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Willo: App spotlight

App of the day

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Willo: App spotlight

How this app lets you discover top talent via video

By Elena Alston · June 16, 2021
Willo app logo on a grey background

Squeezing your entire professional history—along with your qualifications, education, and skills—to fit one side of an A4 is an accomplishment in itself. 

But it doesn't leave much room to boast about other aspects that define you, like that hot dog eating competition you won in your twenties or the fact that you go surfing on Patrick's Point in California every Friday. (They might not be essential nuggets of information, but they do say a lot about your personality.)

And that's exactly what a lot of CVs lack, making it hard for employers to really get a grip on what makes you tick. 

That's why video software Willo is letting businesses move away from traditional hiring methods, replacing resumes with asynchronous video recordings instead. With it, employers can send candidates several key questions about their experience, allowing them to answer through video. That way, people can dazzle with personality, not bore with bullet points.  

App origins: A personal approach to impersonal recruiting 

Back in 2018, founders Euan Cameron and Andrew Wood were frustrated with both how people were forced to complete impersonal job applications and the extra time it took employers to screen hundreds—sometimes thousands—of forms. 

They set out to launch Willo, realizing that one-way videos could help employers find top talent anywhere in the world in less time. Then, when the pandemic struck, sending companies into a remote-first world, Willo saw a massive spike in usage. 

Did you know? In his early career, Euan Cameron found that choosing top talent based on CVs alone was impossible. He started asking candidates to send videos of themselves instead and was impressed by how well it worked. 

Willo today: Connecting people with opportunities everywhere

Today, companies that use Willo save on average 36 hours a month. (It only takes a few seconds to make a first impression, after all.)

And users have even started to leverage the browser-based software for other purposes, like gathering marketing testimonials, delivering training, and requesting customer feedback. 

You send candidates your questions and they record their video responses in their own time. Once they're sent, they land in your dashboard for your review (or you can share with other team members). 

Fave feature: Willo's intelligent questions generator automatically suggests the right things to ask candidates, so you can get the best answers in return.

Automation at large: Connecting Willo with the tools you love

You can unlock more value out of your hiring process by connecting Willo with Zapier—so you can also make the most out of the other tools you use. 

Here are a few popular workflows to get you started: 

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Elena Alston

Elena Alston is a content specialist at Zapier based in London. She's a big advocate of automation and loves making it more accessible to people via storytelling.

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