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How to Export Contacts From Constant Contact

By Justin Pot · June 17, 2019
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Want to export your entire Constant Contact list? Whether you're migrating to a new service or just want a backup, you can grab your entire contact list as a CSV or Excel file pretty quickly.

You can also set up an automatic export. This adds all new contacts to a Google Sheet, or any other app, without you having to do anything. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Manually Export Contacts From Constant Contact

Open Constant Contact and click Contacts in the top menu bar.

View your contacts in Constant Contacts

This will bring you to your contacts page.

Contacts page in Constant Contacts

Check the contacts you want to export and the Export button will show up in the dark gray toolbar above your contacts.

The Export button shows up once you

If you'd like to export all of your contacts, click the checkbox in the top row. This will select all of your contacts.

Click the top checkmark to select all contacts

When you click Export, you will be asked which information to include in your export. Check everything that's relevant.

Pick which information you

A pop-up will offer you a CSV and an Excel download.

Download your contacts as an Excel or CSV file

If you miss this pop-up, don't worry: head to Activity.

Activity button in Constant Contact

Here you can download the export you just created.

Download your contacts in Constant Contact

What's the difference between the two formats? Here's a quick overview.

  • A CSV, or comma separated variables, file is a simple text document. Each of your contacts will be one line in that text document, with each field separated by a comma. CSV files are a very common way to import and export contacts between different services, so in most cases this is going to be what you want.

  • An Excel file is a spreadsheet you can open using Microsoft's spreadsheet software, Excel, though other applications can open it. Use this if you specifically want an Excel file.

How to Automatically Export Contacts From Constant Contact

Constant Contact makes it easy to export all of your contacts at once, but what if you want to automatically export all new contacts going forward? Zapier can help with that. We offer automations that can connect Constant Contact with thousands of other apps.

For example, you could automatically add new contacts in Constant Contact to a Google Sheets spreadsheet or to Google Contacts.

Automatically Add New Constant Contact Contacts to a Google Spreadsheet

Automatically Add New Constant Contact Contacts to a Google Spreadsheet
  • Constant Contact logo
  • Google Sheets logo
Constant Contact + Google Sheets

These are just a couple examples. Browse more Constant Contact integrations, or build your own integrations with our Zap editor.

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