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The 11 best marketing podcasts to try in 2023

By Steph Knapp · December 19, 2022
A hero image with the logos for the best marketing podcasts

If you haven't searched for "marketing podcasts" on Spotify lately (who even are you?), I'll fill you in: there are over a thousand results. The weird and wonderful web ensures you can find a podcast in any niche you'd like, but there are only so many hours in a day to tune in. 

To find the best, I started where many people would: asking for recommendations. I looked into those suggestions and did lots of research of my own to create a spreadsheet of the top marketing podcasts to explore. (You didn't think I could do this without a spreadsheet, did you?) 

I wrote this list last year and updated it this year based on new research—and even more hours of listening to these things. Based on my experiences, here are my recommendations for the best podcasts about marketing.

The best marketing podcasts in 2023

  • Unthinkable for inspiring stories

  • The Product Marketing Show for product marketers

  • iDigress for solo host discussions

  • The Content Callout Podcast for content marketers

  • The Revenue Marketing Report for B2B marketing 

  • The Long Game for marketing case studies

  • Generation Builders for growth marketing stories

  • The Science of Social Media for social media marketers

  • Inside Intercom for diverse topics

  • Ethics in Marketing for diving into the humanity in marketing

  • Hidden Brain for learning something new

How to choose a marketing podcast

Media preferences are seriously personal. Favorite genres of movies and music vary drastically between people—and podcasts are no different. So only you can be the ultimate judge as to whether a podcast is great or not. Still, there are a few things you can keep in mind to prioritize listening time. 

  • Does the content align with your listening goals? Do you want to get inspired by fellow marketers? Try an interview-style podcast. If you want to find specific tactics, look for a production with case studies or niche topics. You may also find you like solo hosts, duos with friendly banter, or a revolving set of guests.

  • Are episodes in your preferred format? Podcasts are usually audio-first, but that doesn't always have to be the case. I personally like to see podcasts with transcripts for accessibility, and video versions can feel more personal.

  • Do episodes come with bonus content? I love supporting content. Episode highlights, related resources, timestamps, downloadable guides, and blog post summaries all add to the experience. If this is important for you, keep your eye out for it.

  • Is the host engaging? If you don't like the host or hosts, there's no chance you'll like the podcast. 

  • Does the editing keep the content compelling? I can appreciate the amount of effort it takes to get any podcast episode out into the world—but some editing touches elevate the experience. For example, a simple overview at the top of the episode about the upcoming topics helps listeners decide if they want to continue. I also like when outside audio clips add context or atmosphere or when interviews are edited to feel more like a journalism piece than an audio dump. 

With that in mind, here are my picks for the best digital marketing podcasts.

The best marketing podcast for inspiration

Unthinkable by Jay Acunzo

If you like business talk that isn't stuffy, Unthinkable by Jay Acunzo will do the trick. This podcast came highly recommended, and the high-production quality and storytelling quickly revealed why. Some of these episodes are what I wish my 8 a.m. business school lectures would have been like.

A screenshot of Unthinkable, our pick for the best marketing podcast for inspiration

You'll get the perspectives and experiences of people from all corners of the business and creative industries—the vibe is the perfect mix of case studies and chats with a friend. I also appreciate Jay's "One-Shot" monologue episodes where he tackles a single topic for 20 minutes or less in a single take. 

Try this episode: How to Write and Speak With Greater Impact

The best marketing podcast for product marketers

The Product Marketing Show by Content Beta

General marketing podcasts are great (and I put a few on the list!), but sometimes you want to learn a specific skill set. Rishabh Bhandari, the Founder & CEO of Content Beta, hosts a podcast about using product marketing and customer education to scale companies. 

The Product Marketing Show logo

Each episode of The Product Marketing Show interviews a marketing leader, so you'll get a nice set of perspectives. But my favorite part of the podcast is actually its accompanying YouTube channel. There's a playlist with short features from episodes, like "How to create effective Product Demo videos," plus full interviews with topic timestamps so you can easily jump around.  

