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At its core, LiveAgent is much like any other support center. Your customers can get in touch via email, live chat, a community forum, or even social networks, and all of the messages will come into the same inbox. But, unlike most support tools, LiveAgent won't list each of these messages individually. It instead pulls every message from individual customers into one thread, so you'll see every interaction they've had with your company in one chat-like thread. Scroll up, and you'll see everything from their first support interaction all the way to their most recent forum post, giving you an easy way to put their problem today in perspective and figure out what they're trying to accomplish.

If you're using live chat, LiveAgent will help you be prepared by showing what your customer is typing before they press Send. You can them plan ahead with answers and help solve their problems quicker. Or, you can use LiveAgent's canned answers, which are designed to be one-line solutions you can share in an email or chat. Set them up once, and you'll be ready to help customers either way they contact you. You can even integrate your Twilio phone account with LiveAgent, to accept and place support calls from your support dashboard. You'll log them along with the rest of their interactions, and could tap those canned answers for a quick on-the-phone reply.

With the tools to answer tickets promptly even when you weren't on the case previously, it's easy to hand off support work to others. So how do you know which tickets to focus on first? Thats' where LiveAgent's SLAs come into play. You can setup support service level agreements that set the maximum time before a customer's question must be answered, with different times set depending on their account level, question type, and more. LiveAgent will then color-code your tickets accordingly, turning anything that's overdue bright read so you won't ignore it.

That doesn't mean you have to work all the time, though. Each agent can set their own work schedule, and even set your availability to let you log off for a lunch break. Then, using filters, LiveAgent will sort your support queue for the right agents based on who's available and the SLAs you have to meet. Instead of your customers waiting for a followup reply while you go to lunch, someone else can help them and you can start fresh with new tickets when you return.

There's more, too. LiveAgent lets you setup a support center complete with a customer forum, feedback and suggestion sections, and more so your customers can help themselves before getting in touch. And it includes gamification to help your support team compete internally to see who can provide the best support. It's a great tool to help your team keep your support queue managed and responded to on time, while still providing great personalized support based on prior interactions with customers.

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