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The best marketing newsletters in 2023

By Luciano Viterale · April 6, 2023
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With new technologies like AI revolutionizing the way we approach marketing, the landscape is becoming increasingly more complex—and it feels like it's shifting every day. To stay up to date with the latest trends, I've become something of a marketing newsletter hoarder.

To my own detriment, I've subscribed to more marketing newsletters than I can possibly read each day. And it doesn't help that I'm constantly leveraging Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn for other people's recommendations. But my bad habits are your treasure: here, I'll curate the most popular, insightful, and even contrarian newsletters about marketing for you to subscribe to in 2023.

The best marketing newsletters

These are my favorites, but there are countless others out there. It's worth subscribing to any that look interesting to you—just be sure you unsubscribe if you don't get what you want out of them.

Demand Curve

The best marketing newsletter for startups and growth marketers 

Demand Curve, our pick for the best marketing newsletter for startups and growth marketers 

Demand Curve is one of my favorite marketing websites on the internet. They publish well-researched and insightful playbooks written by industry experts, and their newsletter is just as awesome. Each week, you can expect to receive tried and tested strategies, teardowns, resources, memes, and even open marketing roles. 

Something I consistently reference from a Demand Curve newsletter is the copywriting rule of three (i.e., three is the minimum number to make a pattern). The example they used is the tagline for the MacBook Pro: Mover. Maker. Boundary breaker. I think of it every time I see a Mac.

Sunday Branding Newsletter

The best marketing newsletter for eCommerce and DTC

Sunday Newsletter, our pick for the best marketing newsletter for eCommerce and DTC folks

Nick Sharma is a successful direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketer and the CEO of Sharma Brands. He's even worked with Priyanka Chopra and Pitbull, if you're into that (I sure am). If you run an eCommerce or consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand, then I recommend signing up for the Sunday Newsletter. 

One thing that stood out to me was the value packed into the welcome email. Each new subscriber receives a free 39-page slide deck that explains exactly how to launch a successful DTC brand. Most digital marketing newsletters send a welcome email with a GIF and maybe a meme, so this was unexpected. 

Everyone Hates Marketers

The best marketing newsletter for the contrarian marketer 

Everyone Hates Marketers, our pick for the best marketing newsletter for the contrarian marketer

Louis Grenier is a contrarian marketer who spearheads the highly acclaimed Everyone Hates Marketers podcast. With over 250 episodes, the podcast has garnered a considerable following and has guests like Seth Godin and Joanna Wiebe.

His daily newsletter is just as impressive and features a perspective on marketing you're unlikely to find elsewhere. I've subscribed to hundreds of newsletters, but none resonate with me the same way this one does (maybe because I tend to swear a lot more than the average person?). You can expect everything from crazy marketing experiments to his personal stories, which are both funny and fascinating. 

The Menu

The best marketing newsletter for the marketing strategist

The Menu, our pick for the best marketing newsletter for the marketing strategist

Amanda Natividad was the VP of Marketing at SparkToro, a key contributor at Adweek, and she's the brains behind The Menu. This particular newsletter provides personal insights and practical tips on various aspects of marketing, including content creation, social media, email marketing, and community building.

In some editions, Amanda shares her first-hand experience with experiments conducted at SparkToro. For example, in edition #45, Amanda talks about how she used email cleaning to improve open rates from about 25% to 45%. These kinds of actual results are compelling for any marketer.

Sticky Notes

The best marketing newsletter for marketing stories

Sticky Notes, our pick for the best marketing newsletter for marketing stories

Cole Schafer is a creative copywriter and the founder of Honey Copy, an agency that helps businesses craft brand stories and marketing messages. His email newsletter is known for its unique style of writing that blends humor and relatable anecdotes with insights on writing, marketing, and entrepreneurship. 

Unlike most newsletters on this list, you can expect short stories rather than actionable strategies. The stories often give old-school advertising vibes, so if you like Don Draper, this is the one for you.

Marketing Examined

The best marketing newsletter for the growth hacker

Marketing Examined, our pick for the best marketing newsletter for the growth hacker

Alex Garcia is the Chief Marketing Officer at The Kollective, a wellness and performance club in Austin. He's helped scale companies like The Hustle and Gumroad, and now he has over 170,000 Twitter followers and tens of thousands of subscribers to his newsletter, which provides tactical growth advice for entrepreneurs and startups. 

In one edition of his newsletter, Alex shared how marketers could capitalize on the rebranded Kia logo, which now looks like KN instead of KIA. The report explained exactly how you might create and rank a profitable website that specifically helps people searching for "KN car." Maybe not a sustainable business model, but it shows how resourceful and quick Alex is when it comes to building a successful marketing campaign. 

