with your other tools. That's where Zapier comes in: it's the link between Infusionsoft and more than 500 apps. You can build combos that automatically pass data between platforms, follow-up with leads, and increase your productivity.

Here are more than 20 ways that users tap into Infusionsoft and the data in it, ultimately using it to get more done.

Use Infusionsoft and Zapier to:

How to Set Up an Infusionsoft Integration with Zapier

Zapier helps you set up connections between Infusionsoft and your favorite apps, so data can pass between them automatically. But before we talk about popular apps to connect with Infusionsoft, let's cover the basics of how Zapier works.

If you're already a Zapier pro, skip ahead to the Sales section.

Here's an example: with Zapier, you can connect Infusionsoft to Wufoo's form-building software, so that new Infusionsoft contacts are created whenever you receive a new submission on a Wufoo form. Your respondents are now added to Infusionsoft, and you didn't copy-paste a single line of text. That automation is called a "Zap."

To set up a Zap like this one, you'll need to connect your Wufoo account to Zapier.

Example of an Infusionsoft Zap
Connect your Wufoo account to Zapier

And also your Infusionsoft account:

Example of an Infusionsoft Zap
Connect your Infusionsoft account to Zapier

Then, you can decide on the specifics, like if you want to apply tags to these Infusionsoft contacts as they are created. It's all customizable!

Example of an Infusionsoft Zap
Customize your Infusionsoft Zap and turn it on

Now, every time you receive a new Wufoo entry, an Infusionsoft contact will be created with the tag you chose. That just saved you a lot of importing and exporting, right? Now let's check out some other ways you can use Infusionsoft with Zapier to make your team more productive.

"It's invaluable to us that Infusionsoft is integrated with Zapier because Zapier allows us to integrate our client base with all of the other apps we need to function." - Jillian Littlejohn, operations manager at Home Painters Toronto

How to Use Zapier and Infusionsoft to Automate Your Business

Build an Automated Sales CRM

Cheer on Your Sales Team

Taurean Casey, marketing manager at credit repair company The Credit Pros, knows that a light, encouraging atmosphere helps his team close sales. That's why the team set up a fun way to celebrate their big wins.

"When a sale goes through in Infusionsoft, we send out a notification to our sales team's chat room in HipChat," Casey says. "It's a great motivational tool."

When sales team members sell a platinum plan, they tag the purchaser with a "Platinum" tag in Infusionsoft, which then triggers the Zap.

"We also took it a step further and started playing music customized to the individual sales rep," Casey says. "They love it!"

Want to set up a victory song for everyone on your team? Create a Zap for each employee, and use a customized filter so that it only runs if a particular sales team member is the owner of the contact in Infusionsoft.

If the filter is a go, then the Zap will send a HipChat message to the sales team that includes a YouTube link to that sales person's favorite pump-up anthem.

Integrate Infusionsoft and HipChat
Send personalized HipChat messages when someone closes a deal

If you use another team messaging app, no worries: you can still queue up custom dance parties.

Consolidate Multiple Contact Lists

Infusionsoft contact list
Keep all your contact records in Infusionsoft

A CRM is only as useful as the information it contains. There may be times when you have to send your contacts from other apps and CRMs over to Infusionsoft so you can get a complete view of your client information. If Infusionsoft is your CRM mainstay, Zapier can help you shuttle all of your contacts into your marketing hub with these combinations.

Do you have a stack of business cards cluttering up your desk drawer? Add them to Infusionsoft with FullContact's Card Reader, which digitizes your paper-based contacts. This Zap completes the card-to-contact circuit:

If you frequently receive lists of new contacts in email messages, the Zapier Email Parser can extract those contact names from the email, so you can add them to your CRM. With the Zapier Email Parser, you set up a custom email address that you can forward messages to. Our tool takes care of the rest, pulling out the relevant information so you can send it to other apps.

How to set up Zapier Email Parser
Customize a template in Zapier Email Parser

Once you have the email parser configured, use Zapier to send the parsed information to Infusionsoft.