Try this episode: Carissa Tan, Brand & Content Lead at Paytron

The best marketing podcast with a solo host

iDigress by Troy Sandidge

Interview and discussion-style podcasts seem to dominate the marketing space, so I was excited to come across a solo-host option. iDigress features Troy Sandidge sharing marketing frameworks and tactics on topics ranging from customer journeys and sales strategies to building a Twitter following and beyond. 

A screenshot of iDigress, our pick for the best marketing podcast with a solo host

Troy also has the unique ability to make it feel like he's talking directly to you. He's engaging but succinct, and each episode clocks in at 30 minutes or less. 

Try this episode: LinkedIn Growth Secrets: A Masterclass On Accelerating Your Business Using The LinkedIn Authority Writing System™

The best marketing podcast for content marketers

The Content Callout Podcast by Mark Raffan and Kayla Graham

Do you want the bad news or the good news first? The Content Callout Podcast won't have any new episodes, but I kept it on here because you can still enjoy its backlog—and it's worth it. Mark Raffan and Kayla Graham hosted the show from 2020 to late 2022 (the agency behind the show has since ceased operations).

The Content Callout Podcast logo

The Content Callout Podcast has just over 100 episodes with interviews on content topics like "Is B2B growth-hacking overhyped?" and "How to foster an inclusive culture as a marketing leader." The interviews offer a wealth of knowledge, and even though there won't be new episodes, a lot of the (excellent) content is evergreen.

Try this episode: How to Use Psychology to Improve Content Quality

The best marketing podcast about B2B marketing

The Revenue Marketing Report by Camela Thompson

The Revenue Marketing Report, hosted by Camela Thompson of CaliberMind, turns a podcast into a learning library. Each episode has a blog post with highlights, and the show's website lets you filter episodes by category. While each podcast episode is high-quality in and of itself, the supporting information is what stood out to me. 

A GIF of The Revenue Marketing Report, our pick for the best marketing podcast about B2B marketing

The podcast also has a unique goal to "help marketers move from subject matter experts to strategic business partners." In episodes like this one about why CEOs don't trust CMOs, this philosophy plays out as the discussion weaves between granular tactics and how to apply your work across teams and functions. 

Try this episode: Measuring Marketing: Finding Balance Between Art & Science

The best marketing podcast for case studies

The Long Game by Omniscient Digital

Having a perspective at odds with popular culture lets a podcast a) stand out from the crowd and b) find an audience that resonates. As the name suggests, The Long Game, by hosts Allie Decker, David Ly Khim, and Alex Birkett of Omniscient Digital, focuses on stories where "long-term thinking triumphs over short-term plans." As someone who hopes never to have to see another Facebook ad about "how to create an 8-figure business in 30 days," this is a welcome outlook. 

The Long Game logo

Like others on this list, The Long Game also stood out because of the extra effort post-production. Each episode has an audio and video version, plus an abridged transcript with timestamps for easy navigation. There's also a "Key Takeaways" portion, which means you can scan the episode's lessons and navigate to specific timestamps that catch your attention. It's like a buffet of knowledge where you can head straight to the counter to load up on your favorites. 

Try this episode: How to Build a High-Performing Marketing Team with Andrew Davies

The best marketing podcast for growth marketers

Generation Builders by Mariam Hakobyan

You get the inside scoop when you're a part of Slack communities for marketers like Superpath. That's where I heard about a new podcast by Mariam Hakobyan called Generation Builders. There are only a few episodes live right now, but they're promising—and more great guests are in the queue. 

Talking about Generation Builders on Slack

The episodes that were live when I was making my picks are all fantastic: they're interesting conversations with plenty of episode extras (my favorite). Accompanying YouTube videos have topic timestamps, and episode pages have a discussion summary to help you decide if you want to tune in.

Try this episode: What is product-led growth and how to leverage it | Brian Balfour (CEO at Reforge)

The best marketing podcast for social media marketers

The Science of Social Media by Buffer

Buffer is a social media automation tool, so it makes sense that they know a thing or two about social media marketing. The podcast doesn't publish regularly (there were only a handful of episodes in 2022), but there are 200+ episodes to sort through—and the recent cadence makes me think they're back at it in full force.