Copywriting Course

The best marketing newsletter for creative copywriters 

Copywriting Course, our pick for the best marketing newsletter for creative copywriters 

Neville Medhora is a household name when it comes to copywriting. He's worked with some seriously popular brands, and his newsletter, Copywriting Course (formerly Kopywriting Kourse), has taught thousands of copywriters, including me, how to write effective copy

You can expect copywriting lessons, swipe files, and notifications about popular blog posts each week. If reading isn't your thing, you can also listen to the audio version of each edition on the website. Another thing I love about this one: the size and activity of the community are incredible; each time I navigate to the blog page, I can see an active thread of copywriters critiquing each other's work.

Marketing Brew

The best marketing newsletter for the latest marketing news

Marketing Brew, our pick for the best marketing newsletter for the latest marketing news

Marketing Brew is a daily newsletter (Monday through Friday) that covers the latest news and trends in the marketing industry. It's owned and operated by Morning Brew, which was acquired by Business Insider a few years back.

The newsletter is written in a conversational and engaging tone, making it easy and enjoyable to digest quickly—this is especially important since it's sent daily. But daily doesn't mean mundane: you might already know that Doritos partnered with Netflix to release the Stranger Things collaboration, but I recently learned from Marketing Brew that Doritos aims for one of these brand collaborations every year. 

Marketing Examples

The best marketing newsletter for visual learners

Marketing Examples, our pick for the best marketing newsletter for visual learners

Harry Dry might be the most loved marketer on social media right now. His posts are engaging, thought-provoking, practical, and usually full of positive comments. Marketing Examples is quickly becoming one of the most popular websites (and newsletters) in the marketing category, with over 130,000 readers.

The newsletters are packed with valuable lessons and a well-designed explainer, which makes it always easy to understand. Each Monday, you'll get an email from Harry covering three short examples, two copywriting tips, and an interesting tweet. 


The best marketing newsletter for monetization tips

Go-To-Millions, our pick for the the best marketing newsletter for monetization tips

Ari Murray is the VP of Growth at Sharma Brands and a Creator at Work Week. Her newsletter, Go-To-Millions, is a 3x/week report covering marketing strategies, playbooks, and personal anecdotes.

One particular email titled "27 websites I love" was so useful that I bookmarked it for future reference. The email featured a curated list of high-performing websites and explained what makes them exceptional. It's a valuable addition to any marketer's swipe file, and I've come back to it time and time again.


The best marketing newsletter for SEO

Backlinko, our pick for the best marketing newsletter for SEO

This list wouldn't be complete without a popular SEO email newsletter. Backlinko is an SEO and online marketing blog founded by Brian Dean in 2012, and the newsletter is a great way for SEOs and digital marketers to stay on top of the latest blog posts, SEO marketing tips, and exclusive content (along with updates on Brian Dean's upcoming events and projects).

Upon signing up for the newsletter, you'll receive three links to guides on SEO and content marketing. My favorite is 27 ways to increase traffic to your website.

tl;dr Marketing

The best marketing newsletter for the busy marketer

tl;dr Marketing, our pick for the best marketing newsletter for busy marketers

tl;dr Marketing was ranked the #1 Product of The Day on Product Hunt in 2020, and it was the first marketing newsletter I ever subscribed to. The newsletter is run by Saijo George, an SEO consultant with loads of experience scaling websites and building SEO tools. 

The emails are sent daily and contain a curated list of the most interesting and impactful articles on marketing. When you sign up, you'll receive a welcome email with a link to Saijo's personal list of marketing tools, grouped by category. There are hundreds of tools on this list, and it's definitely something you'll want to save for later.

Neil Patel's newsletter

The best marketing newsletter for marketers building a blog

Neil Patel's newsletter, our pick for the best marketing newsletter for marketers building a blog

Neil Patel has one of the largest personal blogs in the world and is slowly building a portfolio of profitable internet companies. He co-founded companies like Kissmetrics, Crazy Egg, and Ubersuggest, and even acquired AnswerThePublic. There's no questioning his experience with marketing.

His newsletter covers a broad range of digital marketing topics, but it has a natural focus on SEO since that's Neil's specialty. You can expect action plans, resources, growth hacks, and tools to help you grow your business.  

Which marketing newsletter should you subscribe to? 

Honestly, it's worth giving all of these—and more—a try. I co-founded a newsletter business, so I may be biased, but I highly recommend giving each marketing newsletter on this list a chance: you'll get different perspectives and experiences from across the industry. Just be sure you save some time to do your actual job.

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