Integrate Infusionsoft and Zapier Email Parser
Add emails to Infusionsoft as contacts

And add those new email addresses to Infusionsoft with this Zap:

Real estate software company W&R Studios relies on a Zap to send contact records between Infusionsoft and their customer support software, Desk, painting a complete picture of each contact's history.

"Our support team was manually creating contacts in Desk when they needed to," marketing director Frances Brittle says. "But by using Zapier to automatically create the contacts in both places, our support team saves time. Now they only have to do a simple search to pull up customers in Desk."

Zaps like this work for sending Infusionsoft contacts to and from other help desk platforms, too:

You can even use Zaps to send subscribers from an email marketing platform to Infusionsoft:

Track Client Feedback

Tracking client feedback is one of the best ways to use your CRM. If customer comments are consolidated in one app, your valuable research is available at any time, and your team can use it to make informed decisions. Network marketing company Synduit uses Infusionsoft and Zapier to gather comments about their onboarding process.

"Zapier unlocked functionality that would have otherwise been cost-prohibitive, such as merging Typeform responses with the appropriate Infusionsoft user records so we can keep track of client feedback," lead strategist Dan Russell says.

Sharegate, a company specializing in Office 365 and SharePoint migration, uses a Zap between Help Scout and Infusionsoft to store essential customer data.

"Every time a customer reaches out to us, Zapier automatically adds them in our CRM to keep track of the interaction for later use or to trigger marketing automation," CMO Jean-Luc Brisebois says. "Zapier lets us consolidate all our customer data in Infusionsoft. We are using so many third-party software systems and it's a must to our business that they talk."

You can track customer feedback from other apps in Infusionsoft using these Zaps:

Facilitate Client Meetings

In-person meetings help you deepen relationships and close deals. But sometimes wires get crossed, meetups get missed, and calendar reminders go unnoticed.

To keep their face-to-face chats in sync, legal services company EZCR Financial uses a Zap between Infusionsoft and Twilio to leave automated reminders for upcoming appointments.

"Prior to Zapier, everything we needed to connect to Infusionsoft required us to pay our developers to build a custom connection," director of tech operations Gary Michael says. "Aside from the cost, this was not only a distraction, but also gave us no flexibility."

Keeping appointments with customers can be easy with Zaps that send customers reminders whenever you tag them in Infusionsoft:

Fitness company Project Warrior uses a Multi-Step Zap to schedule an initial consultation with new clients who sign up by filling out a Wufoo form.

"Once the client completes the application in Wufoo, Zapier creates the contact in Infusionsoft and applies a 'hot lead' tag to it," owner Kyle Genner says. "The contact is then sent an SMS from TextLocal encouraging them to book a call to go over their application and sign up. If they don't book a call, they are then sent a series of followup emails via Infusionsoft. All of these apps help to build our brand authority and automate what would otherwise be a very time-consuming and expensive process."

You can also use a Zap to add meeting attendees from your online appointment scheduling software, such as Acuity Scheduling, to Infusionsoft as contacts.

If a client appointment is scheduled in Infusionsoft, there are also Zaps that transfer appointment information from Infusionsoft to another calendar app. Infusionsoft consultancy Hired Gun Solutions uses a Zap to copy appointment information from Infusionsoft to Google Calendar.

"The idea is to create a Google Calendar appointment and merge info from Infusionsoft into the description," Hired Gun owner Kelsey Bratcher says. "This way, a mobile user can have all the details needed for their meeting. It is also nice to be able to auto-invite the recipient in some use cases."

Keeping an appointment with a customer can be easy with other integrations like these:

Segment Contacts Along the Sales Pipeline

It's essential that real estate investment education company Clever Investor keeps its different teams on the same page, because the teams may cross paths with the same contacts. So they turn to an Infusionsoft Zap to do the trick.

"We have our own Infusionsoft account and our group of advisers logs into another Infusionsoft account," COO Jeff Liesener says. "We need to be very sure that if one adviser is talking to someone in one account, someone else isn't talking to the same person in the other account. This is where the Zap comes in handy, so the two accounts can talk to each other and know what is happening in the other account."

College SA, a distance learning school in South Africa, also uses a Zap to avoid crossed-wires: their setup guarantees that leads get the attention they need, fast.

