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The 6 best video hosting sites for businesses in 2022

By Emily Esposito · December 8, 2021
Hero image of logos of the best video hosting sites

Apps like TikTok, Instagram Live, and YouTube empower anyone to become video content creators, and small-to-medium businesses are no exception. While video platforms for businesses differ and the type of videos aren't quite the same—say, a sales demo or how-to tutorial rather than a viral dance—the foundation is the same. Video can humanize you and your product, engage your customers, and build brand loyalty.

As you plan your own video strategy, the first thing you'll want to consider is a video hosting site for your business. Once you've shot and edited your video, you'll need a place to upload and store it on the web. From your video hosting service, you'll be able to share it to your website, social media, and any other online platform.

Focus your energy on creating, and let robots do the rest

Modern video hosting platforms have evolved from their beginnings as a simple piece of internet real estate for your videos. Now, they help you customize the look and feel of your video player, ensure your videos play smoothly across all devices and browsers, and provide marketing options from within your videos.

We tested dozens of video hosting sites, and these are the six we recommend.

The best video hosting sites for business

  • YouTube for its existing viewership

  • Vimeo for collaboration on videos

  • Wistia for video marketing

  • SproutVideo for creating branded video websites

  • Spotlightr for advanced video features

  • Dacast for video monetization

What makes a great video hosting site?

How we evaluate and test apps

All of our best apps roundups are written by humans who've spent much of their careers using, testing, and writing about software. We spend dozens of hours researching and testing apps, using each app as it's intended to be used and evaluating it against the criteria we set for the category. We're never paid for placement in our articles from any app or for links to any site—we value the trust readers put in us to offer authentic evaluations of the categories and apps we review. For more details on our process, read the full rundown of how we select apps to feature on the Zapier blog.

The best video hosting sites offer a few make-or-break features that are essential for businesses:

  • An easy-to-use interface

  • Basic analytics tools to measure the impact of your videos

  • SEO tools to make your videos search-engine friendly

  • The ability to embed your videos on external websites

While those are the dealbreakers, we also considered other features, such as the option to customize your video player or automatically add closed captioning. At the end of the day, we were looking for apps that brought something unique to the table.

We haven't included video platforms that primarily support live streaming or social media apps such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat in this list. Yes, these apps allow you to upload and host videos, but that's an add-on feature and not the core function of the app. That's not to say you shouldn't upload your marketing videos to these sites—just that they don't have the same flexibility as other options.  

We also excluded software like Brightcove that offer more robust, advanced video capabilities (like video communications, digital content management, and virtual events) because those apps can be overwhelming if you're just looking to host and share a video. Similarly, apps like Dailymotion—that are primarily for content publishers—also didn't make the cut.

Best video hosting site for its existing viewership

YouTube (Web, Android, iOS)

The interface for YouTube, our pick for the best video hosting site for its existing viewership

YouTube allows you to upload videos for free, and creators can even earn money for their content through ads, channel memberships, merch shelf, Super Chat and Super Stickers, and YouTube Premium views. Thanks to its popularity and built-in audience—it has well over 100 million active users per day—YouTube is often the default choice for business owners to host their videos. And it helps that its videos are often given prime spots in Google search results.

YouTube Studio is where you'll manage all your channel and video details. Log in with your Google account and launch a channel under your personal name or business name. Once you've customized your channel, you can start uploading videos. You can add subtitles, an end screen to promote related content, or cards to highlight content during your video. 

For many of the sites on this list, hosting is just the first step. You then need to get your videos in front of the right people. With YouTube, however, you have a built-in audience of millions of people already interested in video content. So if you optimize your videos for search or encourage fans to get notifications when you add a new video to your channel, you may not even need to embed them elsewhere. Of course, you still have the option to do so with a simple embed code. 

One final feature worth mentioning: for videos in certain languages, YouTube offers automatic captions. Click Subtitles on the left navigation, and select your published videos. If automatic captions for your video are available, you can add them directly to the video, where you can review and make any necessary changes. If not, you can also add subtitles or captions manually or upload a file (like if you used another app to transcribe the video).

YouTube also integrates with Zapier, helping you automate marketing and promotional activities for your videos. These pre-made workflows can get you started, or you can build your own workflow, connecting YouTube to thousands of other apps.

Post new YouTube videos to Twitter

Post new YouTube videos to Twitter
  • Twitter logo
  • YouTube logo
Twitter + YouTube

YouTube Pricing: Free for uploading and hosting videos.

Best video hosting site for collaboration

Vimeo (Web, Android, iOS)

 The interface for Vimeo, our pick for the best video hosting site for collaboration

Vimeo began as a video-sharing platform, similar to YouTube. And while the platform still allows users to post videos and follow their favorite creators, it also helps businesses customize video players, collaborate with their team, and access analytics and other marketing features.

Vimeo's most impressive feature is the effortless collaboration it facilitates: it allows creators to invite clients, team members, freelancers, and other collaborators to preview their private projects. And it offers different permission levels for each reviewer or collaborator, which you can change depending on the project.

Once you share a link to your video, reviewers can leave comments without even registering on the platform. Don't enjoy the music in a scene or think a particular dialogue could be snappier? Pause the video and leave a comment at the exact moment it's relevant. All comments are automatically saved and appear on one side for the creator's review, who can respond right inside the video from any device. If you prefer to communicate ideas and feedback visually, use Vimeo Record to record your screen, webcam, or both and share the clip with others on your team. And each time a tweaked version of a video is uploaded, previous versions are saved, so collaborators can run through all the changes made in a video. Think of it as Google Docs for video.

You can automate your processes with Vimeo as well, using Zapier's Vimeo integration to automatically take actions in other apps whenever you upload a video to Vimeo. Here are some examples.

