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Dmitry is the founder of TopicRanker.com, an SEO tool which finds keywords your website can easily rank for on Google due to specific problems and weaknesses in search results. Over the last 10 years, Dmitry has helped 300+ brands rank #1 on Google through PR and SEO. Dmitry used PR & SEO to grow a startup from 0 to 40 million views per month, and got acquired by Google in 2014. After the acquisition by Google he translated his know-how into JustReachOut.io, an SEO tool to get covered in press and build authority backlinks without PR firms; it has been used by 5000+ content marketers to date and was acquired in 2021. More about all his projects on his personal blog CriminallyProlific.com.

Dmitry Dragilev

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Automation inspiration

How automating our business helped us get better customer reviews

Customer reviews are an essential element to the success of your business. It used to be that a prospective customer would reach out, get on a demo call, chat with the sales team, deliberate a bit, and then decide whether to buy your product or service.

By Dmitry Dragilev

8 min read

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Remote work tips

The best way to work remotely: 8 proven strategies for better remote work

After years of working from coffee shops and couches, there's one thing I'm certain of: working remotely is hard. Incredibly hard.

By Dmitry Dragilev

10 min read

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