Five Ways to Manage Contacts, Customers and Sales Leads with Ease

Alison Groves
Alison Groves / Published June 1, 2015

The Zapier Monthly: Contact Mangement Edition | Vol. II, Issue 5

Every month, we teach you how to use Zapier to solve a problem or reach a goal.

This month, we're showcasing how to streamline the creation and management of contacts in your CRM. Managing contacts is like sorting socks: It's tedious and time-consuming, but when it's accomplished it makes everything run more smoothly.

Zaps for Managing Your Contacts

The Rolodex. We all have one, but yours is probably virtual. With all the lead generation tactics out there—including landing page creators like Unbounce and web forms like Typeform—how can you keep up with everything?

One word: automation. By connecting that ever-expanding list of lead generation pathways to your CRM, contacts can be created while you enjoy your morning coffee. Automation frees up time that you can use to nurture relationships.

Turn Form Entries Into Contacts

"With Zapier, data is effortlessly pushed to our Infusionsoft account and provides our team with immediate access to the information."

You probably use a form on your website to collect contact information, and at some point you've sent hours downloading that information and manually adding it into your CRM. Zapier can cut that step out of your workflow.

"Our mission at Wealth Factory is to manufacture economic independence for 1 million entrepreneurs by 2020 and we can’t do that without asking a lot of questions," says Matt Nordstrom, a developer at Wealth Factory. "We use Typeform as the medium for gathering this information, and although they resent the data to us cleanly, there is no clean way to get this information into Infusionsoft, where our team can utilize the data effectively to help our customer.

"Now, with Zapier, the data is effortlessly pushed to our Infusionsoft account, and provides our team with immediate access to the information."

Nurture Mailing List Signups

"I can then bucket them appropriately or just keep them on my 'drip' list."

Email marketing turns visitors who are "just looking" into customers. Your email subscribers are some of your best sales leads—shouldn't you be tracking them in your CRM, instead of leaving them in your email marketing app? Zapier can help here, too, by creating new contacts in your CRM whenever a subscriber is added to a specific list in your email marketing software.

"When I have people who are added to my AWeber newsletter that goes out, it automatically creates a Contactually user for me," says Chris Berry. "I can then bucket them appropriately or just keep them on my 'drip' list."

Extract Information from Emails to Create Contacts

"Thanks to Zapier's email parser we are now able to pull the data that is most relevant to our needs directly into redefined Salesforce fields."

Do you find yourself getting leads in your inbox, but then spending a lot of time manually entering those contacts into your CRM? Funnel those emails through the free Zapier Email Parser, which imports relevant information directly into your CRM.

"Last year we were so busy that I lost leads. I tried to manage follow-ups and so forth, but it was a losing battle," says Royce Hilgartner. "I use the Parser to capture the incoming leads fields from my answering service, and this information is automatically input into the Salesforce database. Now my leads are secure and all I have to do is work my plan and make sure I follow up with them."

Jason Henneberry, partner at MortgagePal, relied on the Zapier Email Parser in his sales department, too. "We generate leads from a variety of affiliate partners and third-party lead generation services," he says. "In the past, we have relied on manual processes for uploading the lead details to our CRM, Salesforce. Since each affiliate partner has their own unique platform and preferred method of communication, we found it both financially and technically challenging to integrate with our partners in a consistent and efficient manner.

"Thanks to Zapier's email parser we are now able to pull the data that is most relevant to our needs directly into redefined Salesforce fields. This has enabled us to seamlessly upload information from our partners and assign follow-up tasks to the appropriate team members based on specific criteria, such as client location or product inquiry."

Build Relationships with Event Attendees

"No longer are the days of manually tagging contacts who registered in GoToWebinar. Now I can to kick back and let Zapier take care of all the automation!"

Event management is a tough gig. The good news is, you don't need to deal with the added stress of manually adding event attendees to your CRM. Instead, connect your event and contact management tools to each other.