Vimeo Pricing: Free for Vimeo Basic; $20/month (billed annually) for the Pro plan that includes version history, review and approval features, and private team projects.

Best video hosting site for video marketing

Wistia (Web, Android, iOS)

 The interface for Wistia, our pick for the best video hosting site for video marketing

Wistia is packed with marketing features that help businesses track a video's progress, collect leads, and get the best ROI on their content.

One of its flagship features is Wistia's Turnstile email collector, which helps you generate leads. Here's how it works: Select Turnstile from the Customize bar, and choose whether you want the form to appear in full screen, while the video is paused, or appear overlaid on hover. You can add the form at any point in your video and customize the text (you can't, however, change the form fields). Once a viewer enters their information, they're added to your email list using Wistia's email marketing integrations, including platforms such as Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, and Constant Contact.

If you don't want to add a Turnstile to your videos, Wistia still offers powerful marketing features. You can use annotation links to guide viewers to a website of your choice. These links appear on the upper-right corner of your video, for as long as you like, without disrupting a viewer's experience. You can also add a call-to-action or link to another video or web page at the end of a video. And tying it all together is the Stats page that lets you gauge the performance of each of your videos at a glance: every action a viewer takes, be it clicking a link or filling a form, is recorded on this page.

Wistia's Zapier integration allows you to trigger actions in thousands of other apps whenever new videos are uploaded or users take certain actions on your videos. Or you can automatically create an embed code and send it to the app of your choice whenever you upload a new video.

Wistia Pricing: Free for three videos and standard features such as a fully customizable player, lead generation tools, video analytics, and unlimited users; from $99/month for the Pro plan that includes standard features, ten free videos, and no Wistia branding.

Best video hosting site for creating branded video websites

SproutVideo (Web, Android, iOS)

The interface for SproutVideo, our pick for the best video hosting site for creating branded video websites

SproutVideo helps businesses create basic websites around their video content. These websites can be used to showcase your portfolio, share tutorials with your team, or share free video content with your audience.

You'll pick from six available themes and then enter your site name and logo. The Settings tab allows you to tweak theme colors, decide what order to display your videos in, select how many videos display per page, and choose whether videos should autoplay. You can also add an About and Contact page to your website along with social sharing buttons.

The videos you upload to your SproutVideo account appear automatically on your website based on tags. For example, if you create a "Tutorials" tag, every video that has that tag will be added to the site. 

By default, all videos on SproutVideo are login protected, which means visitors need to log in to your website to view them. You can also choose to password-protect certain videos, set them as private, or leave them open for public viewing. And, of course, the platform still allows you to embed videos to an external webpage—embedded videos will be visible to the public, no matter what their permission level is on SproutVideo.

SproutVideo Price: From $59.99/month for the Sprout plan that includes analytics, video marketing, video websites, and 125 login-protected viewers.

Best video hosting site for advanced video features

Spotlightr (Web, Android, iOS)

The interface for Spotlightr, our pick for the best video hosting site for advanced video features

If you're looking for a deep dive into your videos' performance, including who views them, where, and for how long, Spotlightr (formerly vooPlayer) gives you all the data you need. The platform offers numerous reports based on viewer location, engagement, play rate, conversion, and completion.

One of the most impressive features is Spotlightr's video funnels, which let you create a branching system that interactively controls what your customers see based on their answers to questions you define. For example, let's say you created a sales demo video for an animation company. You could make a funnel that asks customers what kind of animations they want to create, with the answers being "whiteboard animations" or "cutout animations." Depending on what they choose, they'll be presented with tailored video content. You could jump to a specific timestamp in the video with relevant content, jump to a new video completely, or redirect to a URL of your choice. In this case, you could choose to display this question at the end of a video, and based on the answer, redirect customers to a specific landing page.

Another powerful feature is audience segmentation. The main dashboard gives you an overview of all of your viewers, pulling information from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to show you their name, job title, and location. From this information, you can create segments and automate them based on triggers. For example, you could create a segment based on people who have viewed more than 50% of a specific video and develop targeted campaigns for them.

Spotlightr Price: Free for 5 videos, 5GB storage, and branded player; from $24/month (billed annually) for the Polaris plan that includes unlimited videos, video funnels, and audience segments.

Best video hosting site for video monetization

Dacast (Web)

The interface for Dacast, our pick for the best video hosting site for video monetization

Dacast lets you monetize your video content in three different ways: weekly, monthly, or quarterly subscriptions; pay-per-view (viewers pay for what they want to watch); and via ads (you have the option to serve ads on your content that are funded by your advertiser).

Once you upload a video to Dacast, click on it from the Videos tab and select Paywall from the top navigation. Here, you customize the pricing for subscriptions and pay-per-view, deciding how much to choose, how often, and when the payment period starts (available on purchase or available at a set date and time). You can also generate promo codes and create group pricing, which allows viewers access to multiple pieces of content by paying only once (rather than for each piece of content). 

If you want to monetize your videos from ads, you must have your own ad network. You then enable ads in the Engagement settings and copy and paste the URL of your ad so it appears in your video.

Once your video is ready, you get JavaScript or iFrame embed codes or a Dacast-hosted video link to share your video, complete with the paywall. Customers do need their own Dacast account to purchase video content and can pay via credit card or PayPal. 

Dacast Price: $39/month (billed annually) for 1.2 TB of videos per year; $63/month for the Event plan, which includes paywall and pre-roll advertising features.

Ultimately, the best video hosting site for your business will depend on your unique needs. If you're looking to earn money from your videos, opt for a video hosting service that supports ads or lets you set up a subscription plan. If promoting your business is your main goal, you might look for a service with robust marketing and analytics tools. The most important thing is that you're getting your videos in front of the people you want to see them.

This article was originally published in March 2019 by Farheen Gani.

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