"When the first sales team gets overwhelmed with leads, the Zap automatically sends the lead to the second or third sales team's Infusionsoft account," says marketing manager Karl Stadler. "We use a round-robin technique to get it to the sales person as soon as possible. We used to have to do this manually, so this automation has had a big effect on our sales for the business."

Aural skills training company Easy Ear Training also uses an Infusionsoft-to-Infusionsoft Zap to help them run a site for a client. The Zap adds Infusionsoft tags to contacts based on their billing cycle.

"We use a Zap to detect if an invoice cycle is monthly or annual whenever a new member joins, and then apply the right tag," founder Christopher Sutton says. "This tag then hands things back over to Infusionsoft where the core processes are set up. Without Zapier, we would have been stuck with having someone manually go and apply a tag in Infusionsoft whenever an order came in, based on their order and seeing which billing cycle it was."

Infusionsoft-to-Infusionsoft Zaps are also useful for segmenting contacts in a single Infusionsoft account, or updating contacts across multiple Infusionsoft accounts.

Make Recommendations to Your Best Customers

Keep important information—like a list of recent purchases—handy in Google Sheets, where you can direct your specialized sales team when they are looking for customers to pitch on new products and features.

A filter in this Zap only allows the Zap to run when the invoice contains a certain Product ID. That way, only recent purchases of a certain product (maybe one that ties in with an add-on item) are added to the Google Sheet. Your specialized sales team then has a list of prime candidates who might be interested in your new offering.

If your team uses other platforms to communicate between sales teams, try these Zaps to let colleagues know about hot leads:

Set Up Super-Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Send Personalized Marketing Emails

Some of the best ways to use Infusionsoft can be found in its powerful ability to build and automate personalized email campaigns with a drag-and-drop email builder and sequencing tool.

Send marketing emails with Infusionsoft
CustomizeInfusionsoft's pre-made email templates

Bollo Empire, a business management consultancy for agencies, uses a Zap to connect project management app Podio with Infusionsoft's emailing features.

"When we want to put a contact on a nurture, onboarding or feedback campaign, we just click a button in Podio and the Zap automatically adds the tag in Infusionsoft, triggering the email sequence," growth specialist Scott Gellaty says. "This means we can spend our entire day working in Podio, but still leverage the power of advanced tools like Infusionsoft to communicate with our clients. This Zap saves us heaps of time."

Infusionsoft email campaigns can also be triggered with a Multi-Step Zap that takes in new form entries, adds them to Google Sheets, then tags the respondents in Infusionsoft. That's how business consultancy targets customers:

"Before setting up this Zap, we couldn't personalize follow-up without doing it manually," consultant Amber McCue says. "Now, the process is personalized, automated, and has added a level of intimacy that feels high-end."

You can automatically add tags to your Infusionsoft contacts and trigger targeted emails with these Zaps:

If you don't use Infusionsoft to send marketing messages, a Zap can send the customer information from Infusionsoft to another email app. These Zaps, for example, will help you create subscriber lists in MailChimp:

Generate More Leads

If lead generation is a part of your marketing duties, you're likely using various platforms to do it. That's where Zaps help: contacts are added to Infusionsoft, so they can be tracked and your sales team can reach out.

Integrate Infusionsoft and Facebook lead ads
Use Facebook lead ads to capture Facebook leads

For example, you can use a Zap to add email addresses from Facebook lead ads to Infusionsoft. Facebook lead ads pre-populates Facebook ad forms with a Facebook user's email address, so if someone is interested in your ad, they can submit their contact info with one click. Once the user has submitted their email address, Zap it over to Infusionsoft:

Another great way to capture leads is with forms throughout your own website, which you can set up with Infusionsoft. If you're using alternate web form tools such as Wufoo or Typeform, these Zaps will automatically add the site visitor to Infusionsoft as a contact once they submit the form:

Home insulation company Alexander Watson relies on a Wufoo form to get essential client information to Infusionsoft. Then they use those details to schedule on-site assessments.

