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Joanna Rutter

Joanna Rutter is a marketing strategist based in Durham, NC. At her consultancy Tiny Megaphone, she uses zero-frills marketing tactics to help small-but-mighty businesses achieve success on their terms. Find her at tinymegaphone.com.
Joanna Rutter

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Automate your work with Zapier

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An icon showing a stylized webpage with a shopping cart in the center of it.

Automation inspiration

How to automate your eCommerce business

By automating the repetitive parts of running an eCommerce business, you and your team are freed up to sell more products, keep your customers happy, and make your business dreams come true.

By Joanna Rutter

5 min read

A dollar sign in a white box on a light orange background.

Automation inspiration

Save time and reduce errors with accounting automation

Automating accounting functions reduces those costly errors that occur in manual accounting and saves time spent on repetitive tasks.

By Joanna Rutter

6 min read

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