James Wright of Kaleidoscoe Pubshing connects GoToWebinar to his CRM, Infusionsoft, for seamless event management. "We use Zapier for automating our recurring GoToWebinar registrations, and to segment those who attended versus those who didn't," he says.

"No longer are the days of manually tagging contacts who registered in GoToWebinar. Now I can to kick back and let Zapier take care of all the automation! This leaves me more time to focus on getting great content to our client base! The best part is, if there is ever an error I get an email right away explaining the issue and exactly how to fix it."

Scan Business Cards Directly Into Your CRM

"Every hour is precious. Highly suggest utilizing Zapier to increase your efficiency and reduce your time sent on tedious tasks."

We've all received plenty of business cards over the years, but what to do with them? In the past, you most likely had to input them all by hand into your CRM. Now with apps like FullContact and Sansan, you can snap a quick photo of those cards and have Zapier add their information to your CRM automatically.

"I have been on a conference and expo spree, promoting my company Adistry, over the past 30 days and have amassed about 200 business cards," says Meghan Larson. "It used to take me about 90 seconds to fill out all the details in Pipedrive. Some quick math puts me at saving over 5 hours worth of work because of FullContact!

"As a business in an accelerator, every hour is precious. Highly suggest utilizing Zapier to increase your efficiency and reduce your time sent on tedious tasks."

Zapier eBook: "The Ultimate Guide to CRM Apps"

The Ultimate Guide to CRM Apps

Get the Free eBook!

A contact relationship management tool, CRM for short, can be the hub of your business. While every CRM app stores contacts in some manner, some might be better suited to your organization with features like task management, email conversation tracking, and social marketing tie-ins.

With more than three dozen CRMs to choose from, we're confident there's a tool out there for every professional and organization. To help you find the right one, we've put together a comprehensive list of CRMs, showcasing each app's features, pricing and screenshots. Moreover, we've interviewed professionals to learn how they chose a CRM, how they put it to work and, with Zapier, how they automate it for increased productivity.

  • The Best CRM Apps

  • The Best CRM Apps with Marketing Automation

  • The Value of CRMs: Case Studies

  • How to Add Automation to Your CRM

Get all this in our free ebook "The Ultimate Guide to CRM Apps Apps."

New Zapier Apps, Triggers and Actions

New Zapier apps, triggers, and actions

In May, we welcomed 16 new apps to Zapier, including sales tools, project management software, and an app to help with content curation. We also made five enhancements to the apps that were already integrated with Zapier.


Pocket helps you save articles, videos, listicles or any web content you'd like to read later. Coupled with Zapier, Pocket becomes a great content curation tool, allowing you to save content and push it out to complementary apps.

"A huge pain point for me was getting visuals into the things we were sharing on Buffer," says Mark Bailey, marketing coordinator for The Bailey Group. "Now, with this new Pocket integration, it automatically looks for those visuals and cuts out one to two minutes per post I share. Zapier is saving me at least 30 minutes a week.

"I tag posts in Pocket with either Twitter or Facebook, which then go to Buffer with the image attached for sharing. Our links look really good when we share them, they're engaging, it's no longer a text post."

Harrison Thomas also shares how he put Pocket and Zapier to use within his team. "I wanted to be able to share all of the marketplace news I'm capturing with my team. However, we realized that sharing links to relevant news sites via email was distracting, and they were rarely read. Instead, I set up a Zap to send any Pocket articles that I tagged with our company's title to Trello into our Marketplace News & Info board."

He goes on to explain, "One of our team members categorizes the article to the appropriate column (e.g. Big data, APIs, Competitors) which then triggers an additional Zap to send the article to all of our team members' Pocket accounts, with a tag associated with what the article is related to."


Recruiting top-notch employees takes a considerable amount of time. Workable has a solution to help you streamline that process, and connecting it to Zapier makes it an even more powerful tool in your hiring arsenal.

