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6 ways to automate content marketing with Jasper

By Elena Alston · June 9, 2023
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AI content generator tools like Jasper are a shoo-in for when procrastination kicks in, or you're looking to lighten the workload and speed up the idea-to-draft process. Jasper can interpret your instructions and turn them into a first-draft blog post, video script, or Tweet, ready for your own personal touch. It can churn out outlines and emails and takes the more irksome tasks like titles and meta descriptions off your plate.  

That's already a win for content marketers looking to streamline tasks that suck up a lot of their time. When combined with Zapier, things can get a whole lot more collaborative—and a whole lot more streamlined. 

With our automated workflows called Zaps, you can connect your favorite apps to Jasper and automate anything from publishing blog posts in WordPress to sending your video team AI-generated scripts. Here are a few ways to get started. 

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Table of contents

To get started with a Zap template—what we call our pre-made workflows—just click on the button. It only takes a few minutes to set up. You can read more about setting up Zaps here.

For blog creation and management 

For any blog writer or editor, creating outlines for posts is often the most labor-intensive part. You've got to research the topic. Decide on the structure. Make sure it adheres to a brief, if you have one. For all of those steps, you can use these workflows to take a blog idea, create a detailed outline, then share it with your team in Slack. 

Run Jasper commands to create outlined content and share in Slack

Run Jasper commands to create outlined content and share in Slack
  • Airtable logo
  • Jasper logo
  • Slack logo
Airtable + Jasper + Slack

Now say you want to automate the whole process—from writing a blog post to getting it published on your site. If your team stores content ideas in a shared space like Google Sheets or Airtable, you can use these workflows to create posts from that source information, then send it directly to WordPress or Tumblr as a post. 

This works for any type of content, too. Perhaps you spot a Tweet out in the wild that would make a good article. Or maybe you're gathering answers from a customer via a form to write a Q&A. Jasper can do the crafting and automation will send it straight to your content management system or project management tool for review.

For product descriptions and listings

Writing product descriptions—though essential to encourage sales—isn't going to be the most creative thing you do all day. 

Whether you're listing a line of handmade pottery or selling custom-made tees on Shopify, Jasper plays a good hand at creating compelling copy for eCommerce listings. 

These workflows take whatever product information you have stored in your database or via form responses, draft (or update) descriptions for you, and even add that listing to your eCommerce platform.  

But maybe you're not selling physical products. If you're showing off your app's latest features to customers or even internally to your team, you can feed Jasper the features detailed on your tickets, and it will transform those into benefits your whole team can use. 

As for the rest, you can send those descriptions to Slack or update the fields on your Jira ticket.

For summarizing research and business information 

Content marketers deal with an influx of information every day coming from all sides. It can get a tad overwhelming if you don't have a proper system in place. 

From meetings to web articles and documents shared in Slack, it's easy for critical information to get lost—even if it's hiding in plain sight. 

These workflows make use of Jasper's content summarizer capabilities, allowing you to extract the key bullet points from any piece of content. Then you can share with your team in Slack or wherever you spend most of your time. 

Create article summaries with Jasper from the Zapier Chrome extension

Create article summaries with Jasper from the Zapier Chrome extension
  • Zapier Chrome extension logo
  • Zapier Chrome extension logo
Zapier Chrome extension + Jasper + Web Parser by Zapier

For creating ads and streamlining social media tasks

If your ads and social media presence need a little boost (or just some streamlined maintenance), you can use Jasper to help you write anything from Tweets to Google Ads—based on your company briefs. That's particularly handy if you ever struggle with creating headlines and descriptions that do the hard work of converting. 

You can use Zapier to route your ads and posts straight to your social platforms or store them elsewhere (like in your database) so you and your team can review. 

For creating and producing videos 

The time it takes to produce a good video—from transcribing to script development and filming—can easily get in the way of the creative process. Especially if you're in a time crunch. 

That's why you can enlist Jasper to write video scripts based on blog posts or briefs and then share them with your production team to review and polish, saving everyone valuable time. Or, if you're struggling with inspiration before you even get started, you can hook up Jasper to Slack and generate video ideas based on messages that catch your eye. 

Once your video's been made, you can also use these workflows to upload the video to your streaming platform. Jasper will even write the video description and title to rank well in search. 

For generating sales emails and landing pages

Writing sales emails (which readers will open) is a tough job. That's why it can help to have a little assistance from AI, especially when you have to carry out outreach at scale. 

These workflows will help you write sales emails based on incoming emails or other briefs, and trigger the appropriate outreach to your customers, be that via email or SMS. 

Or, better yet, you can use Jasper to help you turn your product's features into benefits—like bullet points—that compel action for landing pages. You can then share those landing pages with your content and design teams in Slack. 

Automate your content marketing with Jasper and Zapier

With Jasper and Zapier, you can automatically streamline your content marketing and share your AI-generated content so your team has what they need to do their best work. 

Zapier supports thousands of apps, so you automate almost any task at work. Start building your Zap now and see what you can create. 

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