How a SaaS Company Creates Leads Through the Magic of Automation

Joey Blanco
Joey Blanco / Published October 18, 2017

Leads are time-sensitive. If your business offers a solution to a problem, there's a good chance you aren't the only company in that space, so a lead that reaches out to you has probably contacted your competitors too. Losing a lead because your team didn't respond to a form response or email hurts.

And while moving quickly to secure a lead makes a huge difference, learning more about the lead can improve your chances of closing a sale. Going into a demo request or introduction call knowing who you're chatting with and what they and their company do makes you look TK.

SaaS monitoring software Blissfully understands the need to be informed—their product offers companies a way to keep track of over 500 of the SaaS (software-as-a-service) tools they use, to help organize the chaos, as Blissfully puts it. Their goal is simple: help online companies work efficiently, cost-effectively, quickly, and with information at their fingertips.

For their own organization, Blissfully turns to app automation tool Zapier for lead management, developer requests, and more.

"Imagine having an invisible connective tissue supporting your company. That’s Zapier."Ariel Diaz, founder and CEO, Blissfully

With Zapier in their toolbox, Ariel Diaz, founder and CEO of Blissfully, discovered a way to collect lead form submissions and instantly notify their growth team of the new lead, cutting down the time it took to respond.

Their lead management starts with Ninja Forms, the WordPress form builder. When a new Ninja Forms submission comes in from one of Blissfully's Call to Actions (CTAs), it triggers a Zap—a bridge between two or more apps. Blissfully's CTAs tend to be simple, asking only for an email address. But with that email address, Blissfully is able to build a robust profile of their new lead instantly.

Once a potential client enters their email into a CTA, Zapier creates a new contact in HubSpot, where all of the lead's information will live. Then, Blissfully brings data research and intelligence into the Zap with Clearbit. Zapier sends the email address from Ninja Forms to Clearbit to find information about the business.

With that information—which ranges from company name to the business's Facebook account—Zapier creates a matching company in HubSpot CRM. The Zap doesn't stop there, though: Zapier also updates the contact from step two with Clearbit's data and then creates a new deal in HubSpot CRM.

To help the growth team respond to the lead quickly, Blissfully's Zap sends a message in Slack with links to the lead and a little information about them.

It's quite a workflow with multiple moving parts, so we'll break it down into its vital pieces and you can implement and customize these Zaps for your own lead management:

With automation powering their leads, Blissfully stays ahead of their competition and provides a better experience for their clients.

"Between Clearbit, Ninja Forms, HubSpot, and more, all our team tools and updates—regardless of department—are synched and appropriately supported by the magic of Zapier," Ariel says.

All images courtesy of Blissfully.

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