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Hannah Herman
Hannah Herman / Published August 31, 2020

EmailOctopus helps you build email lists, create targeted campaigns, and design beautiful emails. Learn more and how to automate EmailOctopus with Zapier.

Octopuses (and yes, that is the correct pluralization) are some of the smartest creatures on the planet. They can complete mazes, change color to match their surroundings, and even open jars to get the food inside.

It makes sense, then, that EmailOctopus is one of the smartest ways to send marketing emails and newsletters. A cost-effective email marketing tool, EmailOctopus helps you build email lists, create targeted campaigns, and design beautiful emails that inspire action, so your email blasts are better than ever.

EmailOctopus offers simple, sleek template designs that make it a snap to build beautiful emails, even if you're not a designer. If you're more hands-on, you can use the drag-and-drop editor to create a custom email that will that look great across all devices.

Once you have an email that you want to send, just choose who you want to send it to. Even if your subscribers come in through a variety of channels, EmailOctopus makes it straightforward to keep your email lists organized. You can sort subscribers into specific lists and remove them when necessary.

The app also gives you the tools you need to see how your emails perform once they've been sent. You can easily monitor every bounce, click, and unsubscribe from EmailOctopus's dashboard. These rich reports on all your email campaigns make it easy to track what's working and what isn't—without a data science degree.

Send smarter emails—octopus-level smart.

You can automate your email newsletters with Zapier's EmailOctopus integrations. Here are a few popular workflows to get you started:

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