Contact us form example
Alexander Watson uses a contact form to capture leads

This Zap utilizes Infusionsoft's "Find a Contact" Zapier Action, which looks up info about a client on the fly, and returns results that you can use later in the same Zap. Alexander Watson's Zap finds an existing Infusionsoft contact and adds a tag to their profile. That sequence kicks off a series of emails.
"This Zap means that our staff members no longer have to manually enter in client info, which eliminates a heap of data entry errors," insulation specialist Jeremy Watson says.

Give Clients Personal Onboarding Experiences

Barefoot Funnels, a consultancy that helps clients be more productive with tools like Trello and Infusionsoft, relies on a Zap to help onboard every new client. The Zap creates a Trello board for new clients upon sign up, so that the client can start using Trello to organize projects and tasks right away. Rather than telling clients how effective project management tools like Trello are, Barefoot Funnels shows clients the effectiveness by setting up Trello boards for them.

First, the Zap creates a Trello board under the name of the new client. Then it creates standard "Backlog" and "Archived" lists on that Trello board, so the client has a head start on where to organize tasks on the board. The Zap then creates a card on that Trello board with a nine-point checklist of items that Barefoot Funnels needs the client to complete as part of onboarding.

After that, the Zap grabs the URL of the newly created Trello board and stores it in a custom field of the client's Infusionsoft record, while also tagging the contact in Infusionsoft. That tag triggers a welcome email to the client with the link to their brand new Trello board, so they can start using it right away.

"This Zap is integral to our business," Barefoot Funnels tech guru Pieter de Villiers says. "This set-up with Infusionsoft, Trello, and Zapier saves each of our team members about three to five hours a week."

You don't need to automate a complex workflow to create a great onboarding experience for new clients. Translator app company SpeechTrans uses a similar system to welcome customers, but instead of creating a project management system for new clients to use themselves, co-founder and COO Yan Auerbach updates his own project management app Podio with a new project where he can keep track of to-dos for new clients.

Setting up an automated workflow with Infusionsoft and your project management app will keep you and your clients happy. Create a dedicated spot for your tasks, according to which client they're for, in your project management system with Zaps like these.

Facilitate Engaging Webinars

Webinars and events help you connect with multiple contacts at once, while maintaining that personal touch. Investment research and publishing company YOLO Publishing uses a Zap between GoToWebinar and Infusionsoft to take care of webinar logistics.

"GoToWebinar doesn't have much flexibility when it comes to landing pages, so we rely on Infusionsoft for that," CEO Eric Levitt says. "We know the value of having various landing pages for different advertising mediums. We have increased our landing page conversion by 150% over the years by incorporating this Zap that takes a lead from an Infusionsoft landing page and sends it to GoToWebinar, rather than just collecting leads on a GoToWebinar page."

Charles Curry, founder and CEO of e-commerce marketing company eShop Marketer, relies on the same Zap to run his webinars.

Webinar registration form example
eShop Marketer uses custom landing pages for webinar registration

"I Zap people from Infusionsoft web forms to GoToWebinar, which allows me to save my customer information to Infusionsoft and not be required to use GoToWebinar landing pages," Curry says. "Plus, I get the flexibility to split test more pages and audiences."

If you prefer for your contacts to register for webinars directly on the built-in landing pages, you can still rely on a Zap to shuttle that information over to Infusionsoft.

Once contacts are registered for the webinar, the next high-priority step is making sure registrants attend it. Tim and Julie Harris Real Estate Coaching uses a Zap to send text messages to clients with personal reminders for upcoming webinars, or even to let clients know if spots opened up on waiting lists for webinars or consultation sessions.

"Zapier has freed up staffing for more dollar-productive and creatively rewarding tasks," vice president of operations Tim Ventura says.

Prepare for and Follow up on Live Events

StoryBrand's core business is putting on marketing workshops for brands, so they automate the registration process as much as possible. That way, they stay focused on producing great workshop content.

"When someone purchases a live workshop registration from us, we allow them to register one to three people at a time," art director Kyle Reid says. "When they check out, our Zap splits the form submission into three separate contact records and tags each contact record specific to the product they purchased. This Zap allows us to automate the customer import process, while still allowing us to use the applications we want to use. Using Infusionsoft with Zapier gives us more control, saves us time, and creates a seamless experience for the customer."

