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Micah Bennett
Micah Bennett / October 25, 2012

Hey there friends of Zapier,

If you've seen a new face answering your emails and chat questions, odds are it was me. I'm Micah Bennett, and I'm super stoked to be joining the team at Zapier!

For a quick intro, I'm Chicago born, Ohio raised, and Missouri educated; a true child of the midwest. I enjoy spending time supporting Tigers and Bears (but no lions), as well as traveling with my lovely wife. I’m also very passionate about efficiency, and am ever searching for ways to improve my workflow. This is what makes Zapier such a perfect match. What better way for an efficiency junkie to spend his days than working to save users untold hours and dollars in productivity?

So what does that mean for you guys? Well, if I'm doing my job right, it means better support. Better and quicker responses, improved documentation, and a constantly improving user experience. We’re working on some great tools to get you to solutions faster and easier than ever, as well as improving how we work on things internally. Efficiency inside and out!

In short, I’m excited to get started working to improve the Zapier experience for all of you users. So hello, and stay tuned!

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