Peter Chatterly, a talent hacker at Tas, explains how they combine Workable with other apps they use. "One of the key uses for us is integrating our recruiters diary information with new applicants. We found one of the challenges of using an applicant tracking system was the backwards and forwards of scheduling calls, and then spending time talking them through the process.

"Now when a new applicant applies, they receive an email from our recruiter's Gmail account thanking them for applying, selling Tas and walking them through our recruitment process, which is quite intense. We automatically email them a time and confirmation of that first important call with our recruiter and place it into their diary, and having had the initial email they should be fully prepared for the call and have the relevant information on hand."

Mike Townsend, Founder at HomeHero, was looking for a way to combine other tools with Workable. "The integration with Zapier allows us to post job interviews to Google Calendar and Slack with ease! We use Workable to monitor all communication for hiring, and I can say we've been able to manage the hiring process 10-times better than Google spreadsheets and emails, which saved us hundreds of hours of work."


Need an easy way to manage your email marketing campaigns? MailerLite offers drag-and-drop templates and built-in photo editing to help out with your campaigns. When connected to Zapier, you can automatically create new subscribers in MailerLite from hundreds of apps.

"We at Mecca Books were struggling with adding new newsletter subscribers to our mailing st," Athar Jatoi says. "When a customer signed up for a newsletter, we had to manually look them up and add them to MailerLite. With Zapier, we can update all the new subscribers in a Google spreadsheet and Zapier pushes them to MailerLite; we don't lift a finger."

OMG Sales

Sales jobs are some of the most hotly contested, and the high-volume hiring process needs a lot of organization. With OMG Sales Candidate Assessment, you can learn what you need to know about a candidate's specific sales experience. Connected to other apps, you can get everything you need to know about sales candidates in one lace.

Danielle LaVigne, communications manager at Intelligent Conversations, relies on Zapier to integrate OMG Sales with Dropbox. "We are a management consulting firm focused on helping our clients maximize talent and grow revenue. To do that, one of our services helps growth companies recruit and lace successful salespeople and executive leaders," she says. "A main part of our recruitment success comes from using the Objective Management Group Sales Candidate Assessment.

"When conducting a search for our clients, the daily administrative duties of managing resume sourcing and candidates that have completed the Assessment can be daunting. By connecting our OMG Candidate Assessment rests to Zapier, each assessment is now automatically fed into our Google tracking spreadsheet. In addition to this, a copy of the assessment is automatically saved into our Dropbox account. While saving these documents and tracking their rests only takes a few minutes er candidate, the combined time saved each day really adds up and allows us to take on even more requisitions."


Freelancing or working for clients? Then you need time tracking software. But you also need that tool that talks with the other tools you use to manage your business, like invoicing and project management software. Enter Tick, which when connected to your other apps via Zapier, lets you spend less time worrying about how you're tracking your time, and more of that time actually working.


When you're managing projects, having access to everything across all devices and platforms can make all the difference. Pagico has native apps for Windows, OSX, Ubuntu, iOS, and Android, allowing you and your collaborators to be connected to projects no matter the preferred platform. And when you connect Pagico to the other apps you use via Zapier, everyone can work in the way they are the most effective.


Fitting with this month's theme of CRM automation, Sansan is a business card scanning app that helps streamline the iput of contacts into various apps. Join Sansan to Zapier and unlock easy ways to automate your contacts with 450 different apps.


It's easy to lose track of team communication, so daPulse created a dashboard system to help everyone stay up to speed. You can funnel data from other apps directly into daPulse boards to efficiently manage team communications.

Project Bubble

Looking for an all-in-one tool that can help you manage projects, tasks, calendars, and track time? Enter Project Bubble, which can handle all of that on its own, but becomes even more powerful when connected to Zapier. Join project data with your CRM, accounting software, even forms for project creation.

Need to get feedback from customers easily and quickly? aims to help, and when connected to Zapier, you can track and monitor that feedback in complementary apps. Feedback can be sent to Slack to be notified instantly, added as an attribute in Intercom, and even transformed into new help desk tickets.