Tags in Infusionsoft
Add tags to contacts in Infusionsoft to trigger follow-up emails

After the event, you can send some follow-up emails to your attendees by triggering the emails with a certain tag. Try this Zap that automatically tags Infusionsoft attendees when they check into your Eventbrite event, triggering a series of followup emails:

Make sure all of your event attendees are recorded in Infusionsoft by sending your lists to Infusionsoft. Whether you keep the list in Google Sheets or an event management tool, these Zaps will help you create the names on the list as new Infusionsoft contacts:

Manage Billing and Bookkeeping Without the Fuss

Spot Check Recent Purchases

Small businesses turn to Infusionsoft for online billing and record-keeping because of its diverse payment processing, invoicing, inventory, and subscription features.

Orders in Infusionsoft
Track customers' orders and payments in Infusionsoft

Loan servicing company US Student Loans Center uses Infusionsoft to process credit card payments and then relies on a Zap to spot check those payments. If the Zap finds a payment that's out of the ordinary, it contacts a manager.

"We automatically post information from Infusionsoft to a Google Sheet, where we are able to evaluate the information to make sure it meets certain requirements, such as order amounts," vice president of systems and processes David Kurz says. "Then, an email is sent to the manager if there is an issue."

"Before we had this capability we would have to manually spot check records at each stage. This was inconsistent, slow, and time-consuming. Now there is coverage on every file with immediate alerts."

You can also notify stakeholders about new Infusionsoft credit card charges via Slack or SMS:

Store Contracts and Documents

Storing contracts in Google Drive is essential to the organizational structure at legal services company EZCR Financial. So Michael's team uses a Zap to make sure it's done automatically. The Zap relies on a template that they created with HelloSign to request and collect electronic signatures.

You can use a Zap between Infusionsoft and document-generating app Webmerge to create customized forms. That Zap can piece together personalized contracts, cover sheets, or estimates.

Even if you don't have a templated document to save, organizing files around clients will help you coordinate efficient projects. To be proactive, Hired Gun Solutions uses a Zap to create a new folder in Google Drive for every new Infusionsoft contact.

"It saves me a bunch of time and provides consistent folder names," Hired Gun owner Kelsey Bratcher says. "If I did not have this Zap, I might forget, then get lazy and skip it—or have to do it manually."

To take the reigns of your document organization, try setting up Zaps that create new files like these:

Or Zaps that handle folders for you:

Keep Accountants Up-to-date

Home improvement company Home Painters Toronto uses a Zap to email the finance team whenever a new payment is received for a particular invoice. The Zap keeps the finance team in the loop with all payments, so there's less digging to do when they balance the books.

Hired Gun Solutions uses a Zap to keep projected finances up-to-date. Whenever Kelsey Bratcher receives a new Stripe payment, his Zap finds or creates the contact in Infusionsoft. The next step in the workflow uses Zapier's built-in Formatter app, which can handle basic calculations and text formatting.

Bratcher uses it to add the value of the Stripe payment to the previously listed lifetime value of the customer. After the Formatter crunches the numbers, his Zap updates the contact's record with the new projected lifetime value. This process keeps the company's financial forecasts as accurate as possible.

Keep your books—and your bookkeepers—happy with more Zaps for accounting software like these:

Or Zaps that connect Infusionsoft with your payment apps like these:

Infusionsoft + Zapier

Zapier integrates with 500+ apps, many of which didn't make it into this post. There's plenty of room for creativity and ingenuity when it comes to new uses for Infusionsoft and Zapier.

"Prior to Zapier, everything we needed to connect to Infusionsoft required us to pay our developers to build a custom connection. Zapier lets us build the solutions in just a few minutes, with no coding skills required."- Gary Michael, director of tech operations at EZCR Financial

How to Use Zapier and Infusionsoft to Automate Your Business

To do more with Infusionsoft, check out these great resources:

Do you use Infusionsoft and Zapier in a unique way that we didn't cover in this post? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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