The Science of Social Media screenshot

The presenters are well-spoken, the audio quality is excellent, and the topics are diverse. You can hear the latest news and updates that impact social media marketers, get inspired, or learn a new strategy.

Try this episode: The Twitter Upheaval and What it Means for Marketers

The best marketing podcast for diverse topics

Inside Intercom by Intercom

I should have expected that a podcast born from a company as big as Intercom would be a quality production. Still, Inside Intercom was a pleasant surprise. The editing, music, image design, and website turn the podcast into a premium experience. 

A screenshot of Inside Intercom, our pick for the best marketing podcast for diverse topics

While the podcast isn't 100% marketing-focused all the time, you can filter by topics like marketing and growth. There's a mix of outside interviews and internal team discussions across more than 350 episodes. Like most of my favorite podcasts, Inside Intercom has full transcripts and key takeaways. 

Try this episode: Collect's founder Alex Delivet on automating data collection

The best marketing podcast for diving into the humanity in marketing

Ethics in Marketing by Mikhail Myzgin

How do you balance the pressure to achieve marketing goals with the desire to be fair and kind to your fellow humans? The Ethics in Marketing podcast by Mikhail Myzgin weighs in. When I came across the podcast that examines topics like the "boundaries of persuasion" in marketing, I was intrigued—and the podcast delivered.

Ethics in Marketing logo

Contemplating ethical gray areas that we might not even realize we're trudging into each day is a deeper conversation we should all spend time on. You won't find hot new strategies in these episodes, but you will gain new perspectives. 

Try this episode: Manipulation and Dark Patterns with Colin Gray

The best marketing podcast for learning new things

Hidden Brain by Shankar Vedantam

I'm going to veer away from traditional marketing topics for a minute, but I promise it's worth it. Shankar Vedantam hosts Hidden Brain, which "explores the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior." While you won't hear any social media strategies here, marketers will absolutely benefit from understanding human behavior and motivation. Plus, the topics are downright fascinating. 

A screenshot of Hidden Brain, our pick for the best marketing podcast for learning new things

Shankar weaves outside audio clips into episodes that add context to the story and elevate the content. For example, instead of simply introducing a guest, he shares an audio clip from actual news coverage from a pivotal moment in the guest's life. 

While you're on Hidden Brain's site, go ahead and take a short detour to their feel-good podcast, My Unsung Hero

Try this episode: Relationships 2.0: How To Keep Conflict From Spiraling

How to make the most of marketing podcasts

You may listen to marketing podcasts just for fun or as background noise to fill the gaps in your day. But if you want to use marketing podcasts to grow your company, learn new skills, or get inspired, here are some tips for leveraging what you learn. 

  • Keep a notepad for insights. It doesn't matter if it's physical, digital, or a collection of voice memos—track what stands out. It'll help the information stick, and you might gain new perspectives by combining notes from multiple podcasts. Notes that you take on a topic like getting unstuck might not apply when you listen to the episode, but having the note to reference when a problem comes up prepares you.  

  • Search for episodes on specific topics. Broaden your horizons and look for episodes beyond your go-to shows. Use the search function of podcast directories to find episodes about a specific problem or opportunity, like "measuring blog performance" or "influencer marketing basics."

  • Leverage episode extras. Some podcasts offer transcripts, downloadable guides, and summaries for each episode. Reviewing these extras gives you even more info and can replace listening to the full episode if you're short on time (or attention span 🙋).

  • Look for inspiration everywhere. You don't have to stick to marketing podcasts to get marketing ideas. For example, How I Built This is a top-rated podcast highlighting entrepreneurial stores. Listening to an episode where founders talk about how hands-on tasks stunted scaling could inspire you to look at redundant tasks you could automate.  

Go forth and listen

The biggest takeaway from my great marketing podcast experiment is that you can't know until you try. The shiny object isn't always the best, and your preferences can change with the seasons. There's no shortage of insight and content waiting to be discovered. Happy exploring!

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