One of the best ways to go the extra mile is to send handwritten cards to clients and customers. However, it can be extremely time-consuming when you have to do everything from finding stationery to writing the note. Now with the help of Zapier, you can have handwritten notes sent via Thankster anytime you add a new contact in a Zapier-connected ap.


SMS messaging is a great way to keep people notified or spread brief marketing messages in 160 characters. FireText offers a service to send SMS messages in larger numbers, and when joined with Zapier you can start triggering messages based off activity, like a new lead or sale, in other apps.

Amazon Developer Apps

If you're looking for automation for Amazon infrastructure, we added four new apps to help: Amazon EC2, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon CloudFront, and AWS Lambda. We hope these new additions help you manage infrastructure a bit more efficiently.

App Updates

New Pipedrive Action and Feature

You can now create new notes within Pipedrive from any other Zapier-connected ap. Also, the date and time information coming to us from Pipedrive has been combined, which will help streamline sending certain information over to different apps if needed.

Slack Trigger Additions and Image URL Support

If you're like us, you're in Slack all day. If you would ever like to turn a specific message into a to-do or actionable item, you can now use the "New Starred Message" Trigger and have that sent over to the task tool of your choice.

We also added a trigger for "New User", and the ability to include an image URL when using the "Create New Message" Action.

Wistia File Uploads

Uploading video files to Wistia has come to Zapier, allowing you to connect tools like Dropbox and Google Drive to Wistia and upload videos automatically.

Foursquare is now Swarm

Foursquare made a change, and now all of the social aspects of the app, like checking in, lives in an app called Swarm. Everything stays the same in Zapier, just look for Swarm instead of Foursquare.

Spreadsheets, Lists, and Enhanced Notifications in Quip

Quip is now more than just a new way to collaborate on documents—it also includes simplified spreadsheets, team chat, and notifications streamline teamwork. You can now add new rows to your Quip spreadsheets or add new items to sts in Quip documents via Zapier, or get your Quip notifications in any other ap.

Learn More About Your Apps + Zapier

Learn more about how to get your app on Zapier

Each week we team up with folks from Zapier-connected apps for a free online training session, where you can learn the ins and outs of automation. This month we're co-hosting sessions with the teams at Unbounce, Zendesk, and Cyfe. If you can't make a session, we also have an archive where you can watch recordings anytime you'd like.

A Look Inside Zapier

Look inside Zapier

The Zapier family continues to grow, and this month we were joined by product designer Stephanie Briones. Want to work with Stephanie and the rest of the team? We're looking for a Marketing Specialist to lend a hand in helping over half a million (and growing!) Zapier users get the most out of automation.

What do we look for in a remote teammate? Our co-founder and CEO Wade Foster looks for five remote worker characteristics when hiring at Zapier:

  • Propensity towards action: This is the tye of person that devoid of a task list given to them, they'll find something meaningful to do.

  • Able to prioritize: Often times, important tasks can be unclear when working remotely (especially at a startup). An individual who can focus on the right tasks and know to ignore others will do well.

  • Proficient written communicator: Most communication in a remote team happens via text—email, team chat, or one-on-one private messages. If someone struggles to write clearly and concisely, they'll struggle in a remote team. Equally as important is being able to show tact in written communication, too. It's all-too-easy to come off as curt via text. Liberal use of emoticons can go a long way.

  • Trustworthy: If you can't trust the person, then not being able to see them every day is going to cause you to lose sleep. Make sure you trust who you hire.

  • Local support system: If the only support system someone has is their work one, then being in a remote environment will likely make them go crazy. You need people who have outside support systems so they have people they can interact with on a daily/weekly basis.

Sound like you? We'd love to chat.

Go back in time! Read our April edition of the Zapier Monthly: "Five Simple Ways to Grow Your Email List Today."

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