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How this app lets sales teams close deals faster

By Elena Alston · January 17, 2022 logo on an orange background

If you work in sales, you know that leads are the bread and butter of your business. But between calls, meetings, capturing would-be customers, moving them through your pipeline, and closing deals, your schedule can get pretty crammed. 

And having a traditional CRM to log your leads might not necessarily be the best solution, either. That's because a lot of these products are focused more on data collection and management, which may not be what you really need. After all, your end goal is probably more process-focused. You want to close the deal, not get bogged down by data.

This principle is exactly what is based on. It's a lead management app that streamlines sales processes through sales-focused features and no-code capabilities, making it very easy to connect with other tools in your tech stack. origins: Leads versus data

Founded by Sunny Paris and Güven Urganci in 2013, was built on the idea that CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) worked better for marketers than for salespeople. At the time, Sunny had been using different CRMs to sell a SaaS product. He realized that he wasted more time and energy filling out data than effectively track his leads. 

Paris and Urganci joined forces to create a tool built specifically for salespeople. The idea was to place leads at the center of the app and help them close more deals instead of just collecting extensive data.

Did you know? Founders Sunny Paris and Güven Urganci also created Yoolink, a social sharing tool, years before launching today: Revolutionizing how sales teams work

Today, is used by more than 11,000 salespeople, managers, and CEOs from small and medium businesses worldwide to close deals.

The tool gives you a 360 degree view of your sales pipeline and has built-in lead capturing, so you can easily pull in leads from several sources (like web forms, LinkedIn, business cards, emails, and more.)

With the custom sales activities, you can plan calls and meetings, sync reminders with your calendar, and log how those activities go. 

Fave feature: Every lead in is automatically assigned a next step like a "to-do" status or a "stand by" action so that salespeople can easily move leads through the sales pipeline.

Acceleration through automation: Popular workflows

You can unlock even more value by connecting with Zapier, making the most out of the other tools you use. Here are a few popular workflows to get you started:

Create MailChimp subscribers for new leads

Create MailChimp subscribers for new leads
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