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How an eCommerce Store Uses Bonjoro & Zapier to Connect with Customers

By Joey Blanco · May 17, 2019
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Considering we're a small team, we've probably saved one hour each day using Zapier and Bonjoro.

Andreas Lodahl, eCommerce Manager, Munk Store

When you run an eCommerce business, you're caught between two worlds: the faceless mega-brands like Amazon and the brick and mortars where customers can get to know the folks they're buying from.

Your website and online store have to run as smoothly as Amazon's, with a streamlined checkout and easy-to-find products. But you also need to connect with your customers—your brand has to give them a reason to come back and shop with you.

Denmark-based Munk Store sells shoes and clothing from top brands as well as local Danish brands. They started as a brick-and-mortar store and expanded to a second location. Before long, they added an online store.

"Our philosophy, developed from our brick-and-mortar stores, is that the customer experience is all we care about," Andreas Lodahl, eCommerce manager, explains. "We wanted it to become so personal that the customer felt like they were buying in a physical store."

A brick and mortar Munk Stores

So how did the Munk Store team and Andreas translate the in-store experience to the internet? With personal videos, sent to customers after they make a purchase, courtesy of Bonjoro.

In fact, since implementing Bonjoro into the eCommerce flow, the Munk Store team has seen their position on Trustpilot, a review aggregate site, reach number one in the men's fashion category. Reaching number one has had a tangible impact on their eCommerce efforts: Email open rates are up over 25%, click rates have nearly doubled, and customers are leaving almost 10% more reviews than before.

"Bonjoro has made it possible for Munk Store to make a real connection with our customers," Andreas says. "By being one of the few using Bonjoro in Denmark and in our segment, the impact has been enormous."

About Munk Store

Munk Store's first location opened in 2003, followed by a second in 2008. More than just providing clothes and shoes, Munk Store strives to give their customers an experience—which includes free coffee for shoppers at all their locations. By 2011, there was demand to bring the Munk Store online, so they launched their eCommerce store. Andreas manages the online storefront, from the checkout process to the brand experience.

eCommerce Manager Andreas Lodahl

With only 17 employees, Munk Store has to be crafty in how they scale, using tools like app automator Zapier to help. When paired with apps like Bonjoro and Google Sheets, Zapier helps Andreas and his team bridge the gap between the in-person and online experiences.

Munk Store's Tools



Used For:



Personalized video creation software

Google Sheets

Google Sheets

Backup leads database

Create Bonjoro Tasks from New Google Sheets Rows

Since Andreas can't greet online customers for their purchases at a cash register, he introduced Bonjoro to the Munk Store eCommerce experience. With Bonjoro, Andreas produces quick, personalized videos to send to customers, thanking them for a recent purchase, giving them an exclusive discount code, and creating a connection that would otherwise be reserved for in-store customers.

Now, when a customer buys anything, they'll receive their product and a personalized video thanking them for choosing Munk Store. It's an extra touch that most online stores miss or don't even consider. But Andreas knows that sending this video increases the likelihood of turning a one-time shopper into a repeat-spender.


"The feedback we've gotten from our customers has really shown that this is the way," he says. "Personalization with Bonjoro has become 'our thing' and we'll keep on testing, improving, and figuring out new ways to use it."

The Workflows

Andreas uses one simple Zap, our term for an automated workflow that connects two or more apps, to manage the Bonjoro videos. To start, new orders are added to a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Once that row exists, Zapier creates an item in Bonjoro with the customer's name and what they purchased.

The item creation triggers a notification to Andreas, so he knows there's a new task, who to mention in the video, and what they bought. With all that information, he makes the videos and sends them off, giving the Munk Store faithful an in-person experience, online.

You can try this simple Zap for yourself and see how much of an impact it can make on your repeat customers:

Create tasks in Bonjoro from new rows in Google Sheets

Create tasks in Bonjoro from new rows in Google Sheets
  • Google Sheets logo
  • Bonjoro logo
Google Sheets + Bonjoro

Want to use Bonjoro with other apps? Check out some of our most popular Bonjoro Zaps:

For anyone just starting to test out automated processes and freeing themselves from manual tasks, Andreas has straightforward advice: "Start discovering," he says. "Zapier has endless possibilities whether you are using paid apps or free apps."

Want to find new ways to automatically connect with your customers like Andreas did at Munk Store? Give Zapier a try for free.

What's your story? Tell us how you use Zapier to do more. You can also read even more customer stories and find new ways to improve your workflow and productivity.

All images courtesy of Munk Store.

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